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  1. Alhazad2003
    2012-06-24 01:11
    Wow, so the Mirror is an actual item in the game? That's definitely neat. Though how the Brotherhood pulled THAT one over Gabriel is beyond me. ^^;;

    And wow, the Brotherhood being infiltrated by satanic worshipers, that's definitely diabolical enough. Zobek would be envious, I'm sure.

    Just completed chapter six in Lords of Shadow. Man, that castle is enormous. I'm amazed Gabriel didn't move in after he became the new Prince of Darkness, it would've definitely suited him. Ah well, moving onto the Balcony next week, among other things. Man, it's definitely one of the hardest Castlevanias ever made, that's for sure.
  2. Alhazad2003
    2012-06-18 12:46
    Well I hope so, Satan's supposed to be the source of all evil, not Dracula. Sometimes I think he was overstated in the old games, but then again his name does mean "the Devil" in Romanian. But I digress. ^^;;

    Man, I can hardly wait. Hopefully I can get some playtime around Thursday and Friday, but we'll see.

    Trevor, Gabriel's son? How'd they hide that from him? I think he'd notice if Marie was pregnant, unless it wasn't with Marie. Is this Igarashi's way of completely erasing Sonia from the timeline? Baka. Man, the Brotherhood is starting to sound like the Order of Ecclesia, which was supposed to fight against Dracula but revived him instead. What a farce. The Brotherhood deserved to get pwned. Gabriel's better off without them.
  3. Yorae_paladin1
    2012-06-15 23:31
    Yo whas up again how you finding freezing
  4. Alhazad2003
    2012-06-15 14:59
    WOW! Play as Dracula, unreal. And he's a lot more brutal than Soma ever was. I wonder if he also has the power of dominance? Can't wait to find out myself.

    Played LOS over a fiend's house, just defeated Brauner and on my way to the vampires' castle next. MAN, that's how Castlevania is supposed to look. Sweet.
  5. Yorae_paladin1
    2012-05-30 12:53
    Yeah ichigo should learn a bit of vampire culture before attacking anyone
  6. Alhazad2003
    2012-05-30 02:35
    Yes, I'm glad you see that. I just shake my head at the rest of the readers blindly taking Ichigo's side in the matter and not even considering Issa's side. Well in my fic I'll be giving his side, even if no one wants to accept it. Ichigo crossed a big line, and he nearly paid with his life. And yet, he still claims he did no wrong. I'm just glad canon Ichigo isn't this inane. ^^;; Talk to you later.
  7. Alhazad2003
    2012-05-28 04:40

    I feel so silly. ^^;; I got caught in a new fic on, Eclipse by Tensa Zangetsu 17, a Bleach/Rosario + Vampire crossover, found here: The main character, a darker version of Ichigo, is praised by practically every one of the review for everything he does, no matter how twisted or unbecoming he is. I find Dark Ichigo, or as I call him Dork Ichigo, a complete bonehead who's forgotten everything that made him great as well as forgotten that actions have consequences, that's what got him in so much trouble in the first place. In this fic, he meets Moka in junior high, they fall in love, and have a baby together (yes, a baby, go figure). What he failed to understand was Moka was the daughter of two elder vampries, who were very displeased that a human had impregnated their daughter, and could've gotten her killed under vampire law. Issa beat him to within an inch of his lfie rather than kill him, Moka, and their little girl. Yet Ichigo rants and raves at how Issa had NO REASON to do what he did. Yet none of the readers, or any of the characters, call him on it. I'm the only one who does, yet the author likes my reviews, wonder of wonders. I even asked to do an epilogue of the story, sent him a preview, and he loved it, even though he knows I view Dork Ichigo a lot differently than he does. ^^;; Anyway, the fic is found here: But this doesn't mean Death of a Dream is going to be abandoned, I'll finish the next chapter soon, and it'll have Diaz with the three girls on the field trip, sorta similar to what you had in mind, but it'll show why he wasn't looking forward to remembering where he'd seen Kurumu and Mizore before. Poor guy. ^^;; Anyway, take care, and have a wonderful day.
  8. Alhazad2003
    2012-05-16 02:01
    Actually no. It is a PC game or console?
  9. Alhazad2003
    2012-05-15 00:09

    The next chapter is coming along. Maybe slowly, but it is. There'll be more of Diaz in the upcoming chapters, I assure you. Hopefully it's how you envisioned him. Take care, and have a wonderful day.
  10. Jeffry2009
    2009-05-04 23:39
    Hello. I'm sorry about last time. I was Exxagerated to find out what's gonna happen NEXT and i'm eager to look forward so BAD about gundam 00.

    Well now the show is 'OSHIMAI' (OVER in japanese). It's time to move on to the other anime shows.

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