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  1. SonicSP
    2010-02-16 09:13
    Its okay,I dont fully get it either,thats why I asked.

    Hmm.....I wonder if the "Tau" in Tau Drives is somehow related to this and their nature in general or was it a mere coincidence?

    Forms when certain particles decay huh?That sounds exactly what a GN Particle is by type,especially since it is said to have formed from decaying byronic matter.At least the green ones do anyways.

    I think I have a better understanding of it now although my knowledge of Quantum physics is pretty weak,since I've never taken any classes on it and probably never will[because I'm an economics major].Just stuck at good old Newtonian physics here.

    I wonder if "flavor"is really the thing I'm looking for for my particle measurement for my theory and not atually wavelengths.The only reason I used wavelengths is because C.A.'s reading of the 300 Years Later book used wavelenghts to differenrientiate the green and red particles,with the partcles bein fundamentaly the same;just with different specialisation properties based on wavelength used[Green=Compression,Red=Beam optimisation+hazardous in beam,Golden=Same as Red but different color,Orange=Unknown but no longer poisonous].Its just that I'm proposing that thr particles created by a specific GN Drive have different wavelengths too,just very small diffeences[relative to a Tau Drive wavelength form],but sensitive enough that a very specific and sensitive match is needed for the Twin Drive form to work.

    I wonder if you change the wave speed of the particles,they would become another type?But about if they become neutrinos,[I'm referring to real nutrinos here],how fundamentally different are there.The GN Particles that do have different wavelength s far as we know are still fundamentally the same.

    I wonder,if the GNP are indeed neutrinos that come from decaying matter,where the hell do the Tau GNP come from?My theory of the electricity being simply there to power the byronic decay through a topological defect which results in GNP and [negative net] other energy would work here but the problem here is there we are lead to be lieve that the conversion is more direct now.Can simple electrcity be converted to neutrinos.

    But my current Tau Drive theory is less of a direct conversion,more of that I think that an artificial [aka manmade] topological defect of a similar one of the natural one in the Original Drives [aka,either captured directly from Jupiter,or naturally induced],its just that its much more inferior in in terms of longevity,and they failed to make it able to induce byronic matter so it uses electricity and makes GNP out of it,perhaps even attempting to try and make the energy generation process that the Originals do,just failing miserably but retains the GNP conversion due to the process actually being attempted.But still,if measured in terms of energy,I predict that if you can measure all of them in the same values of energy,I think the GNP output will be alot less than the amount of electricity produced because there has to be alot of wasted energy that was not be able t reharnessed into the system.[I wonder if this instable energy could have contributed to the damage to the Drive in Tau Trans-Am?]

    Wah,tomorrow's Wednesday,the final dateline before you leave and Ive rambled on a bit.
  2. SonicSP
    2010-02-15 13:06
    Was wondering if you could explain to me what a Neutrino flavor is?
  3. SonicSP
    2010-02-15 06:47
    Damn the word limit.

    Part 2:

    So what does the Drive do when it produces the same particle at the same time?I'm not sure,it may not even be the particles necessarily but the Drive "state"[IE the microscopic state of the drive or possibly the topological defect that makes it produce that type particle],and syncrhnising these "same" state of Drive may be the reason of the squaring,as int he 2 Drives are forcibly trying to achieve a much better or more effective GN particle/energy yield from the topological defect.The particles produces might be more "similar" and possible purer because they're more same now.For example,if the normal Drive pattern is GN=3@t=3[rate of 1 particle per second],then the Twin Drive may produce 10 particles at that same time [ignore the squaring mathematically for now],it could be like GN=[3.01,3.02,3.03,3.04,3.05,3.05,3.06,3.07,3.08,3.09, 3.10] all at t=3 [rate of 10 particle per second].All of them being derives from the GN=3 of the two Drives.

    Even though they are different if you were to take the first 10 particles of a single Drive and a Twin Drive [regardless of rate of production or time of production] based on my theory and this example you would would realize that you'll get Single Drive:GN=1,2,3,4,5.........10 [a difference of 1 for each particle] and Twin Drive:GN=1.01,1.02,1.03,1.04,1.04,1.05.........1.1 0 [a difference of 0.01 between each particle].

    [Note:This examples the total time to create 10 particles is far different,t=10 for single Drive but t=1 for the Twin Drive,but this examples just aims to see the difference between each particles produced]

    For the Twin Drive,it has more "purer" particles because it has more similar particles.For example,the Twin Drive at the end of its first pattern run may have 10X[GN=1.xx],10X[GN=2.xx],10X[GN=3.xx]......etc while the single Drive would only have 1X[1.xx],1X[2.XX],1x[3.XX]....etc and the Twin Drive will have more particles that are similar,it can achieve this because it produces more GN PArticles in general than single Drive but also because those particles are the result of 2 "same" Drives,so more particles of the same typerather than many many particles but much much more different.

    Well,I clearly have wasted an hour writing this,but its nice to finally right it down,previously its just in my head while I was at the wall.

