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  1. Westlo
    2014-09-27 04:45
    omfg I can't believe dat kizu is still not even getting a release date.

    Haruhi season 3 will come out before Kizu @ this rate
  2. Hell_ping
    2014-09-25 00:33
    Come on, Japan does sell books with brown paper covers, like Kinokuniya. The cover should be less of an issue.

    It's...pretty much mid-tier for a LN for me. I only took over the management because there was quite a hoorah over the influx of machine translation (or rather, unchecked automated translation that completely ignore grammar nuances). I might even take over as translator for some chapters.
  3. Hell_ping
    2014-09-15 20:38
    Well...the guy did draw Irine 'Breasts' Brunner. Can see the resemblance there.

    There is a murder mystery by an author at MF J, it's called Shiinamachi-senpai's safe day (that's even more ridiculous).

    If the story is about murdering others through inducing nosebleed...sasuga Japan.
  4. kuroishinigami
    2014-09-01 19:08
    ooh! I hope this time it will be a good adaptation unlike biblia's one XD. I've finally finished reading biblia 5(and what an ending it is, such a tease from the author with that near kiss XD), and in the middle of reading The Perfect Insider. I have to admit though, the author of S&M series has a much better technique of starting his story compared to QED's author. Can't wait till I reach the juicy part of the story :3
  5. kuroishinigami
    2014-08-19 11:53
    True that, but I think they're the last studio that make quality anime with hand-drawn animation instead of mixing CGI. It's kinda sad that even though it has its own charm, Studio Ghibli "closing" proves that in the end quality full hand-drawn animation is just not a viable model nowadays.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I'll try to read it ASAP ^_^
  6. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-08-17 22:45
    Cosmic Eagle
    The ones with super long names that I am not going to bother remembering

    They may not be popular but they are still being churned out like water
  7. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-08-17 11:19
    Cosmic Eagle
    really? I thought imouto harems are still the rage?
  8. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-08-17 10:21
    Cosmic Eagle
    Just bought it.

    I always preferred the Shana novels to anime....felt that the anime was lacking in somewhat aspects....especially capturing the overall tragedy of the situation.

    Hayakawa isn't LN's SF

    Index...I love it to bits. One of my favorites. May not suit you though, I think.

  9. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-08-16 21:33
    Cosmic Eagle
    Are you reading Kanae no Hoshi?

    (The new one by the Shana author)
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-08-14 06:55
    Cosmic Eagle
    Aldnoah is actually more sensible than Terror....

    And that's saying a lot about how nonsensical the latter is.

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