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Beautiful fighter.

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  1. Kanon
    2010-07-28 16:10
    Good ^^
    I'm quite sure you'll love it. It's worth it for the art alone, I don't know about you but I completely fell in love with Yabuki's art after To Love-ru. And I was a surprised to learn that Yabuki wrote Black Cat alone, while he had a writer working with him on TLR, and now Mayoi Neko Overrun... you'd usually think it was the other way around. Black Cat's plot was nothing original, but I thought it was good and very enjoyable. Truly loved it.

    How is Beelzebub? It looks quite good from what I've seen, but before starting it, I'll have to check how it's doing in the rankings. After Double Arts was canceled ( ;____; ), I swore never to start a Jump manga again without being sure it won't end prematurely.
  2. Kanon
    2010-07-28 15:51
    I still only have a couple. I need to make myself more!
    By the way, I've been wanting to ask you: have you read Black Cat? I checked it out because I knew it was by Yabuki Kentarou, and I ended up loving it more than I thought I would. I definitely recommend it to you if you feel like reading some shounen. It was also good to see some very familiar faces from TLR in this, one of them even being a main character :3
  3. Kanon
    2010-07-28 15:11
    Yeah, I just saw the Nagisa one. I noticed the Mikan change only after replying to you
    New Mikan avy looks cute, but then again when doesn't Mikan look cute? :3
  4. Kanon
    2010-07-28 15:03
    I can understand the feeling. The VN I've been itching to play again lately is Fate/stay night... I have a lot of other things on my plate though, starting with Ever 17 that's been sitting on my hard drive for months. & I still need to watch Needless, will probably start it this week.

    & oh, nice avatar change!
  5. DragoZERO
    2010-07-28 14:48
    Must be an old topic that wasn't updated I guess. I'll do that one after Ever17. I only played a little (the place just started flooding) and it's good. I just wish the font was easier to read. They really did a crap job with it.
  6. DragoZERO
    2010-07-28 14:30
    Haha. Which version are you playing? I heard it wasn't fully translated yet?
  7. Kanon
    2010-07-28 14:17
    Thank you.

    I don't think I'll ever have the motivation to replay Clannad. Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved it and it's one of my favourite visual novel of all time, but it was soooo long
    I may replay a few routes someday though, like Kyou's (although I was a bit disappointed with it, she deserved better than this )
  8. Kanon
    2010-07-28 12:05
    That's probably why I like it better then
    Do you know which pieces he composed? I'm actually listening to the Clannad OST again right now. It's so, so good.
  9. Kanon
    2010-07-28 11:39
    Just finished listening to the Angel beats OST. A few tracks are truly fantastic, but overall I'm fairly unimpressed with it, especially compared to the Clannad soundtrack. Now that I think about it, this comment applies to the series as well.
  10. White Manju Bun
    2010-07-27 12:49
    White Manju Bun
    LOL I love how Sensei knew Id tell you to watch the subbed vers of GH Glad to hear Funi's UK site is sub only.

    And no Im not caught up in the Nura manga still at chap 60.

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