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  1. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-06-14 07:31
    Cosmic Eagle
    It was more of....the author taking his own time with other stuff....

    It's a bit weird really, one day stuff you'd gave up for dead just falls into your lap again...
  2. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-06-14 05:56
    Cosmic Eagle
    You know Sentou Yousei Yukikaze? Unbroken Arrow came out in 2009. Before that, Good Luck Yukikaze came out in 2002...also by Hayakawa SF. I don't know but it seems Jap SF authors have a far different timetable than their LN counterparts....
  3. Cosmic Eagle
    2012-06-14 05:49
    Cosmic Eagle
    You read too...?

    Oh my god, I picked it up in sec 2, back when I was watching Tenchi Muyo OVA 3....and have been waiting for vol 5 ever since before my O-Levels...

    Hell even the latest Tenchi Muyo GXP got released recently...
  4. Chaos2Frozen
    2012-06-11 09:45
    I can't believe you made the mistake of naming Seiri the class representative...
    Took me awhile to get the joke

    Anyway, just messing around with you, but your bounty system doesn't go by the Baka-Tsuki rules
    Yeah I figure we were really over complicating things and decided to just wing it; remember that we don't really have alot of space to list down their entire biography
  5. Senshigeia
    2012-06-10 14:39
    Read your interview on BT. It is most interesting! Let me thank you sincerely for your Shakugan no Shana translations :3
  6. larethian
    2012-06-06 02:08
    For Mahouka, if you feel that you forgot something about the mechanics along the way that won't be explained again, it's good to read the jp wiki on Mahouka. Most of the stuff are nicely summarized there.
  7. larethian
    2012-06-05 23:56
    ? You are going to translate Mahouka?
  8. larethian
    2012-06-05 20:21
    Well thanks. But I totally lost my will to upload any more translations onto B-T when people stop listening to me. You know, the forum thing.
  9. larethian
    2012-06-05 15:10
    LOL, not sure which conversation you are talking about. But if you are talking about hobbyist LN translating on baka-tsuki, I'll pass for now. If I have anything I want to translate for fun, I probably won't upload there anymore, because I feel there's a problem with how things are being run, and the indirect core of the problem is that 2 super admins who log in too infrequently to cater to the needs of an overly large community, and the old admins don't really care anymore. Though in the first place, I'm not sure whether I will translate anymore. Besides I have some old pet projects revival recently that might generate some passive income. Also, I have the wedding thing coming along LOL. Recently, I also have a new wild idea of a new business model in light novel translation and collaboration with the original authors and publishers, though I'm not sure whether I'll actually go down that path eventually (I need better Japanese to communicate my ideas to them and funds to start a new company, well in fact, I need to write a business plan which is mendokusai D:, though if I don't, and if someone is interested, I might share some ideas though I can't make any promises on that). I also have started a hobby site for light translation to test a few things, though I've put that on hold for now. Not sure whether that will take off in the future. But right now, I'll tackle what's on my plate and in front of me for now.
  10. larethian
    2012-06-05 03:31
    ? Translate what?

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