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  1. Yaya-chan
    2011-09-18 10:13
    Thanks for your request. yoroshiku ^o^
  2. artutia
    2011-08-30 05:55
    do you have the video "kimi to no ashita" which is on animax. it is deleted on youtube
  3. moichispa
    2011-08-07 06:46
    Thanks for the friend request and sorry If I'm not very active.
  4. immblueversion
    2011-08-06 23:50
    I'm more than familiar with Uraneko. It's a bunch of omake shorts attached to the Umineko DVDs; all it does is have the actors say silly stuff while reusing footage from the anime.

    The last one is my favorite, where Battler has Beato do impersonations of other characters. If you haven't seen it, here it is.

    It's not subbed, but it doesn't have to be.

    And as far as I'm concerned, there may not be an adaptation of Umineko Chiru considering how underwhelming the first season performed.

    If you're gonna experience the story, the visual novel (the game, that is) is the way to go. The manga isn't even fully released yet; they just release each chapter simultaneously. But you really should start reading the VN from EP1 through EP4 before getting into Chiru, which starts at EP5. Trust me, it makes all that more of a difference.

    Here's the place to start:

    There's a demo that can be downloaded for free, but it only goes as far as EP1 (which is covered in the first five episodes of the anime). The link I gave you also has links for you to actually download the full games, though it costs money. Remember, to get all the episodes, buy EP4 (which contains all the material shown in the anime from start to finish) and EP8 (which covers all of Chiru, which you haven't seen).

    Also, you should know that the visual novel has been remade as a PS3 game, with more polished art and full voice acting. They're gonna do the same for Chiru, plus all the remakes are going to be released on the PSP.

    If you want to see the PS3 or PSP localized, please show your support by clicking here:!/
  5. Klashikari
    2011-08-06 18:31
    Chrono is responsible of the website (yes, he certainly has a lot on his plate).

    As for episode purchase, please remember that there was a time gap of 4-6 months between each episodes, so if you really wanted to have all episodes of each course (umineko & umineko chiru), it would generally mean you would have to wait for a while.

    Some people however bought them progressively for support and collection purposes.
  6. Alcoholic
    2011-07-31 23:57
    Hello! I'll deflower any topics I see fit >: (
    ...especially the ones made or visited by that Flower user

    Also, I'm the poor fool who's solely responsible for the subbing of Little Women: (Check WMTSound or the MAL WMT club for info/downloads)

    Just because it's "licensed", doesn't mean it'll stop people like me fansubbing it. If DVDs of the English dub were released, then I wouldn't work on this in the first place. I can't upload a torrent here in AnimeSuki or link to the downloads directly though.
  7. Toreno
    2011-07-31 13:18
    Hey there. ^^
    Thanks for your request.
  8. GHDpro
    2011-07-18 05:38
    That thread is a bit of an oddity; it might be better to simply create a new one (in the "Upcoming Series" forum and then use the "Report Post" button to ask a mod to move it to the right location).

    But as for where to order "I'll CKBC" - I easily found it:

    Media-Blasters own site is not so great, but it does show up in a search:
  9. fangirl335
    2011-07-11 06:19
  10. WordShaker
    2011-06-22 19:12

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I think I'm a guy right now.

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