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  1. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 21:59
    I can tell you in college the only two classes that did not encourage thinking out of box is accounting and theology.
  2. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 21:52
    You know accounting is just add/minus/X/divide and % right? People go to study accounting because they are terrible at math and can't read good enough to get into law school.

    (Or smart enough not to bother if u live in the U.S)
  3. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 12:00
    Ah well, I choose accounting because I doubt I could had made through the door of High Finance, because it inevitably involve a ton of MBAs and maybe 5-10 recruits at a firm. I now work for a High Speed trading firm. So no fancy investment strategies here XD

    So what kind of math/technology you use at work? People always claim high finance is full of people who run things from SQL/SAS, coding up models using derivatives, quant, and matrix model from college math courses on par with nobel prize. Is that true?
  4. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 11:45
    Ah, that make sense. Maybe she should have sticked with it.

    Ahhh, I want to work for a good firm in Canada T_T.

    Or do high finance. But that can be tough
  5. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 11:24
    Ouch, I make materially less than that 100K than that. Jealous ~

    What does it take to get into High Finance anyway? I choose accounting when I got into my masters, and I think I have to be controller or higher to reach for 100K, I heard even Big 4 Partners get somewhere between 100-200K pre-Equity shares.

    I really dislike the idea of getting an MBA, so...

    Also, the reason I said Accounting/Finance poorly because I had a friend who got a offer of barely 30K with her CPA at Big 4 in Canada. I mean, my start was 55K.
  6. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 11:12
    Lol. Nice. I want to move to Canada and work, but I heard they treat accounting/fiance people poorly. How is housing prices up there?
  7. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 11:03
    You know I refer to a "Corporate townhall" meeting right?
  8. Wild Goose
    2013-03-14 09:54
    Wild Goose
    Lol, don't worry. I hailed from the Nanoha OC Discussion thread. Outer Cadia used to get derailed on all sorts of things. We went from discussing TSAB paperwork filing to spaceships to VLS vs missile pods to power yields one time.
  9. Wild Goose
    2013-03-14 09:48
    Wild Goose
    I was referring to your earlier conversation with Forward Unto Dawn that I saw on your wall.

    Well, there is such a thing as too cold, but so far it's preferable to the vitriol that Random Wanderer and Sumeragi are spewing at each other.
  10. Wild Goose
    2013-03-14 09:34
    Wild Goose
    Don't really think mod intervention would have been quite that necessary in the Girls und Panzer thread - well, for my part, at least.

    Btw it's been a pleasure to argue with you - it's so rare that I find someone who can articulate their points and opinions, without resorting to bluster, emotion, and ad hominems. XD

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