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Beautiful fighter.

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  1. Kanon
    2010-08-26 16:51
    You are very welcome.

    Oh, I see the last Girl Friends chapter has been released. That means it's time for me to start reading it (I need to finish Ichigo 100% first though). I'd like to hear your impressions on this last chapter, I hope the end is good.
  2. Riker
    2010-08-26 13:49
    Happy Buffday!
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-08-26 11:22
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Hmmm, so far in chapter 130... I think. PROGRESSING SLOWLY HERE BUT I AM STILL DOING WORKS~~~ I'll fangirl once I reached the most recent chapter, I promise~~

    Why is everyone, RL or not, so caught up in Miku fever... ? I feel like all the cool kids in school are sikrit Miku fans XD Oh, VC is going to be released in PSP? I have never played VC (No PS3, sue the money being bought for other things ;; ), but heard good things about the game~ AND YOU WILL, WILL HAVE TO PLAY KH: BBS. It's such a serious improvement, and some of the scores are really memorable :3 Speaking of scores, I really wanted to import Xenoblade (OST alone sold me--the newcomers AIC+ and one more composer are really showing their talent :3), but oh well, waiting for confirmation of US release~

    Yeah, that's good enough. But the stats improvement differs from each shop/job you know~~ For example, if you drink the coffee at the cafe, it will raise your charm 3x than doing job in there (Which also increase courage, though so very little). It really put you in a disadvantage since the stat-upping will be much, much longer than the costly way @_@

    Don't forget about Junpei though--his S.Link is really limited. Only in semester 1 you will be able to have extensive time in levelling up his S.Link. After the Summer holiday, he won't be present for S.Link except 5 times. And in January, while he is present, you'll do Empress and Aion mostly so... Yeah, just make time in his S.Link days first! >_<

    I have to agree with Junpei and Ryouji there-Minato is an other kind of moe *saves* Though I have to admit the one that crushes my moe meter is Shinji in P3P

    So, so adorable <333

    Speaking of ATLUS, I am interested in Catherine. I didn't realize the main character was that man sitting on the club lol! Still, so very Megaten-ish, which make the horror aspect creepily weird! And I have to admit, Catherine herself is... Emitting creepy aura to me than sexy aura you perverted guys get! XD

    Himeya-shop have yet to ship my Steins;Gate ARGH WTH I'M SUING SOMEONE v_v;; (Pre-ordered it around 2 weeks ago, so I am kind of really mad with not being sent on the date of release) D:

    Also, Happy birthday Shiro! :3 Wish you the best here! There. Must. Be. Some. Scans. I. Could. Do. For. You. Q_Q
  4. Po99okie
    2010-08-26 10:16
    Happy Birthday
  5. Arabesque
    2010-08-26 06:42
    Happy birthday mate
  6. Kanon
    2010-08-26 06:35
    Happy birthday, Shiro!
  7. zebra
    2010-08-26 06:10
    Haha, right place right time - Happy Birthday, Shiroth! Celebrate yourself

    Totally forgot what I wanted to tell you, though.
  8. milan kyuubi
    2010-08-26 04:32
    milan kyuubi
    Happy Birthday Shiroth-san
  9. Kafriel
    2010-08-26 03:53
    I was stalking Haak and I noticed he left a message here...but since I got to find out, happy birthday from me too
  10. Haak
    2010-08-26 03:52
    Happy birthday! May you continue to irritatingly point out flaws in other people's suggestions.

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