    I got the idea while reading the PG 00 Raiser manual,it states something like the Twin Drives creates many different types of photons or something.

    hmm........I've always had the assumption that GNP were neutrinos,they do seem kinda of rare.And they come out from a so called "sun".Well Gundam Wikia seems to make that assumption as well,and I hang there quite quite a bit,so maybe I'm influenced although I've only learned about neutrinos in philosophy class,not really in a real physics class,I'll give it a read for sure.

    By the way,what's a "lent"?

    Still,I would miss you.You're one of the more scientific knowledgeable guys around here so having you around was fun,but that's life.We don't live in our computers nor do we make a living by talking about Gundams.So good luck I guess.
  4. SonicSP
    2010-02-15 06:45
    I actually have the theory completed already,I dont usually want to go too deep as I lack the academic qualification to do it.Its just the presentation that I'm too lazy to do,I need to use some graphs to showcase them.

    Part 1:

    Basically I think GNP used by the 5 Drives are all different,but are mostly the same but 2 that are close enough may be used for TDS,which further makes more similar particles with much more minute difference for each particles generated by syncronising the state of the the two Drives of producing the closest possible particle between the 2 particles at the same exact second.

    Synchronizing then,would be a process of trying to produce the exact same kind of particle at the EXACT time.2 GN Drives with a particle measurement type pattern would not be able to synchronize if their patterns are too different,IE different particle types of the same type.

    [If we are to make the assumption that these's minute particle type measurement graphs cannot be changed as they are a signature of the actual Drive and relates so much into the internal mechanics of the Drive that they they cannot be tampered with.]

    For example,you would want two Drives that can produce a particle measurement[Wavelength?] of 3 [I'll just use GN= for just for the sake of example] at t=3s at the same time and then later keep producing a pattern on which they are "synchronized".[Synchronize meaning the same particle at the same time;IE [GN=3 @ t=3];[GN=4 t=4];[GN=5 @ t=5];[GN=6 @ t=6 FOR BOTH DRIVES in a pattern]

    If you were to put each Drive in a graph as a red line and a blue line respectively,than a perfect one line graph of purple will appear.

    But a 2 Drives with patterns that are too different would cause the synchronization to fail.

    :IE if Drive-A pattern was GN=3,3.8,4.6,5.4.....@ t=1,2,3,4 and then
    Drive-B would have a pattern of GN=3,4,5,6....@ t=1,2,3,4,they would not be able to syncrhnize because they are too different,IE different particle at different time.

    If you were to put it in a graph I guess,,blue and red respectively,you'll probably get some intersecting purple parts but you'll have some individual red and blue line as well

    Basically,I'm saying if the patterns are too different,the drives wont be able to synchronize because they are too different.

    Just imagine a song I guess,one has 2 guitars playing the exact same chords at the exact same time,there would not be a difference in sound,just one very "deep" sound of the actual chord combining the sound of the 2 guitars.A monotonic texture.

    But if they were different or off timing or are just meant to play differently due to the soing,than you can hear the 2 guitars apart,a polytonic texture.

    The best way to showcase this is with a graph but I've never made a computer one before and I'm too lazy to learn how,not to mention busy.So I havent posted this theory yet,because I think some people wont understand it.
  5. SonicSP
    2010-02-15 00:30
    I guess,busy with your studies?Well good luck with that.

    I dont have specific questions I guess.

    Although I have this one theory about all Original GN Drives using different wavelength although relatively similar to each other than say.......Tau Drives ones.But similar enough that the their functionally indistinguishable.Although when it comes to the the Twin Drive,only a very very closer match will work in the squaring,which is the trait that determines the viability of syncrhinising the Drives.The Drives with the closest wavelength patterns with each other will probably be the best.

    Its a bit more complicatd,I wanted to make a presentation with graph and all but I dont have the time to do it,but I just wanted to tell you since your leaving.

    Well,goodluck with whatever your doing,hope you will come back someday,some don't but life is never easy and Gundam 00 as awesome as it,its just an anime,there's so many things in life that are far more important.

    By the way,what's your GMail adress?
  6. SonicSP
    2010-01-14 11:47
    So many complex evoloution little storage space in my head.
  7. SonicSP
    2010-01-09 08:55
    Spoiler for GN-X Drive: if Bandai could not fucked up their details on Original Drives,they're messing the Taus too?

    Why is that whole cylinder a GN Drive??Arent the Taus supposed to be self contained units like 00's Cones?IT WAS MENTIONED IN THE 1/100 manual that CB was inspired by GN-X's technology of it!!!!!!!!!

    I'm pretty sure Exia's Drive is not in the cone and is in the actual giant chasis thing,same with the other 3rd Gen.

    I know I should be patient until more info come up once its released,but I'm furious.

    But I will admit,I DO like the drive design of that cylinder.

    Sheesh,I'm so buying a MG GN X so I can thrash it to hell.It is nice to know that it looks alot like Exia's Drive at least.
  8. SonicSP
    2010-01-07 13:36
    I did alot of editing in the last post,so make sure you read the final version before you reply.I know ur replying right now
  9. SonicSP
    2010-01-07 12:14
    Meh,like we have nothing better to do.I hate it when the threads go inactive.This is one of the few active threads on the series left on the internet on 00.
  10. SonicSP
    2010-01-07 06:54
    I'd thought Ive already added you into my friends list,but appearenly not so I guess I shall do it now.

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