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  1. Seishi
    2009-10-13 15:25
    Saki just had a lot of characters who filled particular roles well, and a select few who were special. Among the secondary cast, I found Yumi (the only backstory I actually cared about plus being my favourite mahjong player of the cast), Touka (the most entertaining character), and Momoko (for being a troll in the Touka/Nodoka faceoff) particularly good. Mihoko and Kana would fall somewhere behind this.

    If by undertones you mean overtones, then yeah, some weren't bad, but it felt strenuous at times. I agree on Yuuki...I always supported her with Kyou-chan.

    Saki doesn't teach you anything about actual mahjong (besides possibly Yuuki's random expositions), which makes watching it "for the mahjong" kind of detrimental. Watching Akagi would probably be better for that.
  2. Seishi
    2009-10-13 15:09
    Well, I think Haruhi's story is irrelevant since it's just great pulp entertainment to me, which is why I haven't bothered with the novels yet. Kyoto Animation is pretty lulz, especially recently. I haven't really known any "hardcore Haruhi fans" (more like appreciators), but I have known haters.

    Oh man, Saki is something else. I have way too many issues with it, one being a lack of character development (especially among its lead characters) and a portrayal of mahjong that was too over the top for even me to appreciate sometimes. Despite all this, it worked really well for the most part. I don't really care as much about the forced yuri themes as a decent amount of people I chat with do.

    Saki is also unique for me in that it's one of the few series I "got into" before the anime was aired/announced. I don't really read much manga.
  3. Seishi
    2009-10-13 14:56
    Fall 2008, which had a few great shows. I only really post on the Saimoe threads here, so I tend to change my avatar just once or twice per year. I just thought the dai~san~gen moment was cute.

    I saw Sketchbook afterwards, and I can see what you mean. The full cast is given a decent light, rather than just a select group of girls. Sketchbook is more Iyashi-ke (healing) type of show whereas Hyakko feels like a comedy. I remember people complaining about the intentionally sloppy animation in Hyakko but I found the style fit quite well.
  4. Seishi
    2009-10-13 14:41
    The problem is I'm banned in all the locations I can use, which are here and my grandparents place out of town. I voted in most of 2007 and 2008 but our IP block here changed over earlier this year, so...

    I loved Hyakko. For some reason it resonated really well with me. I need to change my avatar too, lol...
  5. Seishi
    2009-10-13 14:37
    Also, I like the avatar. Other tigers are OK with me.
  6. Seishi
    2009-10-13 14:36
    Neither. I just write a blog and talk to friends on IRC about it. I used to get a friend to vote for me during prelims and early tournament rounds, but his IP range seems to be banned now.

    Top 16 definitely means something, but top 8 is kind of a quantum leap from there. I'm not an all-or-nothing kind of guy. As for Nanoha, five years is a long time, but Fate has a bigger chance of acquiring easy pity votes.
  7. npal
    2009-10-11 18:56
    Fate got majorly trolled in 2006 with that desu thing. Plus, the point is final win, top 16 hardly means anything if some crappy char ends up beating them. Also, Fate, not having won last time, has a better chance to be supported till the finals. I doubt we'll see Nanoha herself winning Saimoe again, but I wouldn't really mind if that were the case. I won't be able to vote next year anyway so
  8. Seishi
    2009-10-11 17:56
    According to my friend's statfaggotry, Nanoha is #1 in total wins for Saimoe. Fate got trolled last year when KyoAni hijacked the tournament, and before that lost to the grand-daddy of all factions twice.

    Nanoha and Fate place consistently very high in 2ch's popularity ranks. With at least a half-decent draw, top 16 (and beyond) is quite possible for Nanoha-san and Fate.
  9. Seishi
    2009-10-11 17:32
    Hm, really? Japan and MSLN is a deadly combination, especially now that Nanoha is "loli" again. As for rookies, of course it's impossible to tell, but I can place a good bet that MSLN will re-take a top faction spot next year.
  10. Seishi
    2009-10-11 12:02
    Well, there's always Nanoha for next year.

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