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Lolli for loli :D

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  1. RRW
    2013-05-14 03:49
    Random Pic of the Day
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  2. xland44
    2013-05-14 00:23
    Ohhhh, sounds interesting. And here I was looking for a fighting/romance anime myself :3. Thanks, I'll check it out. <3
  3. RRW
    2013-05-13 14:25
    want to subscribe to my "Random pic of the day"?
  4. Tempester
    2013-05-09 02:01
    Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
    Why shouldn't characters try to stop others from doing evil!? Evil isn't a matter of opinion here. It's regarded as wrong to kill, wrong to steal, wrong to make others suffer, etc. They don't have their "own religion". They are following the basic morals of humanity.

    They won't have all the answers right away (that turns them into a Mary-Sue). But the point is, they are trying to do good.

    Far better role models for kids than selfish and apathetic characters who sit back while terrible things happen and go "...not my problem!"
    I wondering, have you ever read the visual novel Yume Miru Kusuri? It features a situation (in Aeka's route) which is pretty much the opposite of the "cliche" that Backbone and MUAHAHAHAHAHA are complaining about.

    Spoiler for Plot details, no big spoilers:

    I'm not sure how realistic and representative of typical human nature it is, but it made me rage, hard. Just thinking that teenagers are capable of being such horrible people made me sick. I consider myself a rather selfish and individualistic person, but there are just some situations like that one in Yume Miru Kusuri that I would never tolerate.
  5. RRW
    2013-05-07 11:18
    abot the girl

    big or small boob
  6. NoemiChan
    2013-04-24 22:18
    I'll buy it if I see it...
  7. NoemiChan
    2013-04-24 22:07
    I've checked it once when you were using avatar and sigs from that anime... It hit me hard when I saw a AMV with a song titled "I remember" by Madonna... It really hit me hard.. near crying..

    I'll find a DVD of it... its too long for downloading.... Spoiling myself for the ending... I may like since the ending is good
  8. Traece
    2013-04-17 00:17
    By the way, I'm 21 episodes into Full Moon now (all this anime has made me very receptive to watching, er, more anime).

    It's starting to get interesting, and I'm continuing to enjoy this more and more. The constantly changing outfits are really great too, and I do really love how they have Mitsuki in new outfits all the time. I'm finding myself hating Meroko more and more as I progress though.

    Wakaouji-sensei however is a pretty cool dude, and I wish I had him as a doctor.
  9. Traece
    2013-04-14 22:40
    Crime Edge
    Hataraku Maou-sama (I absolutely, absolutely recommend this show because it's amazing)
    Hayate no Gotoku Cuties! (Naturally, since it's one of my staples)
    Valvrave ("Apparently" I'm watching this. I didn't realize until I looked at my list. <_<')
    Ore no Imouto (Naturally, again)
    Suisei no Gargantia (Which is fortunately quite interesting)
    and Yahari Ore no I'mnottypingallofthatout (Again, good stuff).
    Edit: Also, I apparently picked up Date A Live and Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Help.

    I miscounted, so subtract one. In the last year or so I've been very bad about watching my anime but this season I've taken a turn for the better (or maybe worse is the word to use? :P). Hopefully I can maintain consistent watching from week to week.

    Beyond anime, any fun new stuff in the Chiibi life? We've run another paper today, and for this last issue and the next semester I have a 50% chance of becoming an editor (and having to do more work).
  10. Traece
    2013-04-14 22:19
    This makes 11 airing shows, Full Moon, and technically Nichijou since I still want to finish that.

    My precious life...

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