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  1. Silvance
    2012-04-26 01:23
    High school days are almost over for you, huh? A few years later down the road, you'll definitely miss it. XD

    Really? They call her route normal? At least Yuela's was much better compared to Sera's nothing-happened route. lol.

    I just finished Leica's route. I didn't like it that much. Damn it, Al is such a bro in the other routes, I feel bad for not choosing her. Oh well, she's next so this horrible feeling should subside. >:3
  2. Rennir
    2012-04-24 17:20
    I'm going to get to those soon hopefully. It's just that I'm really busy with testing coming up soon so that's why
  3. Silvance
    2012-04-24 02:36
    Yeah, it's a shame that most people do that. As for what I was referring to, I believe it was the true end of the Ruri route.

    Not really. I know several people who liked Yuela a lot more than the other cast. I don't particularly dislike her though, just in case you are wondering. The only character that I can't make myself like is Emelita. I haven't payed her route yet so I'm not sure if that will stay the same in the future.

    Oh, and sorry for the delay. I was out of town and didn't return until last night. XD
  4. Rennir
    2012-04-23 20:05
    You're just going crazy with it haha. I'm on the last SS of volume 2 so you might catch up soon Btw, in the future, just post a new VM instead of counting on me to look back and notice your edits And I didn't get that vibe from him in the first volume as in future volumes, especially how Kawahara describes him...
  5. Rennir
    2012-04-21 23:33
    First chapter? You haven't even gotten to the good part yet! Keep reading and tell me when you get to chapter 20 or so. And watch out for 16.5

    Btw I wouldn't exactly characterize it as Flere did. I mean Kawahara focuses less on Kirito and Asuna after volume 1/2 but there's definitely some stuff there. It's like getting married; the first year or two there's this glow and you just feel super happy. But then as time goes on, let's say 20 or 30 years, the love is still there, it's just not explicitly expressed as much and it doesn't feel as good as those first years.

    As for the love interest part, Kirito really doesn't fall for them at all like he does with Asuna. It's more one sided. But I guess you can tell that Kawahara is trying to create that flirty atmosphere.

    I'll respond to the rest of your post later!
  6. Rennir
    2012-04-20 18:23
    Haha I'm not sure how much insight you'll get I basically just do shorthand/bullet points. If you want to learn things, I can direct you to some good tutorials! They'd be more helpful and comprehensive than some random techniques

    Yeah I know, I just suck at searching honestly I think I'm using google wrong because everyone here can find news about new/upcoming anime and the like, and I'm like where did you here about this from?? But yeah, I always have trouble finding stuff like that

    Yeah, I'd try at least. I'm just afraid that once I start, I'll find out that it's too hard for me, and then I'd have to stop half way through or maybe right after I got started. That'd be pretty embarrassing. But only during the summer, once I have time haha. Ahhh...I see. Maybe I'll ask the BT translation group if I could, because a lot of them actually ahve AS accounts.

    LOL needs to end >.> I only have 1 month left until graduation!!! Can't wait to get out of here

    Ahhh yeah, you want your first experience with this series to be visual? I understand that to be a point I guess.

    Yeah, I don't think it is canon. As far as I know, there aren't any serious advances. It's just that Kirito is so oblivious to how much of a lady killer he is that sometimes he does things that embarrass the girls

    Yeah, I hope I'm right too. *brofists*

    Haha maybe I'll pick it up at another time. But I get sick of an anime/manga that drags on too long and I think it's happening to Fairy Tail the same way it did to bleach, one piece, and naruto. Story quality gets worse as the story goes on and the novelty fades away quickly. I still read those, because I can then say that I finished Bleach and Naruto with pride, 20 years from now, when the youngsters are reading or watching other stuff (if the series end by then ).

    Also, with those really long ones, I find myself forgetting details really easily I might start One Piece soon, or catch up on FT when I'm still only 20-30 chapters behind

    I dunno, it's hard to get used to either...maybe I'll just make up my own way of spelling all these words hahaha xD

    Yup it's in Cali! Idk...I haven't really looked

    Good luck on your paper then!

    Sorry for the late reply
  7. Silvance
    2012-04-19 19:43
    Nah, I'm doing Leica's route, Al's will be after that. Gotta save the best for last, no? Anyway, Ruri' end was pretty good. It was bittersweet so I loved it especially the second ending.

    Yeah, it's a shame Melodiana didn't have her own route. The main heroines pales in comparison when compared to her. ;_;
  8. Silvance
    2012-04-18 00:08
    Ah. I finally reached chapter 12 for Demonbane. The 6 on 1 battle was intense and thrilling. I only regret that I went for Ruri instead of Al instead. Don't get me wrong, Ruri is alright at most, but Al is far more interesting as a character... I realized that now.

