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Strange New World

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  1. GrAVit
    2016-10-30 10:51
    Those look great! What is that "All you need is love" arc? I don't think I've seen that before.

    Cool doujinshi too, I especially like the Umineko and Higurashi crossovers.

    Speaking of which, I finished reading Umineko Hane and right now I'm reading the Umineko manga (Chapter 2 atm) because of its amazing visual style and figuring out the closed room murders add a lot of replay value. lol
  2. GrAVit
    2016-10-21 20:48
    I've basically read the entire Umineko visual novel. I'm currently reading the last part of Umineko Hane, the expansion.

    What Higurashi manga did you get?
  3. GrAVit
    2016-10-14 22:06
    That's a lot of manga indeed, can't really spot anything missing, but then again I haven't actually read the Higurashi manga aside from the manga-exclusive arcs... actually now that I think of it, I don't think I saw the manga for Yoigoshi-hen in your collection?

    Some of those look really interesting though, and many have some great cover art. I especially find those Umineko crossover ones interesting, as I just finished reading it (finally!) lol

    Also do you know if more than one of those TV Drama episodes have been subbed yet?
  4. GrAVit
    2016-09-23 23:51
    Yeah I've noticed that most communities have been quite dead for a while, sadly. :[
    The only active one I know is the community on VK with like 11k members almost, that's pretty great on its own. ^^

    Nice manga collection, which ones are you still missing?
  5. night_sentinel
    2016-07-02 10:08
    Saki stuff is incredibly scarce in Akihabara at the time I was visiting which is June 2016. Probably because Saki aired something like 2 years ago and is never really mainstream. I went and looked at many stores and I only found a single Saki poster for my effort. If they have Saki stuff, its not on display so it would probably be good to speak a bit of Japanese? lol

    I did see some Rika figurines in Akihabara though so going there for that might be more fruitful. And if you like lovelive, you'll drown at the amount of stuff around.

    I recommend going to Book off while there as well. It has a lot of retro games and cheap mangas. Unfortunately, its in Japanese (I still bought a few even if I can't read it.)

    Also, unless you're in collecting pristine mint condition stuff. Going second hand and looking at the junk pile will allow you to get dirt cheap collectibles and figurines. ( I don't want the boxes anyway. My luggage weight limit is already maxed with all the things I bought. ^^)
  6. Katsu Koneko
    2015-03-08 06:48
    Katsu Koneko
    We do. QwQ I'm sadly resorting to 4ch now that the thread is closed sobs. I'm slowly working on translating some kataribanashi-hen since i got my physical copies in the mail now.
  7. Katsu Koneko
    2015-03-07 16:55
    Katsu Koneko
    Aww, the Higu thread is closed now. QwQ
  8. Katsu Koneko
    2014-11-06 04:02
    Katsu Koneko
    Ooh, I love that chapter so much. I need to reread the manga. I never read Utsutsukowashi before, I should... though as you said it is unfinished.

    That sounds awesome!
  9. Katsu Koneko
    2014-11-06 03:45
    Katsu Koneko
    Nice! I would love to help with the manga translations, but I can only manage with furigana. sobs. Need to stop hating Kanji so much, haha. Ooooh, can't wait for the Jan playthrough, I've only really seen the punishment cutscenes and the OP of course. Wow, such dedication~ Is this the same game from years ago? O:
  10. Katsu Koneko
    2014-11-05 06:42
    Katsu Koneko
    Hey! Long time no talk Daisu~ How are you?

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