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  1. SonicSP
    2010-07-05 07:03
    I'm not sure whether I made in time. IT was hard decision to choose.

    Its not exactly a page, but the text is sort of spread out.

    Oh, and if he does not mind, I was wondering if I can get the passage on the left side of the page translated. There's a small bit about Tau Drives on it:

    The Drei manual has something I needed to confirm. I recall one person translated a line that goes like this: "GN PArticles are converted from energy [persumably electricity]"

    Perses once questioned how does one make GN PArticles out of electricity as a material source. If what I recall is correct, it would prove that electricity is simply used as an energy source in the Tau Drive. But I cannot find that translation so I need to re-affirm it.

    Whatever happens or whatever you get, thanks for this offer.
  2. SonicSP
    2010-07-04 20:02
    One page eh.........this is gonna be hard.......I shall do that.
  3. SonicSP
    2010-05-25 06:50

    This is one of the four forums I visit for Gundam 00 and its one of my most visited I guess.

    It was in discussion, I was part of that discussion. I'm a bit confused with the issue myself actually at the moment. Anyways, have a look.
  4. SonicSP
    2010-05-06 01:33
    Yes, I do think its time I updated my archives or something. Maybe I can post them online or something, rather than make it like a wiki, more like a document collection.
  5. SonicSP
    2010-05-05 15:28
    There's already a Gundam Wikia with 00 stuff on it, which I edit occasionally.

    There are good people there, but........some people can be idiots some times. [yes, lets link all CB's mobile suits to be compatible to GN Arms shall we?!!!!!???????/]

    Hmm........thing is, sometimes I forgot information about the series too, I mean there's literally thousands of text out there. Doesn't help some of them retcon stuff thats said before.

    Even I forget stuff. There is someone out there thats more knowledgeable and has a perfect memory than me and I go refer to her whenever I forget something.

    I used to try and keep and archives of sources so I can refer to stuff, but I sort of gave up after awhile due to the frequency of new text being released. So its been awhile since I've updated my personal reference archives. Although, 19.04 seconds is a damn good place to read text files, as is mike's place. Ask anything and I'll indulge too.........whatever I can recall from my head.

    Last few weeks have been hectic because of finals but fortunately thats out of the way for 2 weeks due to my break, so maybe I can start writing my long speculation and theories again until the next semester starts. I'm surprised you asked this though, you seem to be quite knowledgeable yourself regarding this series.

    I wouldn't mind creating a wikia that only a few people can edit at least. Gundam Wikia is too complex, and sometimes it can be full of BS too. But as I said there are good people there, I know some of them since I edit there as well.
  6. SonicSP
    2010-04-25 13:06
    It doesnt have to be a photon that has collapse, more like it only appears to be so as a descriptive. It could be an exotic photon particle that does possess mass [since its not traveling at light speed] and can be compressed like a lot of more conventional things.

    In some sense, its probably not even a photon in the conventional photon sense at all, but does share certain traits with normal photons, possibly making it something close to a photon naturally, but not necessarily mean that it was a normal photon at some point in time. [a distant cousin, more than a son if you will]

    Although I'm pretty sure that whatever it is, they do generate photons in beam form, since the beams do have that light effect that reflect off things like most light sources do.
  7. SonicSP
    2010-04-24 16:09
    This is overdue but yeah nice to have you back and thanks for answering my lasy query, even if it was indeed a few months late.

    There's been something thats been on my mind regarding GN Particles lately and I was wondering what you would think of it.

    You know, a few sources like the MG Exia and the PG 00 Raiser in their Drives descriptions almost simplified GN Particles as "light", and quite literally too in the way they say it. Billy has even described in in the early episodes as appearing like a photon that has collapsed. The PG 00 manual repeated this same sentence in their appearance.

    So, I was wondering what if GN Particles are indeed.........photons. Not something that generates photons, but actual photons themselves but appearing as particles and not traveling at light speed? I mean, even light itself are indeed particles right? [and a wave]

    I mean, of course their not your run of the mill photons minus light speed, they have to have more than that right? What if its a special kind of rare exotic photon rarely seen in nature if not existing naturally at all?

    The GN Particles have been mentioned in Original Drives to be a "byproduct of the energy generation" process, what if this was similar to the sun then, in a sense that light the Sun generates is a byproduct of the energy generation reactions that are happening within it?

    GN Drive Taus, then may be similar to like a giant lightbulb version to the Original Drive's Sun analogy. It generates "photons" but it sucks as an net energy provider and wastes most of its energy somehow.

    Of course, as I said, the GN Particles are definitely not your run of the mill photons and they definitely have properties and abilities/ traits that normal photons can only dream of but basically I'm suggesting that they are some sort of super all purpose exotic photon with many "magical" useful abilties, and in some sense do not generate photons but are photons themselves.

    So, what do you have to say to this? Does it sound plausible at least?
  8. Jeffry2009
    2010-04-21 04:48
    You know what have you seen the EP53 of Brotherhood where Mustang was obsessed finding the murderer of Maes Hughes?

    This is just like as I've always said that 'It's not just you're taking too seriously, you're obsessed for it until you've gone despair.'.
  9. brightman
    2010-04-11 08:39
    Yeah, its the cima mayfly special. I believe it was released under both names.
  10. SonicSP
    2010-02-17 05:01
    Well,my Quantum physics isnt close as good as yours,although I think I can understand what your saying,I just cannot speak on my own when it comes to deep level stuff.

    You say that when the baryon decays,it changes into another baryon [and releases other particles in the process], and that GNP are not neutrinos because if they are proton decayed than the proton would simply ceases;which would violate the conservation of the total baryon.

    But is there a chance that the baryon doesn't disappear but simply converted?As in the proton is still converted into something else and simply becomes........irrelevant [as in there but not important].The byproducts of the process,the GNP would still be released and harnessed and is the "particles" released during the conversion process.

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