    As for your question, the character that I absolutely adore is Melodiana. Really, I can't get enough of her especially when she speaks very affectionately on "certain" scenes. Ragsmuena comes close though. She doesn't have much personality, but I like the fact that she's all laid back. lol. Plus, characters with red hair, teal eyes, and has a scythe for a weapon, will always have a special place in my heart. :3
  9. Rennir
    2012-04-16 17:12
    Haha no problem! Don't expect anything deep or super helpful though

    Yeah I'm probably going to do it during college if I can, or afterwards, when I start working, I'll buy the Rosetta Stone software for Japanese Right now it's wayyy too expensive for me haha.

    I wish they did take donations or something though! So I could support them! I could actually probably try my hand at translating Chinese SAO, because I estimate that I could do maybe ~60-70% of the chapter that I read? Haha I'm too scared of taking on the job and then finding it's too hard and then having to tell them that though D:

    He's certainly insistent about the romance around Kirito and Asuna staying vanilla and such Though it's kind of weird, I don't mind it. But yeah that translators comment was really out of line...And I took his reply to my comment as his admission of defeat that he had no logical rebuttal's tought to quantify that Our tastes could be different so any relative ranking might not be of much to you? My suggestion is for you to try it out and read at least like 10 chapters and then decide if you want to continue. It reads pretty quickly IMO

    Honestly, I think it would be better to read first because then you get a lot more background information and you'll be able to visualize events with your own mind before having the animation ingrained! I understand how it could spoil it for you though, if the anime doesn't measure up. But IMO, that's the only way you could be disappointed in the anime. Plus, I slightly prefer the LN in terms of character designs too.

    Yeah it is I don't think the SS in particular has been translated. But yeah, it's along the lines of a lot of girls liking Kirito, but he stays loyal to Asuna for the most part. I guess some of his actions could be interpreted as flirting, but I just see it as his personality. The romance actually isn't as prevalent in later volumes compared to the first volume and all the SAO SS's relating to the first volume, just a heads up To be honest, I kinda missed the romance Well their avatars are supposed to be their real bodies, so I'm guessing very close, if not the same. Only reason I say really close is because after having been in a coma for 2 years, you lose weight, etc...

    Haha same here! I want to see more affection from them in the later volumes. It's probably there and I just missed it while skimming, but the amount is less than the later half of volume 1, which I loved, and the SS's

    Nahhh...I kinda dropped it I was only reading the manga beforehand anyways, but yeah, I got tired of the fights. It just didn't pack as much awesomeness and adrenaline rushes for me as when I had started reading. I stopped at around when they defeated Urtear's boss, whatever his name is But yeah, like I really loved Natsu's fights with like Gerard, Laxus, and Gildartz, but his fights after almost bored me Natsu always struggles in the beginning, but through the power of nakama, wins at the end!

    Yeah I get my spellings mixed up because I lived in Canada for five years >.< hahaha. Wow that's beautiful! I would love to go there That pool is huge!

    I'm going to UC Berkeley

    Yeah, I don't know either It probably got cut off or something, and I don't remember what I was trying to say it was probably about college though
  10. Rennir
    2012-04-15 23:18
    We'll see. I learned a lot of cool, if not obscure tricks and tips last year that I'm pretty sure I forgot a lot of I tried to preserve some by creating a notepad with a bunch that I learned so that I could go back and look at them. But it's far from comprehensive.

    Yeah...makes me want to learn Japanese so badly so that I can read it in it's original form That'd also help so I could have access to everything earlier instead of having to wait for subs/translations Not to mention the fact that there are different philosophies of translation. I certainly don't think the impact is really that big, but with texts like the Bible, even small deviations in meaning could have a big impact on how a certain passage is interpreted, and thus how Christians choose to live their life.

    I really appreciate what the BT people are doing too. I actually really want to donate to them, but I can't seem to even find a donation link on their wiki page

    That's also why I was annoyed with that Gene098 person. He was taking their hard work for granted

    I'm on the last chapter of volume 1 (25), and I've skimmed through most of the other volumes I couldn't resist the excitement that came with discovering a new series so I skimmed through a bunch of stuff first before going back and actually reading it. It's really a bad habit of mine that I have to change, especially with good books too, like the Hunger Games

    Overall, I think it's pretty good! Again, my opinion might be biased due to the novelty, but I really like the action, romance, and humor in the story. It's somewhat lacking in description compared to actual novels/fanfics, but I assume this is normal for Light Novels. What I've heard, (and from what I've skimmed), volume 1 is definitely the best out of all the translated volumes right now. Although, volume 9, Alicization, is supposedly supposed to top this. Kirito progressively gets stronger and stronger as the story continues, and eventually it gets boring because you know he'll win It's sort of like DBZ though, where sometimes a stronger opponent may appear, but Kirito's power is so big already that it kinda loses the excitement factor. I also experienced this with Bleach and Fairy Tail...I guess it's shounen in that respect.

    Yeah I figured as much Math in general is difficult in higher education I do enjoy it, but I don't have the passion that some people do, and I know, because I'm in the IB program, whose HQ is in the UK, so we always get European students spelling words differently or saying Maths instead of Math BME sounds really cool! Where are you going to college?

    I'm actually really excited to get into

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