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Shall we do it?

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  1. SilverSyko
    2010-07-25 14:53
    No I won't, I like Higurashi and Phoenix Wright too.

    It's not like you're not willing to give One Piece a chance so it shouldn't matter anyway.
  2. Almazluverdis3
    2010-07-25 14:38
    Remi is by far the second best. (Shin Hakkenden was number one of the Spacetoon selection.) MBC3 has horrible dubbing, compared to Spacetoon. They make Billy from 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy' sound all URRRRRGGGHH manly.
  3. Uchiha Soul
    2010-07-17 16:29
    Uchiha Soul
    i didnt like Takuya since the beginning .. not my type

    i remembered watching Remi when i was young .. i have to agree, it was so painful and sad.
  4. Almazluverdis3
    2010-07-11 18:10
    @Mystery- Pfffft, it's okay.
  5. Miss Mystery
    2010-07-11 04:53
    Miss Mystery
    haha hello fellow new joiner! ^_^ sorry i didnt get back to your message sooner! (already saw you on DA though =D)
  6. Almazluverdis3
    2010-07-11 02:11
    @Silver- I meant both being translated to Arabic. There have been countless people (And I'm one of them) who sent letters for Umineko and Higurashi. But I doubt they're gonna dub Higurashi, they're gonna take one look at it and think "Ffffff, More of those Yandere these days." Umineko, on the other hand, has a large chance of being dubbed because, I dunno. It's not as relaxed as Higuashi.

    @Uchicha- I like Takuya, he always cares for Minoru. I've watched it as a young child in Arabic, and it's having a rerun so I'm watching again. It's a really touching anime, I must say, I'm not a sentimental person but I do remember crying once. The only other anime I've cried at is probably 'Remi, Nobody's Girl'. It's part of the 'Children's Classics' though I don't think I recommend it to children because, really, Remi is beat in almost every episode after Vetallis was thrown to rot in jail.
  7. SilverSyko
    2010-07-10 17:08
    Ah well I was just judging from the opening so I could be wrong. FUNimation is actually doing a very good English adaptation of One Piece now though since 4Kids dropped it, so if you don't want to read the manga or watch the Japanese dub then I'd reccomend giving that a look.

    If you do read the manga, read online scanlations, cause the Viz english translation isn't as close to the original Japanese version. Though I admit it's better than 4Kids' effort.

    And Geneon did the English dub for Higurashi and FUNimation is distributing it, but they've only done the first season. No word on Kai or Umineko being done yet.
  8. Uchiha Soul
    2010-07-10 15:49
    Uchiha Soul
    yep, it's one of my favorite
    who is your fav character?
  9. Almazluverdis3
    2010-07-10 05:20
    Really? The Arabic dub (as I noticed) has scenes that were never in the 4Kids dub. I'll try to look for the manga next week, I'm qoing to Dubai. All the manga here is for really small children. 4Kids are really a bother. I know why it was based on the 4Kids dub. It wasn't on the original Spacetoon, the one I usually I'm tuned to. It's on the Space Power channel, it's got more adult stuff. Unlike the normal channel, this one drives me crazy for it's lack of Japanese translators and checkers. They only let them work if there is no English dub. Thank goodness the Black Cat was dubbed by FUNanimation, because they really aren't bad. For Detective Conan, seasons 1-4 were translated for the original, so it was based of the Jap, and the seasons (The ones recently shown) were shown on the other. But I saw a commercial that said seasons 5-6 will no longer be shown on the Space Power, but on Space Toon. I also heard that just maybe Space Power dubs Higurashi or/and Umineko.
  10. SilverSyko
    2010-07-10 02:15
    Ah I see. I watch the Japanese dub of One Piece and the 13th OP is going to be airing in just 2 weeks time.

    It's a shame that the Arabic dub seems to be based off the horrible 4Kids english dub. If I was you, I'd drop it and start reading the manga from the beginning ASAP.

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