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Vallen Chaos Valiant Vallen Chaos Valiant is online now

Logician and Romantic

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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-12-25 02:29
    Happy Birthday
  2. Fireminer
    2013-12-24 17:50
    Hohoho! What is this? It must be the grace of Lord for you to be born on this wonderful day. Anyway, Happy Birthday!
  3. Fireminer
    2013-12-24 05:40
    Merry Christmas! May the Lord be with You!
  4. synaesthetic
    2013-06-17 02:02
    Don't try arguing with the princess. You won't get very far.
  5. RRW
    2013-05-02 10:02
    What is your opinion of these anime

    Denpa Onna
    Meiro no Croisée
    Oda Nobuna
    Kamisama note
    High School Boy
    Usagi Drop
  6. RRW
    2013-04-18 04:43
    animesuki chart V0.017
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    anything can be add/change?
  7. RRW
    2013-04-07 12:18
    What you think about Korea reunification
  8. RRW
    2013-04-06 17:28
    So what is you stand in NK crisis?
    Will NK attack SK?
    Will NK invaded by US&SK (or china or other country)?
    What is the future of NK?
    Do you think NK or US (or other nation) will use their nuclear arsenal?
  9. Badkarma 1
    2013-04-01 05:53
    Badkarma 1
    Wrong! Again as in Il. If you purchase a weapon out of state you must have it transferred to an Il. FFL and fill out all the necessary forms and wait your time. In Mo. You have to do the same.
    Il. Has had state back ground checks since the Brady Law went into effect, and has done quite a remarkable job. Sure there were a few that slipped thru the cracks but nothings perfect.
    So sure I could buy a weapon in Mo. since they are more lax about the waiting period, but I'd still have to have it transferred to an Il. dealer and wait my time.
    Doing this on a national level is feasible, and the states could do it themselves since its ONLY a background check and nothing more.
  10. Badkarma 1
    2013-03-31 13:33
    Badkarma 1
    To be perfectly blunt, my argument was why can't the states themselves do the background checks like here in Illinois. Here the state police do the background check, you the buyer gets charged a $2 fee for it(tagged on to the weapons price) and or either approved or denied. In the latter case they are there waitin for you to come a pick up said piece and you go to jail!
    There's no need to get the federal gov't involved unless its an investigation or something has raised a red flag, like say a massive purchase of multiple weapons. Like say you buy one AR-15, that cool, you buy 5-10, and the ATFE will be knockin on your door!
    Untraceable? HA! Sorry but if its got its serial# it's in the system!
    Bannin weapons is illeagal under the constitution, registerin them ain't. And most states could do it without bringin in the Feds.
    I could go on about this and what it really boils down too, but that's best left to a private message.

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    Lover of Japanese culture. Likes messy dissections of the human body.
    Within my mind
    Brain-frying anime. Anything that offends 'some' people. (politically correct Anime are boring)
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