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  1. kenjiharima
    2014-10-07 22:32
    Yeah RE5 gave more realism, too bad as a solo player you cannot enjoy it that much because you need to baby sit a poor AI partner, that's why partners now in RE are not killable. True as well with a partner, RE revelations1 could have worked without Parker and Jessica, though Parker helping you up in certain situations is a plus, but in the RE revelations series they're more of your "Shield" rather than partners.

    Yeah I need to play Akiba Strip again been playing Zelda Mosou and waiting for my bionetta2 and Smash bro WII-U. Speaking of Katsuragi she's my fav too.

    Let's just hope we do not lag in SAO in future Just read the article, pretty cool hope there more enhancements in occulus, also kind find it funny that in 3DS version of Senran Kagura can be connected to occulus for real life breast simulation.
  2. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-10-07 04:25
    Thank you
  3. kenjiharima
    2014-10-05 23:13
    RE5 yes when your partner dies she dies game over. That's why the best co-op is with RE5. RE6 and future RE titles in Revelations the partner doesn't die at all, their efficient but still has the same Sheva AI patern.

    Just give us a nude patch for $10 bucks I'd buy that. Also seems Yumi is the one they're promoting now.

    Till we get to the age of TRON in the 80's to 2000's tech, guessing SAO won't happen yet. As for gamer gate I lost faith in them after I saw the news. EA has been always EA markets good PR yet does nothing good about the game.
  4. kenjiharima
    2014-10-03 00:26
    True. If Chris had steroids, Claire has gone to drug theraphy Also Moira getting mangled by the zombies and suddenly when Claire was about to leave the room she pops up there. Making me think this should have been co-op like RE5, I really like where your partner can die adds realism.

    Speaking of Senran Kagura, might get the Japanese version on the PS3. Full nudity change though censored. TGS 2014

    Here's Event's new vid.
  5. kenjiharima
    2014-09-24 19:53
    I agree with the video you posted. It's more of neighborhood than a community, black people are always stereotyped, Asians/Japan really did brought gaming to the next level. I really don't like the topic people dying at an early age because of where you are at it just makes me think the world is this sick where in some area's it's really not. Youtubers I gotta agree as well, some youtubers just don't sit in their ass they have real life jobs, some people in youtube are just plain lazy and just go emo go to social media to get attention for views, that's a fact.

    New gaming vid from Event. Banning people that gave you money? Fuck! EA sign this rape pledge or you look bad, what?! Like you sent me common sense EA common sense.
  6. kenjiharima
    2014-09-23 20:42
    Hey nice to hear from you again.
    I'm really glad there are gamers that do things like what Event do. Markiplier is also one that does charity almost every 3 months for different institure, but he's now associated with a group so pretty much he cannot mention anything "BAD" to much about a game, example when he played the SIMS4 he said he played it for fun, "I know you guys got problems with this" and he cuts off saying he just wanted to play it for fun, didn't mention why, but on the flip side he's concentrated on charity live streams like Event does.

    Havent seen that video will take a look and reply a bit later.

    RE revelations 2 "EPISODIC" that's a FAIL! Also look at the graphics it's medicore! Claire and Barry's daughter Moira look like Ellen Page damn it, LOL Either way wait for the full compy, Crapcom just wanna nickle and dime us gamers and consumers again.

    Currently playing Akiba Strip. Alot of free dlc content, but damn the swim suits are DLC, oh well paying for fan service. I'm gonna wait for a bundle on the swimsuit. $5 for 5 girls $25 bucks man...that's 2 used cheap games if you can find a good seller.
  7. Coldlight
    2014-08-20 07:40
    You don't need to apologize. Really, I should've added you as a friend long before this. ^^;

    I'm actually happy you dropped by to wish me a happy birthday.

    You know, we share something more than appreciation of Sayaka and Madoka Magica: I'm also a fellow fan of ClariS's music, though I still defer to you as the biggest fan of them here.

    I took a hiatus on forums, anime/manga/jp stuff earlier this year so when I got back up to speed I was really saddened to know this wonderful music duo has split up.

    I also just recently watched Madoka 3 (really late, I know) and loved their song Colorful! It actually ended up becoming some kind of painkiller for me after a certain (not tragic ) event in my life recently. The song and lyrics were so nice that I could listen to it for hours on end to... uh, console myself.
  8. kenjiharima
    2014-07-27 03:03
    Does lets play raises money for charity

    more youtubers should be like this.
  9. kenjiharima
    2014-07-21 05:50
    Yes! I'm free for the week got. My par-time job ended and I'll be a home body again. lol
    A writer huh? Cool, I wish you good luck on the career path you are following.

    That was actually kinda of a spoiler since there is a Cashcom shit article on their page that SFV will be for next gen, but they specifically said PS3 and then later on they announce. :/
    Well I'm pretty much a casual gamer now not really focusing that much attention to combos and links now a days, but I'd love to see the vids.

    DmC port?! LOL What is that a The Last Of Us graphics upgrade? Good luck with the bug fixes also seems NT has given up on it as seeing they've moved on to new games which are innovative, but garnering their name it didn't sell well, karma I tell you.

    Crapcom has been shooting themselves in the foot in the mid 2000's I won't be surprise if the only thing coming out in 2015 is a new SF game, the Tekken x SF cross over and another RE game. They won't bet on new IP's only these two games are keeping ca$hcom a float.

    Now playing Gundam Dynasty Warirors back to back with replaying MGS Peace Walker
  10. kenjiharima
    2014-07-16 21:06
    Did you see this? Capcom lying lol

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