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  1. Xero8420
    2015-07-12 03:53
    AA back and turning back? Though it seems like planes are a little easier to shot down now.
  2. Xero8420
    2015-07-10 10:39
    Well that's cool to hear. Cause I do think that people are still whining of BB still being UP are wrong in some ways around. But I doubt it's too serious of a matter in spite of the nerf. Maybe just to increase learning curve?
  3. Xero8420
    2015-07-10 10:19
    Maybe its awful dispersion has something to do with the different caliber length between the ends and side turrets. But still doesn't change the fact that it sucks.

    By the way, was Myogi designed as a battlecruiser like Kongou?

    Suzuya looks wonderful, by the way.
  4. Xero8420
    2015-07-09 09:30
    lol you pretty much stole the spotlight from everyone, that was more than a good game

    well mine... i had some fun going 1v1 brawling with kawachi against other kawachi, and then survived as long as i can without sinking
  5. Xero8420
    2015-07-09 07:43
    Ha ha~! Yamato looks so glorious ~! So as Kongou!

    By looking at it, I'm in love with Yamato even more! xD

    So, currently working on Shoukaku-nee?
  6. Xero8420
    2015-07-09 06:45
    I still had to go through a painful battles with it to unlock Myogi, sadly. Kawachi performed so bad that I had to get a little up close and personal to brawl with broadside guns.

    Say, how many Kongou pics and other KC pics are you keeping? Is Kongou your favorite? Otherwise Yamato?
  7. Kakurin-san
    2015-07-08 09:24
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    Witnessed two people on the same team insulting each other like little kids for the first time. Is something like that common?

    They started like midway through the game and traded blows until the game ended (in a defeat). Well, the BB player (AfFiC) really did do little with his Myogi. In the first stage of the battle, while I was circling around, he fired shots against an island. Then he simply drove around in the background but managed to claim a kill. Survived until the end.
  8. Kakurin-san
    2015-07-08 02:39
    Nice summer picture.

    Went out and bought Kawachi just for fun yesterday. Man, that thing is crap. In the base form a speed of sub like 19 knots and a gun range of 9km. Also discovered that it would be wise to fire off one or two test shots before going full salvo with that slow reload speed of a BB. Am handling cruisers better despite sucking at torpedoes (think I have an accuracy of below 1%). Got Kuma and took her to a first battle just now. Man, she has so many more guns than Tenryū.
  9. Xero8420
    2015-07-08 02:26
    Is it got to do with reaching to the peak of the dreadnought era? Cause it seems like Nagato is the last dreadnought.

    By the way, I unlocked the BB line and tried the Kawachi. Dang, its performance was woeful for the early dreadnought, as what my friend told me about.
  10. Xero8420
    2015-07-07 08:06
    I'm aiming for Yamato too xD

    I'm also intrigued to get Amagi and trying out Izumo as well.

    Now I'm gonna unlock the BB line soon enough, since I first play the game when open beta was announced.

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