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  1. Kotohono
    2013-03-31 04:46
    Do you want me to be overly worried about you again?

    Seriously just a simply message on skype or here saying you're doing ok still is all I am asking for... your vanishing for a month or so every now and then is scaring me.
  2. Kogetsu Shirogane
    2013-03-28 12:04
    Kogetsu Shirogane
    I'm not sure when you'll see this, but an incredibly late thanks for the review. Nicely done.

    Oh, and there'll be at least one new update waiting for you when you come back?
  3. Triple_R
    2013-03-13 15:54
    I hope you come back soon, Clarami.

    For what it's worth, a new PPPL update is up.
  4. Ruby Princess
    2013-03-06 03:11
    Ruby Princess
    Are you ever coming back...?
  5. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-15 12:34
    Celestia Ludenberg
    I never replied to your VM. Sorry about that, I wasn't ignoring you.

    I played more Neptunia. I'm having fun
  6. Soverence
    2013-02-14 09:56
    Well I mean it is really the only logical conclusion to come to in that case . Well that is certainly something that they need to do with their illustrations, by adding a personally touch you kind of get to know them a little better which is something that they really need to do since they don't ever actually appear in person. Those would probably have to be my top three things that draw me to a series as well, as long as it can do at least two of the three good it will probably be a series that I will enjoy. Some series have drawn me in with the art as well, but those series are much fewer in number.

    The discussion here is mainly focused to anime I noticed, not that their is anything wrong with it since it is "Anime"suki after all but manga discussion in general besides the obvious Naruto and Bleach is fairly slow usually. They don't have to be close though for people to start to get the idea that they are once they read the synopsis. Zombies and Vampires are two genres that a lot of people in the West are getting tired of, they just make way too many piece of those kinds.

    Personally, the only two Harem mangas that I follow regularly and enjoy are The World God Only Knows and OreShura. I also follow Nisekoi but I am starting to get a little fed up with the series. I have never seen Infinite Stratos since I have heard it was pretty bad but I will probably give it a watch through someday. The thing about Harem mangas is I am pretty sure a lot of the time the author writes so that the most popular girl wins and the most popular girl almost always ends up being the first girl. Its quite possible that it is just coincidence that this happens but I am skeptical that it is just coincidence.

    I feel like most people are looking forward to something in the Spring season so if the Winter season is just to hype up for the next one it has done a very good job in doing so. I don't mind Tamako Market, I think its a better show then K-ON already and depending how they finish it up it could actually be a fairly good show. Problem Children is ... interesting. It is a very simple show but that works well because it never really tries to be anything more and does well with what it has.

    That is true, fan expectations and numbers probably decide the most on what to adapt because well more fans for a series = more $ for the anime once it has been made, assuming you don't completely mess the adaptation up. I don't know if that is totally true, it depends what we are talking about right now, original material or adaptations. Adaptations for the most part are usually fairly faithful to the source material (At least the series I have watched, this statement could be untrue but I am going to roll with it ) so studios don't have much power in changing stuff there. Original works however might be more prone to fan expectations on the sole fact that; Original works cost more to make which means they need to make more money on the series, easiest way to do that is make something with mass appeal and usually caters to a certain fan base, done well and you got $$$. I didn't like SAO even though I hadn't read the novels, it felt too ... silly? Action was good with the little of it that their was but the romance was silly and girls basically everywhere was just eye candy.

    I have read all the way up to what has been translated, I think the main reason the series is so odd to me is that the main characters change makes no sense to me. Its not so much that she changed his perception of reality more like she brainwashed him in my opinion. No matter what the main character says or says he feels, the ideas of Stockholm's syndrome and cult style brainwashing just keep coming back to me in his case. Coming to terms with a different side of you and being forced into a different side of you are two different things, you can survive on the forced side but you will never be as happy or well off as you could be. I think the best thing that shows it so far is after the timeskip when he goes back to reading books like he use to love to do, that was when he seemed the happiest in the series so far.

    I don't mind the huge reply, I like massive conversations, usually other people that don't have the time in order to respond to messages of this size
  7. Triple_R
    2013-02-11 22:25
    I'm glad you really enjoyed the update!

    Well, you can just break it down into two sectional reviews if you want - "Crippled Sayaka" and "Happy Sayaka".

    Or you can break it down further than that, it's up to you.

    In any event, I look forward to reading your review tomorrow. Maybe we'll also get a chance to chat then.
  8. Triple_R
    2013-02-11 19:23
    New PPPL update. Some Madoka/Mami romance this time.
  9. Soverence
    2013-02-11 10:30
    Alice in wonderland ha? First thing I thought of when you said that she was a big Disney fan. Well I can agree with you there, but I think that statement is true for just about every form of media right now. I feel like its hard to come up with a new and creative idea since so many pieces of media have been made. I am always interested in a good and lengthy conversation if I can find someone to have it with .

    I know, usually when I bring up those 2 titles no one has ever heard of them before and I am like how! I don't know if it is because it is a manwha or because of what the story is about. Well I think this story is well done, the internet community as a whole I feel is a little tired of vampire romances after the whole twilight business.

    I honestly think what I liked most about OreShura was the main character and that from the very start he actually had a goal to achieve (Becoming a doctor to heal Chiwa). I feel like too often in harem animes they make the MC a kind of black slate so you can project yourself in his place, but they don't really do that in OreShura. I don't really mind if the first girl ends up winning as long as the progression to getting there is good, which I noticed usually isn't.

    Been running around busy ha? I have had it fairly easy the last few days. My college classes on Friday and Today got canceled because of Blizzard Nemo so I basically get 2 really easy weeks since I only have MWF classes. Okay! And I will still get around to tell you what I thought of Air and Kanon

    I feel like the winter season was really just a buffer season in order for the industry to move into the main event in the spring season. The best show that I found this season was a show called "Problem Children are coming from another world, aren't they?". Besides that most of this season was bland while next season is gearing up to be spectacular. I don't really mind if its original or a adaptation as long as the anime is done well. I don't know if its that studios are lazy, but my feeling is that smaller studios usually do adaptations of series because they can't afford to make original material. Because smaller studios do more adaptations, that is why there are more bad adaptations because those studios lack the time and money to make a great piece of work. Now I am not saying all small/new studios are bad, but it seems that great releases from smaller studios are much rarer then those from main stream studios.

    Also, I just started reading a manga called The Flowers of Evil and saw you posted on its page and I got to ask ... what was I just reading? I don't really understand those people at all, and while I get that is the point its just ... what was I reading? Honestly the first thing I thought of about the main character was Stockholm Syndrome because anything else and there is no way I can even slightly understand him.
  10. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-10 21:46
    Celestia Ludenberg
    heh, I've been getting into fighting games again, been playing Blazblue, Tekken 6 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. I'm not very good at them and I end up just mashing buttons disregarding combos because I get frustrated. I still have fun with them regardless. Maybe one day I'll get better at them.

    and I guess I'll get back Neptunia today then, since I've got nothing else to do, I guess. I enjoy the story it's just that from looking at the gameplay of the sequels they look like much better games. It's one of the few JRPG's where I didn't change the VA from English to Japanese.

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