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  1. KleenexGhost
    2015-07-07 21:57
    Ok, thanks!

    I'll remember that next time I post a nico link.
  2. SaintessHeart
    2015-07-07 21:13
    A good one.
  3. SaintessHeart
    2015-07-07 09:54
    Why aren't you going full yuri with Seitsuki.
  4. SaintessHeart
    2015-07-07 00:13
    But you are one of my lolis. I need you by my side to keep you safe.
  5. SaintessHeart
    2015-07-06 11:51
    Well then either one of you! I'll be nice and let you choose amongst yourselves.
  6. SaintessHeart
    2015-07-06 10:48
    I'll have you BOTH.
  7. SaintessHeart
    2015-07-06 07:47
    So when will you allow me to take you home, my adorable little loli.
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2015-07-01 20:17
    Nothing worthy to rage about this past season unfortunately. I guess euphonium is the closest thing tho not really. Shippers are already mad at kyoani baiting them hard and it's the shippers own damn fault!

    But dw I'll make it up for twice or three times the rage in charlotte.
  9. mangatron
    2015-06-30 22:28
    heh, okay, in the spirit of friendship, I shall take my eyes off her.........but my hands are still tickling her! Mwuhahaha *mangatron's hand "accidentally" slips in between Chris' cleavage*
  10. Triple_R
    2015-06-29 22:14
    That's a long time you spent in Japan. Are you fluent in Japanese? And how was Japan while you were there? I'm admittedly curious to know what the weather is like in Japan.

    I admit I wish I could have already have seen the LL! movie, lol. I just hope it isn't too long before I can find a decently subbed version of it somewhere (it won't be airing in theaters anywhere close to where I live, that I've accepted).

    I've been up to the usual the last couple months - Watching anime, talking about anime, doing a little bit of fanfic writing (Love! Euphonium on, and spending some time with family in real life. I recently caught back up with a cousin of mine that's a big anime fan, and we might do an anime marathon soon.

    Oh, I finally tried the famous Love Live! cellphone/tablet game. I'm not big into Guitar Hero-style music games, so I doubt I'll play it alot, but I found it decently enjoyable on Easy Mode anyway.


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