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  1. Marcus H.
    2011-06-25 00:40
    Marcus H.
    Need some help on the Gosick Wiki, if you're available. The finale's fast approaching, you know.
  2. marvelB
    2011-06-14 16:00
    Well, my main point about Ninja Gaiden is that it's the first NG game to appear on a non-portable Nintendo console since...... like, the SNES days. Heck, even Batman: Arkham City is seeing a Wii-U release. If the console gets more big-name third party titles added to its library along with a few exclusives (like how the original Wii had games like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, for instance), then Nintendo could actually seen as a proper competitor against the likes of Sony and Microsoft, rather than the sticky reputation it's been holding for the past few years as a panderer to the "casual" crowd.

    Now, back to the subject of RPGs: Honestly, I'm not really much into SRPGs (I played Final Fantasy Tactics (both the original and PSP versions at that), but I've still never managed to complete it). I really enjoy Megami Tensei stuff, though (and yes, I'm most looking forward to the localization of Innocent Sin, myself. Hopefully, Eternal Punishment shall follow suit, as well). As far as the "core" Final Fantasy titles are concerned, I do like that the upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy 13 seems to address a lot of the problems that the original had, but I'm still wary about it (QTEs in boss battles? Eh....). I'm actually more interested in the other Fabula Nova Crystallis titles, to be honest (particularly Versus (which has been in development for...... ever ), but Type-0 holds my interest as well, admittedly). I'm also aware that Dragon Quest 10 is going to be Wii-exclusive, but there's no other info on it so far, otherwise (I just hope that it'll be as awesome as 5 and 8, is all).

    As for Falcom.... man, I just love their stuff. I'm actually in the middle of playing Trails of the Sky right now, and I'm addicted to it like crack. I really want Xseed to localize the second and third parts of TotS as soon as they can as well, but then there's the matter of the sequels to those games (Zero no Kiseki, the upcoming Ao no Kiseki, etc.), and..... that's gonna take some time. But really, more than anything right now I'm interested in knowing what new titles Falcom will develop for the PSV. I want Ys 8 more than anything, but I'm also down for a sequel to any of their lesser known titles (like Popful Mail or Gurumin), or even a new franchise altogether, as long as it's awesome!
  3. Blackbeard D. Kuma
    2011-06-11 00:25
    Blackbeard D. Kuma
    Thanks for the friend request. Just to let you know, I greatly enjoy reading your posts. They're very informative, professional, and well thought out. Of course, you're also very respectful towards others' perspectives/opinions, and that's important when conversing on message boards. I look forward to having future discussions with you. Peace .
  4. marvelB
    2011-06-10 19:54
    Well thankfully, the Wii-U actually IS starting to address the whole third-party issue (seriously, Darksiders 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3 on a Nintendo console!? Oh my! ). Some news on a new numbered Final Fantasy (that's not an MMO) wouldn't go amiss for the system, either (and if that ever happens, they like, seriously need to get Uematsu back to do the soundtrack. Guys like Sakimoto and Hamauzu aren't bad, but their contributions to the franchise just pale in comparison to my dawg Nobuo....).

    As for the Vita (which I personally prefer to call PSV), the name doesn't really bother me, either (I just find it slightly silly, is all). I'm still looking forward to it though, mainly for the RPGs. The original PSP has a pretty impressive RPG collection, so I'm expecting the PSV to follow suit. Funnily enough though, I'm actually looking forward more to Falcom's contributions to the system rather than Square-Enix (c'mooon, Ys 8! ).
  5. paradox13
    2011-06-04 23:47
    Both VS and Ubel Blatt are excellent seinen series..check out Historie as well
    Easier to follow but way more mature than say Naruto or Bleach

    Yeaaa..Guess I'll give Ravages of Time another try cos I am a huge fan of RoTK and a history buff in general..hahah
  6. paradox13
    2011-06-04 13:38
    I wouldn't say I am an expert in that period, but I have a solid knowledge of both the story and the history, so to speak.

    Still, I find it very confusing..the characters look too similar and the plot seems to bea ll over the place

    Have you tried Vinland Saga and Ubel Blatt btw?
  7. paradox13
    2011-06-03 01:55
    ravages of time..
    such a hard manga to follow, no?
  8. Xellos-_^
    2011-05-31 20:27
    "BTW, Xellos, is you sig. pic from one of those 80's Condor Heroes adaption?"

    not exactly, i was trying to make memorial sig for Ms Yung however these were the only images i could find through google.
  9. Marcus H.
    2011-05-29 03:17
    Marcus H.
    It's a Wikia site.
    Just register so that I know who's editing the site.
  10. Marcus H.
    2011-05-29 01:54
    Marcus H.
    Perfect! Just what I need. I appreciate your help. By the way, how will you contribute? Will you hand the information or edit them directly into the Wiki?

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