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  1. Xero8420
    2015-07-18 07:01
    lol did you citadel hit multiple times in a single salvo? O.o
  2. Kakurin
    2015-07-18 05:21
    I'm at 154/150/144/87 with 1948 buckets. Kind of eyeing towards 200k, after that terrible experience farming for Yuu.
  3. Kakurin
    2015-07-18 05:06
    Haven't really grinded her yet. Just switched her from regular to flagship of my normal PVP fleet yesterday. She's at level 40 right now. Just not in the mood to go into a 4-3 grind frenzy right now. But she looks good.
  4. Xero8420
    2015-07-17 12:21
    I got Myougi at long last.
  5. Kakurin
    2015-07-17 11:18
    Yeah, haha. Especially since I'm more or less operating on a one-battle-at-a-time policy. Well, going on in a few minutes.
  6. Kakurin
    2015-07-17 10:54
    Seems like we just missed each other. After waiting for a bit I started a battle with Myogi and while I was out there you sent the division request.
  7. Kakurin
    2015-07-17 04:35
    How ironic, my very last battle with Kawachi was by far my most successful one. Sold her immediately afterwards, guess it's always good to go out on top.

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    In the end I didn't use any free XP on her at all. Will use all of them to quickly get to Aoba.
  8. Kakurin
    2015-07-17 03:04
    Furutaka's turret traverse speed is killing me. After three battles still winless with her. But for some strange reason I'm doing fairly well in terms of torpedoeing with her. With Kuma I have a 2% hit rate, with Tenryū 1%. With Furutaka in just my last game I had 4 torpedo hits. ^^
  9. Kakurin
    2015-07-16 13:42
    Just had a monster game, man:

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    The battle started off pretty conventional, headed south with a big group and had a little engagement with a couple of enemies. Then I noticed that a number of ships were approaching our base so I headed back and notified the others that the base was about to be overrun. Nobody bothered and I wondered whether I would make it.

    When I was close to the base the capturing bar was already at 70% and I was alone against three other cruisers. Luckily their teamwork was missing and I was able to pick them off one by one and save us the game.

    After that the enemy ranks were thinned out and we had a two ship lead and I headed towards the CVs in the northeastern corner while the two BBs in the South (with whom I steamed off initially) went to capture the base. I managed to sink one CV, but got taken out by torpedo bombers while I tried to take out the second one (need to pay more attention to the sky). Wondered whether we would make it with time about to run out, but with around 1:00 left the BBs captured the enemy base.

    Now I have enough XP to research Furutaka (the one-day premium of the level 6 rank-up was nice) but I don't really want to buy her. On the other hand I probably have no choice... hard to get to 33.000 XP using free XP alone... Can't say I'm looking forward to using her since I will need to radically change the way I'm fighting.

    Still have a x1.5 for Kawachi, think I'll use her a bit to try to inch closer to the amount needed for Myogi.

    EDIT: That's so unfair man. At least I got one kill out of it.

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  10. Kakurin
    2015-07-16 06:33
    Oh sorry, sadly I never see the messages. :/

    Are you playing right now?

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