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  1. totoum
    2012-03-15 03:14
    Just want to say first that I have nothing against Yoshino and said earlier in the thread that since it was an adaptation his original work (which I'm no that failiar with anyway) didn't matter much.

    but there is a small crowd where all they keep bring up was Guilty Crown yet refuse to give him credit on his work in Macross Frontier, Codes Geass, Mai-franchises,
    I'm pretty sure that that small crowd dislikes all those just like GC,there already was Yoshino bashing going on in the GC thread before GC started airing based on those other shows.
    I've also seen a few of those posters make long posts in the GC subforum about why they dislike it.

    There's also posters that post assuming that you know everything they say is their opinion.So when they say "This thing sucks" they don't mean it as a fact but rather they figure you'll assume it's them expressing their opinion.Not saying that's the case for everyone but I've seeen it happen.
  2. totoum
    2012-03-14 12:24
    Don't feel like adressing this in the accel world thread so I'll just adress this here

    Its like talking about the Yankees, I can hate the Yankees all I want, but I can't just start saying that entire Yankee franchise is the greatest failure in the history of baseball without some reasoning behind it. Even if I bring up the 2004 collapse to my Sox, the fact remains that the franchise won more titles than any other baseball franchises by far.
    I don't think winning titles can be compared with being popular and winning awards.
    The former is a undeniable fact,you can't contest a world series win,however popularity and awards can definatly be contested.
    To stay in baseball,I don't care how popular Jeter is and how many gold glove he's won,he's not a great defensive shortstop.
  3. Kaoru Chujo
    2012-03-13 20:59
    Kaoru Chujo
    Thanks for your notes about AKB48. Yes, I know some Japanese and more Chinese. I'll check out that link.
  4. karice67
    2012-01-15 23:14
    I don't know about crazy, but considering my future life depending on it I would say yes. During tht 1st year, I was exempt form all English, science, and history classes and put into ESL, that's about 4-5 classes a day plus all the homework and there are nothing else I can do considering that they all require English comprehension, so I would say yes. And a year later and can read middle school books fine.
    But that's out of necessity, not out of love. The latter is what I mean by 'crazy'.

    I totally agree with the argument that younger children are likely to pick up a language faster, out of necessity.

    But they (and you) are outside the group of people I'm even considering for what we were discussing wrt Shinobu et al, who live and breathe karuta, both at school and at home. Let me guess, you weren't speaking English at home, were you? You weren't actively seeking out experts in language learning to get better at English, were you?

    And if you consider yourself to have 'loved' English as they do karuta...well, I'd say you prove my point. I.e. that children can't learn as well as adults who've set their hearts on something. You were most definitely not an adult at the age of 12.

    Re: Taiwan election.
    I'm trying to figure out how to type in the limited Chinese I know so that I can get some Chinese practice whilst finding out more about the election.

    And I actually have a lot of reading to do, so do pardon me if I drop off in communication.
  5. karice67
    2012-01-15 22:42
    BTW, I did mistaken your post somewhat. If you judge in terms of Academic success then sure (ie, getting PhD). I was talking more about fluidity and command of the language including accents and what not.
    Actually, I'm talking about both. It's possible for adults to achieve fluency and command of the language too, provided they don't believe the frankly quite silly presumption that it's impossible.

    But there is a specific talent needed for it, which some people have, but which I also believe is possible for others to develop - an ear for languages (or accents, if you wish). How else can actors and even ordinary people actually copy other accents so perfectly that even people from the region might not be able to tell that they're foreigners?

    Hence, not impossible. I can't tell you how many Japanese people have assumed I was Japanese (or mostly, Okinawan, given that I don't look Japanese) from short conversations, even now that I've left Japan.

    I went through that personally when I moved to the States at age 12 as well.
    12 is still too early. I moved to Japan when I was 23, AFTER doing a minor in linguistics and a course in TESOL. I don't know what would have happened had I gone when I was 12, but I'm almost 100% certain I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did without all the other life experiences I'd already had.

    And you are still missing an important point about my argument re: languages.

    I'll put it another way: are you as crazy about English as Shinobu / Arata / Chihaya / presumably Suou are about karuta?

    That's how I am about Japanese.
  6. karice67
    2012-01-15 16:05
    But to tell you the truth, I don't really care that much about it either. Whether or not the the elementary nationals counts aren't that much of deal, it just makes more sense to me.
    Well, to me, it makes more sense that they don't count, considering the format they take (playing in year level as opposed to class level).

