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  1. Tempest35
    2015-03-27 12:51
    Didn't think people were still following this - lol. Over the past few days, they've released Ch. 99 - 106 so I got a bit of reading any analyzing to do.

    But for Nex, you can see how he is by the way he still treats Serin. In this latest bunch of chapters, when one of her children is severely wounded and the mental trauma reaches out, Serin reacts enough that Nex feels it through the magic barrier he set up around her. And what does he do - he rushes off to see Serin, despite Depore right there, telling him not to go. She - of all people/beings - know that Nex can and never will kill Serin because he loves her too much.

    Standing back from it, it's a very abusive relationship they are in and despite Nex being a protagonist, I don't want to see Serin anywhere near him after this. He flies off in a butthurt rage too often and lashes out - who'd want to be near someone like that? Whatever that other girl coerced Serin to do must have been grand indeed. I hope Xix does kick his ass near the end of all of this.
  2. Ryonea
    2015-03-01 20:40
    Sorry for late reply... guess I'm getting busy again

    Amen to tha-- but, wait! shouldn't I file a quest for her to get me a great PC instead? she'll gain my faith from that. Yeah, most probably that's what I'll do if the game could run on this laptop.

    I see... so it's non-Japanese made. That's understandable. The game's look interesting for sure, I'll be sure to check it out when I could.

    Yep, hopefully there are still some stocks left. Considering Hanayo isn't really popular among the cast (as the most of my fave characters) I think I could get her whenever I want, but this is still from the uber-popular love live!, so I''m kinda in doubt. Oh yeah, have you seen the seemingly a new Love Live! project? I wonder what that is.

    So how's the Alisha problem going? haven't really keep up with the internet lately... but yeah, the answer of her being not the main heroine is just weird. He talked about it in an event which has a lady cosplaying as Alisha

    I somehow think that Baba is kind of forced, though probably by Bandai Namco. The company is well known for its greed about DLCs. I thought their past series (even the past Tales series) already a have a numerous of expensive DLCs, of which if we buy them all, the total price will far exceed the original game. But stepping up the practice like this will really harm them. Just my guess, though...
  3. Flower
    2015-02-20 12:53
    Agreed...though I have been especially curious to compare the source with the adaptation to see where Shaft has been faithful ans where liberties have been taken. ^^
  4. Ryonea
    2015-01-31 08:30
    Ah yes, the gorgeous Purple Heart-sama needs her shares from us after all.

    Well, it's still too high IMO... I mean, we all agree that the series' graphic is only PS2 / Vita quality right? many older games with far prettier graphics only require far lower spec. to play. My laptop is from about 3 years ago and it fall short of the minimum spec. for the RAM and processor but I hope it's still playable.
    Yeah, I read the forum here that there are still problems here and there and updates are quick to come. I probably will get it near the last days of the discount. Never heard about Forward to Sky before, but I took a look at it. Looks interesting especially because it's an action game. But no Japanese audio?
    Ah, I see... well as long as your finish-up list doesn't exceed your to-buy one that's fine.

    That's Hanayo, not Rin I don't know whether I'll pick her up or not. Didn't really follow how well the sales of love live! nendoroids.... I usually wait for a while until the price really settles down, but I'm afraid it might be out of stock due to its popularity.
    Ah, that Alisha is gorgeous. Look at those thighs! *slapped* I've seen those others too and they're great indeed. Glad to see that there are some love for male figures.
    If I really want those, I'd prioritize getting the figures first since the they're prone to be sold out... but it looks like you can't do it since the games you're after are the limited editions ones, which is also prone of sold-out

    I see... so basically it's the animated version of the game's beginning then? Oh, is it about the Alisha DLC? I just read about it on Siliconera. Hideo Baba's answer isn't helping either. I guess this is why she has very little screen time in the game's OP cinematics.
  5. Flower
    2015-01-27 03:17
    See Ep 3 of Kofuku yet? I hope?
  6. Ryonea
    2015-01-25 02:20
    Glad to have someone who shares the same boat with me then *boy we're pitiful * XD

    Asami Seto, huh? she's quite new and voiced in many notable series that I didn't follow. Guess that's why I've never heard of her Ah... yes, the re;birth1 will be only 15$ for the 1st week. I'd really like to buy it too but after seeing the PC spec. requirement I doubt my old laptop could play it.
    Oh, is it a fan project or a work-related one?
    I'm wondering with how you always have a stuffs-to-buy list and the actual time you can spent on enjoying them... does this mean that you always have a "waiting list" for your games or sometimes you can catch up to it? seeing as most of the games you buy are RPGs and each one requires tens of hours to finish.

    Yep, I think even with her default child-like personality, the mature Neptune gives an older sister aura if she's standing next to Nepgear. Oh, don't worry about it. I myself also prefer her as Purple Heart. The opposite of Pururut, though... I really like her but a total no no with her as Iris Heart

    I guess, so. B-but when I think I can settle my mind of it, I saw this little thing and she begged me to take her home! Goddamn, I have to choose whether to make her or my wallet to cry!
    Dare ka tasukete~! oh wow, now I screamed like her too, hahah XD

    Zestiria OVA... haven't watched it yet but I plan to. Timeline-wise, where's its position compared to the game?
  7. Flower
    2015-01-22 23:41
    Also - you bet your boots (or whatever footwear of choice is appropriate - mukluks, sandals, snowshoes, flip flops, etc.) that the characters in Koufuku Graffiti are adorable!
  8. Flower
    2015-01-22 13:55
    Nice to know I was not the only one who felt like that about Akatsuki no Yona ED2. ^^
  9. Iron Maw
    2015-01-19 10:50
    Iron Maw
    I'm play the Chronicles version on PSP at moment. A friend had Oath in Felghana and lended it to me to borrow, so I have another one to get through when I'm done.

    I play to play SnK SC on Vita which I'm buying next month. I don't have enough space on my memory stick for it and those sold anymore at Gamestop. So I've no choice to finally bit the bullet and get one.
  10. Ryonea
    2015-01-18 22:59
    Well then I guess you should reserve a day or two for a total rest... although I believe doing our hobby is called a "rest" for us Yep, thanks. The vows and ceremony was held on 10th and 11th this month and thankfully it was succesful. Me? I guess that's still a long way to go I don't even have a girlfriend for a long time. No bouquet thingy since it was a traditional ceremony, using our homeland culture.

    Well, you did drive me crazy! still, that's really a lot. Oh speaking of Ayesha plus, I'm glad that finally it'll have dual audio. Another good news is that Neptunia re;birth series is confirmed to get into steam.

    Surely, currently I don't really have any merchandise I'm after... well except for getting a PS4 maybe. If I do have more money I'll become like you for sure, but of course not in the same level, hahah XD

    Well, at least you're sure of getting the new console so in the end the games you bought beforehand will be surely played. As for Neptune, I agree. The goddess form has a matching personality, while the mature neptune only has her body grown.... although ironically the mature Neptune is way more similar to the original's goddess form, especially with her grown up bod and the black clothing.

    Yeah... T_T I'm ready to burn my money but it's my schedule that could prevent me from going, argh. If there's a limited edition of her nendoroid on sale in that festival then the deeper the hole will be though I'd have no regret afterwards, lol.


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