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  1. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-16 21:05
    Itou Kanae... I don't know generally OK, but can't think of anything challenging that she had to perform

    Itou Shizuka had some great moments when her characters broke down or went amok

    Mizuki Nana, dunno she voiced some characters I really love, but that did not had to do with her performance
  2. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-16 20:41
    Ino'ue Marina, I like her, but my favorites are Noto Mamiko, Horie Yui, and Hanazawa Kana
  3. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-16 20:36
    I prefer the short class rep... also her VA (Hanazawa Kana)
  4. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-16 20:32
    Hagure Yuusha ep.2 was quite kinky, but for campione ep.2 brace yourself for endless infodumps
  5. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-16 14:31
    Kami-nomi? I never liked the MC, but I have read only one manga chapter.

    Raining... hehehe, here today was the first day not raining, and finally I could go for a walk
  6. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-16 12:02
    I will give it the 3 episode treat... since the first two episode were done by a different director and were not part of the original material... episode 2 was actually promising.

    But episode 3 was awful... a bunch of kids that never experienced front-line combat, hide in a remote training facility and biker about who is better in human versus human paintball mecha combat, while 90% of earth has been destroyed by man-eating aliens
  7. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-16 11:54
    muv luv extra/unlimited and alternative were H-VNs

    total eclipse which is adapted is an ongoing spin-off novel series, with a ton of H-doujinshi about its female cast... but unfortunately the anime seems to focus on mecha action with juvenile dialogue to sell toys to the young boys
  8. TheEroKing
    2012-07-15 23:14
    so I watched ep 2 of Dakara... yesterday and there weren't really any good scenes of Quele to make an avatar out of. I'll wait and see what ep 3 has.
  9. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-15 21:48
    too many pointless infodumps for anime-only viewers, like horizon... it is boring

    also muv-luv turned into a very crappy mecha in ep.3

    koi-choco moves too slowly

    langrange will not have muginami in the first episodes

    sword art online became watchable in its second episode

    and dog days 2 is as silly as the 1st was
  10. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-15 21:17
    oh! and still waiting for ebiten sub, too weird to understand raw

    and in between, you still bother with the DxD fanboys


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