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  1. Soverence
    2013-08-16 14:53
    well do you have a free account at least? I need you to have one so I can gift you the guest pass.
  2. Soverence
    2013-08-16 14:24
    Before I respond to that whole message, I forget, did you need a guest pass to crunchyroll to watch the premiere of OreImo tomorrow or no?
  3. Soverence
    2013-08-15 21:08
    I am so excited about the OreImo ending comes out in two days , personally I loved it but that is probably just because I am such a big Kirino fan . Well at least your opinion seems to be better than most other people's who's "girl didn't win" which mainly seemed to be the whole series was shit and was never good anyway.

    Yeah, there are some games from the series that I enjoy but for the most part I have just found them middle of the field or below average which really isn't worth my time. I do like the looks of FF15 though, it seems to have changed quite a few things so I might be willing to give it a try and see how it goes. We aren't even going to talk about FF14 and how much of a mess that was . Yeah, although I feel recently that the JRPG market has been a little slow, might be because of the console gen switch coming up.

    I have games on the computer, like I have steam and have gotten games on there because there are some genres that just don't work off of the computer. Games like starcraft, total war, civilization, league, etc, just don't work on consoles all that well. I will probably end up getting the PS4 in the long run but I have decided to wait at least a year after their launch to get one. I am content with the current gen I have and there are a bunch of games on this gen that I still need to play so I can wait it out that is for sure.

    Yeah, I am going to try and enjoy this season since it looks like, to me at least, that the next season is going to be weaker than the Summer season. Don't get me wrong, there are some shows that have already caught my eye for the Fall season but I don't think there is going to be that many strong shows in it.

    Yeah Bus rides aren't that bad at all and 5-6 hours isn't really that bad of a trip, a little lengthy for a weekend stay or so but still very do-able. Yeah, most countries don't know too much about areas outside of their own country. People know where all the big countries are but get into specific areas in a country they aren't from and no one will know what you are talking about. Yes sir, the Boston Bruins, they got so close to winning it all this year :'(, next year, next year . Everyone loves their naps, and yeah bringing your laptop would be a good idea, last year after the cons we usually went back to our friends place and played video games/watched anime.

    Hmmm, well being a helpful person is a good thing, yes there are going to be people who are going to try and take advantage of you but you can't let that stop you from helping others. I was like that in high school as well, I have started talking and being a little more sociable since I got to college but I still like just sitting back and listening every so often. Yeah that sounds about right for siblings, yeah love them but at the same time you hate them sort of thing.

    Hmm you can go more into it, I am willing to discuss OreImo for hours on end if you so wanted to . Ahh, yeah I remember discussing Saori with you so I thought she was your favorite but that makes sense as well. Yeah, that reaction seems about right, I guess at the early screening of the ending when he rejects her most of the Ruri fans left at that point so being angry seems like the normal response. The story routes in the games are really awesome actually, even if they aren't "canon" i like how they are written by the original author and they all still have the same charm as the actual series. My favorite route in the games is the Kanako route personally.

    Yeah that is how I feel about Eita x Masuzu as well, I believe the final novel for this series is coming out soon or already has come out? I don't remember which but I know if not yet it will be soon. I will have to read up on how it all ends cause I still like the series even if the anime was a little bit of a disappointment to me. I understand what you mean about presentation, even a great story presented in a shitty way can come off as a bad story. I feel like the few signs of development/appreciation Kirino shows in the anime are just overlooked because of how few in number they are compared to her being somewhat bitchy.

    Yeah I am happy to hear that they are still keeping up with working and making new songs. I am hoping for a screening of the 3rd and final movie in Boston because if their is I am without a doubt getting tickets for it.
  4. Xefi
    2013-08-15 11:09
    sweet, i guess i'm almost at the end of the game. Xillia is definitely up there with Vesperia
    for me. the combat is good and easy to play around with. if only it's longer, but i thought it
    was more than long

    i just read on gamefaqs that they're going to release One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 on September 3.
    that's the same date that Dead or ALive 5 ultimate releases. i guess i'm going to take another
    day off to play them. :P

    i'm currently taking my time on Xillia cause Tera Rising just recently gotten a good chunk
    of updates and contents to play around with. well anyways, from August till the end
    of the year, there just going to be WAY too much games coming out. and WAY too little
    time to play them all. i'm going to have a heart attack!
  5. Xefi
    2013-08-14 23:58
    Xillia is actually pretty long. i'm already 30 hrs. in the game. i'm at the part
    where I just fought this old geezer (not going to spoil for you if you're not that far)
    and I was taken to another world (Elympia...whatever it's name; Alvin's world). this game
    has already fool me 3 times already. I keep thinking it's like near the ending already, but
    the game continues on! lol. I have been fool.

    and here people were complaining about how this game is super short. after I beat Jude's story,
    i'll start on Milla's story next or grind a little for grade points. this game is longer
    than I expected.
    I'm starting to like the Alvin dood a little bit now. he's seem like a cool guy once
    you get to see more about him. he was annoying at first and betray you a lot.

    i'm not even sure how far I have left until the end. maybe i'm close to the end.
    can't wait when they release xillia 2 now, but it's going to be another long wait.
  6. Xefi
    2013-08-12 01:03
    i'm already 14 hrs. into the game now. it seems to get a lot better now with
    more party members. the game gotten a lot lively when Leia joins the

    so far, i tried using all the characters and i like playing as Jude. he is quite easy to use
    and does nice damage. + he can knock enemies down easily for Leia to steal items/materials.

