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Beautiful fighter.

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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-02-23 08:14
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Fufu, I'm glad the artbook could inspire you to get the incentive on thinking to buy the game. Even I was drolling and was crying when I realized I can't buy PS3 yet when I saw the promo art of Totori ;A; In any case, hope you could find it in cheap price tag in your travels~

    ... Am I growing to be an easily bullied person in people's eyes? ;_; /mopes in corner and in .01 sec comes back with sugar. And Captain Harlock was my favourite of the 3 TV series I saw, even though I can't just remember the name of the characters orz But yesh, I love bloodpumping space pirate actions, if you haven't know it And oh my God, that opening piece is nostalgic. I mean, I usually hear this kind of BGM in classic RPGs, but this one is kind of like powered up in very pretty tunes and soothing feeling. Is there anymore BGM like this in the OST? :3

    Awww, sorry but I'm drawing a little blank here D: (<- This person has screwed up memory orz ;; ), 'cuz the most astonishing chappie about Aria shachou (oh my, I think I have something for piggy cats or black cats <3 <3 <3) that I remember up until now is the one where Akari and Shachou have a little adventure of travelling neo-Venezia and met some cat cafe :3 I still remember the spread was gorgeous~

    ... That and anytime Aria shachou is acting SO DEM CUTE HNNNG. *_*
  2. Kanon
    2011-02-23 05:19
    You might want to check out Happoubi Jin's other games too (Resort Boin (Mika-san <3) and Classy Cranberry's in particular).

    Hey, I'll still have to wait months, and maybe forever if a localization is never announced, so don't complain!
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-02-23 02:24
    Natsuki Hyuga
    True to that word.

    Ahh, sorry I was sleeping at that time you posted the VM already :x But with the knowledge, are you gonna storm your nearest game store to buy Rorona?

    Shiro, you're confusing the names too! It's Galaxy Express 999! Yeah, now that you have said it, they looked alike so much. And knowing your taste, I think you will love most of his works. The most popular (or at least the one I frequently heard) is Battleship Yamato, have you seen it?
  4. Kanon
    2011-02-22 16:09
    Two games. Sanshimai to no dokidoki kyoudou seikatsu and Dokidoki full throttle (which has a few animated CGs).

    And there's a Dokidoki pack including both of them.
  5. Kanon
    2011-02-22 15:29
    Indeed they are. Be sure to check out both CGs (there are two games)

    Mafuyu remains my favorite eroge heroine up to this day, and I doubt it's ever going to change <3
  6. Kanon
    2011-02-22 14:36
    Thought so. You might want to check out the original games/CGs. There were some pretty nice footjob scene in there too (double footjob!).

    Still no third episode announced. I'm starting to fear they will never make one
    I wanted a harem episode like in Resort Boin...
  7. Kanon
    2011-02-22 09:41
    Wha- What?! You mean you still hadn't watched it?!

    Now you know why I like Mafuyu so much. Who's your favorite?
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-02-22 09:17
    Natsuki Hyuga
    On a second thought, it might be Maetel. @_@;; Pfft, I didn't remember the winter clothing Maetel had up until this moment. orz Then again, I often mistake those two (even up until now, I didn;t remember they are different series! When you asked me, I was wondering whether it was Galaxy Express or Galaxy Railways that I watched other than Harlock, but then I realized that yes, I watched both. Cue self facepalm. ) frequently enough to make everyone facepalm
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-02-22 08:41
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Hey, the author will enjoy teasing us like hell, I'm actually seeing the most, most frustrating teases in the very ending! And up to end of vol 3 now. Gods so cute oh God, those two are seriously not a couple? <O><O>

    I can't say anything about the game--you know I am saving up for my PS3~~ ;A; But according to lots of reviews from Atelier veterans, it's immensely engaging, so yes, it probably worth it~

    Tsk, tsk Shiro. Even I thought he was a female, but see, the interview page has his photo upped. And... Voila, who did I see there? Certainly, I did not expect Kishida Mel to be a male XD

    Ahhh, okay. I'll definitely want to see if the second half is what I'm thinking about. Which involves Kuroneko. Ahem. <3333

    Hmmm, I watched Galaxy Railway (<- Due to its reference in Yakitate Japan And I know your avatar is Yuki! ) and Captain Harlock, and that's it :3 It's kind of hard for me to get into his settings since it's incredibly long (as in, Captain Harlock has so many variations that I lost track!) animes EDIT: For some reason, God knows what I just remembered it was both Galaxy Railways and Galaxy Express 999 that I watched in the same year. Rusty memory is rusty! ;;

    Hmmm, never heard Deathsmiles. Though I'm pretty much a greenhorn in any cave shooters genre. My record of death in the very first Touhou: 100 death out of 130 tries. T'is is why I have never liked Touhou by the way--the game kept killing me '-'
  10. Crimrui
    2011-02-22 08:08
    Well, you have 8 squares of awesomeness, it stands right from your avatar. That gives you away that you're a legend. There are 2-3 more members like that that I have on my friend lists, and I can only bow down to them

    That's right, I am looking for something silly to laugh about. Although, when you say that character will make me angry, do you mean it positively or negatively?

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