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  1. akiyox
    2010-03-23 07:13
    I believe it's in Downtown Dallas -a place I've been a lot of times, believe me. And no, it's not at the Galleria; I was in a Charlie Brown Christmas on Ice play there about five years ago. xD

    Ahaha, Japan is... unique, to say the least. I've seen some things that... I'd honestly prefer never to see again. Not to say that there aren't totally awesome things as well.

    My friend and I are planning to employ at the same place after my birthday, so that we can work hopefully on the same shift, thus making "work" 10x more interesting. And that same friend also took me to Korea with her mom, her brother, and her dad to go shopping, although there's probably another reason for it. Her mom also insisted on speaking Korean to us the entire time so we would "learn", and we were just like... "What." xD
  2. akiyox
    2010-03-22 21:45
    It's amazing. It's in Texas - but freakishly hot. :/ And trust me, it's... exciting, to say the least. There's an ice rink in the mall it's connected to (it's held at a hotel), and even the elevator rides are amazing.

    I've been to Japan actually, but never to a con. I'm mixed, believe it or not, so... I mean, I've only been a few times. Stupid air costs. ; - ;

    No, believe me. I despise them. xD
  3. akiyox
    2010-03-22 21:26
    Haha, fourteen soon. A-KON is my birthday, and I wouldn't want to spend it any other way.
    Bahh, I could care less. Don't worry about me. I'm not, nor will I ever be, the most "family" oriented person in the world. In fact, I'm quite disgusted atm.
  4. akiyox
    2010-03-22 20:51
    I messed up, my bad! I was... experimenting! xD
    And now I have. Thank you. Darn current generation.

    My dad.
    At least I don't look like I should be from the Biggest Loser.

    (It's extrovert, I thought it was different. Dang, I'm on a roll today, aren't I? )
  5. akiyox
    2010-03-22 17:48
    What? Rose-colored? Am I missing something? xD

    Oh, shut up. My spelling isn't the best. And not online, I'm talking in general here.

    Secondly, I hate both of them. For various reasons. I am not the biggest loser on the planet, something I learned to ignore. :P
  6. akiyox
    2010-03-21 11:32
    I know!
    That's the freakin' thing, man. Like, I love starting things, but never finish. I see things that are wrong, but I don't want to get up change them. I seriously... have an issue.
    Even athletically, I hate running the 2400 every year (even if I'm "good" at it ), but since I can't really get out... I'm like, super competitive, so I'll run it anyways. But if I'm in first and my leg cramps up and someone passes me, I'm just all, "Okay, second isn't too bad... I still get a medal, right?" xD

    I'm one of those people that are like, extremely extroverted, but I prefer being alone a lot of the time. Seriously.

    I... have proof I was dropped on my head as a child. .__.
  7. akiyox
    2010-03-20 23:27
    Of course, there are some restrictions as to what it can do.
    I always have to change something. Even if it's already been edited, I always see something. I don't know, that's me being a perfectionist again. ._.

    Hallelujah, lazy people unite~! xD
    It... takes a lot of practice... and perfection. Dangit.
  8. akiyox
    2010-03-20 10:22
    Ohoho, you got me there.
    Nah, I've actually been using this program for a little under five years, and the only problem I have with it is constant glitches and... I'm horribly lazy. Like, I don't like downloading/creating brushes because I have to go through the trouble of saving them and then CROPPING THEM. THE HORROR.
    Also, it's hard to be a self-photographer when your camera is nine years old, and your hand is constantly twitching.
    *However, there are some conveniences, as in, the tools are almost too obvious (I use PSPXI, fyi) like "smooth skin", "time machine", "warp" "Sharpen" "motion blur", "expand selection", etc. I couldn't get used to photoshop because all the tools I was used to using were like... different. Again, I'm lazy.
  9. akiyox
    2010-03-19 22:39
    Why thank you.
    I take pride in my crappy low-rate editing programs.
  10. Hellychan
    2010-02-23 18:05
    Domo Arigatou Lynnies!

    Ehhh!!!!! I missed your birthday!!! D': Happy belated Birthday to you! =D

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