    i always pair them up for items stealing. the beginning of the game was a little boring and slow
    to be honest, but now it's starting to pick up and i'm starting to enjoy the game more.

    i saw a few videos of xillia 2. the game looks very interesting and saw a couple of
    old faces in 2. also, i somehow gets this feeling that Alvin is probably going to betry
    me later. it's kind of obvious since he kept on doing weird stuffs. i guess he's going
    to be like Raven from Vesperia; a double agent.

    and i don't know how you turn the game into Japanese voice. i only see English and no option
    to change at all. NA version of the game here.
  7. Xefi
    2013-08-11 00:02
    game is alright. I didn't get much coolness that Vesperia did for me in Xillia. the characters
    in Xillia just not as funny. the combat is decent, but I find myself skipping through a lot of
    enemies. I know Xillia was a rush game, so i'm not expecting much of it. I hope Xillia 2 will
    be a lot better. i'm ok with the English voice. I like the English voice more actually. maybe
    i'm just use to it already. Japanese voices are usually high pitch and I don't seem to like it as much as the English.

    overall, i'd give Xillia like an 8/10 so far. still wish they brought Vesperia over as well.
    I heard Xillia 2 will be much better. 1 is just kind of decent for me right now, but just not that great as I thought.

    EDIT: now, i'm just waiting on Dead or Alive 5 ultimate. I always like buying fighting games even though I don't
    really get deep into it as ^__^
  8. Guardian Enzo
    2013-08-05 11:48
    Guardian Enzo
    Why, thank you! Much appreciated.
  9. Xefi
    2013-08-03 10:14

    i'm also waiting Xillia as well. it's coming out next week, dood. I also will be buying
    Dragon's Crown, which is also coming out next week. haven't done much lately but
    working and playing Tera when I have time.
  10. Soverence
    2013-08-03 00:29
    Well it is my turn to reply now after 2 weeks, I really should reply faster, I am not even doing anything I just always forgot to do it. Anyhow it really was a great series, I am looking forward to the OVA in a couple of weeks to finish up the anime. I am sure there are going to be a lot of people unhappy with the ending but I feel like it was a fitting ending all in all.

    Yeah I can understand that about JRPG's and there stories but final fantasy has always seemed like it did it more than other series do. Idk, maybe I just haven't played enough JRPG's and am being overly critical of FF but something about most of them has always bugged me. It is a good game to get into the genre, I will agree with you there. It is kind of like Naruto, the series itself is pretty much average but is great for getting into the medium.

    The main reason I have stayed with consoles for so long is because of the fact you can actually own the games that you buy and playing party games which don't really exist on a computer. Now that both next gens will keep that I am sure that I will eventually get one it is just a matter of time and price. PC gaming has its perks, there are a lot of free downloadable games out there like League of Legends and such that you can't play on consoles. Also PC games are usually cheaper because you are only buying the rights to use the game and not the actual game itself. PC and Console both have their drawbacks and benefits.

    Okay, I get what you are going for now, and alright, thanks. The Summer line up has actually been surprisingly decent in my opinion. When I first looked at it in the Spring I though the Summer line up would be really shitty but it has turned out to have a few quite enjoyable series. Watamote, Blood Lad, TWGOK, Sunday without god, and Monogatari (although this series is really boring in my opinion). How about you, what are you actually watching now that the season has had some time to it.

    Yeah, it might be a little longer on a Bus due to changes, probably around 5-6 hours I would think but still that is not that bad of a trip to make. I have heard of Ottawa, although I won't lie I only have heard of it because of the hockey team they have xD. Yeah, Buses have like WiFi and Outlets on them now so being on a bus like that you can do just about anything you want. Personally, I like sleeping on Bus rides but that is just me.

    Yeah, I was kind of the same person except only my friends came to me for help not everyone. I started to make a lot of friends in my Junior/Senior years of high school, I got better at socializing which I am sure is what helped me make friends. I am a only child so I don't know what it is like to have actual siblings, most people I hear say they are annoying to deal with usually so I guess I am kind of glad I am a only child.

    That seems like the reaction that most people probably had to the ending, any good ending will usually have that kind of a reaction to it. Of course, although I am not good at starting such topics so I will let you give your opinion first and will follow up on it if you don't mind. I believe you said your favorite girl was Saori right? I might be thinking of someone else but I am pretty sure.

    Yeah, I just feel like if he doesn't end up with Chiwa its almost like the story betrayed his character. His whole goal and drive is her and then some random girl comes and blackmails him and he falls in love with her? It just doesn't seem realistic and those kind of developments always bug me. I am actually not that critical of seiyuu's acting usually, even if the voice seems a little off I find it very rare that I am ever actually unhappy with the voice choice for a character. Writing and Directing are probably the most key for me when it comes to a adaptation, what to cut and what to include because that can be a much more important decision then it seems. Hell in Oreimo because of some of the stuff they cut so many people hated Kirino because she seemed like a heartless bitch in the anime compared to the novel where she came off more as a tsundere with a little too much tsun.

    I really hope that the 3rd Madoka movie gets a screening in Boston, cause if it does I am without a doubt getting a ticket to go see it. I believe they have announced the name of the song that ClariS is doing for the opening now if I remember correctly?

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