    BTW, learning language is not a good comparison, most education books would argue that the younger you are the easier it is to absorb and learn new languages. Immigrant like me can attest to that, my younger sisters are both better than me in English even those I can kick their ass in everything else academically. Besides, it took me a year and half from knowing 0 English to be able to understand what teacher are talking about in class and getting a B- in English.
    I don't think you quite understand what I mean. I did say 'provided both put in the same amount of 'heart' and time - which implies that both learners put in more effort than just going to school and living in the society. Basically, learning Japanese has to be the be-all and end-all of said learners for that amount of time, just like karuta would have been the be-all and end-all of Shinobu and Suou. And I'm basing this on myself and a friend of mine - I picked up enough Japanese to read light novels in 2-3 years of living there. I doubt an elementary kid could do that. And my friend improved his Japanese level immensely over about 9 months, to the extent that he could do a PhD in Japan. Again, I seriously doubt an elementary kid could do that.

    Which is, I would argue, one of the reasons that Chihaya, who clearly has talent for karuta, has nevertheless taken this long to reach the level she has. But even then, I believe there should still be a pretty significant gap between her and Shinobu at this stage. I guess we'll find out over the next few volumes.
  7. karice67
    2012-01-15 06:37
    True. I like Hikaru no Go up to volume 17. That's where I've heard Hotta Yumi wanted to end it, and that's really what I'd have preferred too. Hence, I usually disregard/ignore the rest of it. I still like HikaGo better because I find the characters there more interesting.

    Back to A-ranks, I understand that, but considering that they are portraying the Suo, the current Meijin in the same level as her (albeit it is implied he is stronger than Shinobu) it took him only 3 years from he first picked up Karuta in college to be Meiji.
    I think you forget: we're talking about an adult vs. someone who was just a child here. Competitive karuta is in many ways a sport, like tennis, like badminton, like baseball, like ice-skating etc etc. No matter how much talent the child has, there are other factors that you have to consider.

    Actually, the best comparison might be language. Try this: given the same base amount of talent, there's no way a child who started learning Japanese at the age of, say, 8 or 9, would have gotten as far an adult in three years - even if both put the same amount of 'heart' and time into it. There are other things that we, as adults, are likely to realise and actualise far quicker because of the experiences we've already had.

    I just have hard time thinking that a 1st or 2nd grader out fast teenagers or older players even if they are lower class.
    Winning at competitive karuta is not just about speed. If you've read as far in the manga as you have, you should know that.

    What's established: Shinobu reached A-class at the age of 10. Perhaps she was lucky. Perhaps she really was on par with most others at the 4-dan level. Perhaps it was only when she was 12 or 13 that she realised and developed the techniques that allowed her to beat all the other brilliant A-class players and become Queen.

    And consider another question: did Shinobu struggle to reach A-class? For all we know, she could have lingered in B-class for 1-2 years as well. But I really don't think it matters that much - I'm really not concerned either way.
  8. karice67
    2012-01-14 16:19
    I'm pretty much agree with you there on Shinobu, but I just have a hard time picturing a 4th grade winning at least 4 tournament against much older competitors. If she can do that, I don't see how it took took her that long (4 years) to win the Queen title
    Why? I mean, until A-class, she'd only have played against people of the various sub-classes. And to achieve up to B-class, she'd only have needed to achieve 3rd place. It's only for A-class that higher results are needed.

    And of course, for the Queen title, she's battling everyone who's A-class - that's 4-dan and above. A much bigger pool of good players there, you know.

    Re: that girl
    Spoiler for spoiler:

    To be honest, I still prefer Hikaru no Go...
  9. karice67
    2012-01-14 09:07
    Interesting...if that's the case, then you're probably right about the high school tournament. I guess I'll get to it when I sit down to actually read the manga. Which will probably be sometime after the anime ends...given how many other things I have to read.

    Spoiler for just in case:
  10. karice67
    2012-01-14 03:47
    I've merely skimmed the manga, through to volume 15. So exact details about how certain players achieved A-class might have slipped by me. However, I do know who the current Queen and current Meijin 'see as their rivals', so-to-speak...

    Spoiler for in case other people drop by...:

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