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  1. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-11-25 06:46
    Cosmic Eagle
    But HAH! NGNL made it to 6th place.

    Release another vol like 6 and I am sure Kamiya will hit top 3 lol

    And goddamit, he is the only one popular/good enough now to kick out SAO from its weaboo granted position
  2. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-11-25 06:40
    Cosmic Eagle
    Saw your post in the Kono Rano thread

    Once Kono Rano gave good guides for picking new Circlet Girl and Rokka...'s all crappy popularity contest with the collaborator's pick actually being far inferior to the public ones WTF

    Of course public favorites tend to be heavy weight gems like Index anyway so they are obvious....but that means Kono Rano has lost it's main purpose in suggesting lesser known good stuff
  3. Allen
    2015-11-20 14:47
    Thanks! I really should lurk more in these chinese sites to find this kind of stuff.
  4. Allen
    2015-11-19 12:12
    Poor sales I guess. Author commented about that on the afterword of the volumes 2-3. After that the fanbase somehow managed to bring it "back to life".

    Funny thing that now Sukasuka got a good position in Konorano and it was even nominated in the ranobe category of SUGOI Japan.

    PS: Yeah, collaborators aren't bringing new stuff lately. Not that there is much to begin with but even so =/
  5. Allen
    2015-11-19 05:22

    Yeah, hopefully 東京侵域 got a good position to attract more readers. Shirabi is certainly a cool illustrator. りゅうおうのおしごと!had some neat stuff too.
  6. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-09-24 01:19
    Cosmic Eagle
    Lol I can totally understand....but hey, it takes me like a week and half of on-off reading to cover the first vol (400 something pages) so it's short for a Kawakami novel
  7. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-09-24 01:09
    Cosmic Eagle
    I....vaguely recall so

    But I have been trying to locate the novel and can't find it....not even when I was in Akiba. Granted it's not an LN but even under the normal novel sections I cannot find the author's name.

    You getting Hexen Nacht? It's pretty fun. I'd say it's Kawakami's most shounen-ish work to date
  8. Cosmic Eagle
  9. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-07-08 05:03
    Cosmic Eagle
    Also do you read 四季 series?
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-06-29 00:18
    Cosmic Eagle
    Oh BTW....Zetsuen author's new manga...based on his novel, is out

    Invented Inference

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