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  1. carmolita
    2009-12-01 13:42
    No i can't read japanese - the 12k novels are released in english- saiunkoku is excellent!! I've seen all of fushigi ..I want to buy it, but it's still expensive... If you like fushigi then you'll love saiunkoku - let me know who your favorite character is - I like ryuuki...He's so hot ...It's a harm series much like fushigi, but more realistic and better story...
  2. carmolita
    2009-12-01 06:44
    Yes, 12k is still worth watching...It's a coming of age story more less-I have all the novels as well-Idon't think it's stopped , it's more like on an indefinete hiatus....more story and information is needed, so the author has to write more. it was suppose to be 68 episodes but stopped (because the author asked theim to) at 45. If you like the story of saiunkoku you'll like 12k, actually the same people who worked on 12k did saiunkoku..
  3. carmolita
    2009-11-27 20:30
    Thank you my thanksgiving was good How was yours? Did you do any black friday shopping?
    Yes my avatar is yoko from twelve kingdoms. It was made using a wallpaper from the NHK Japanese twelve kingdoms website It's actually animated...I haven't seen it move latley, so I might have to re-upload it....Have you had a chance to watch Ghost hunt yet?? It is so good and the lead character is so hot! The series was created by the same author who wrote 12kingdoms. If you watch it and like it has has part 1 and 2 of the series for 14.99 each it is sooo good
  4. bigemperor
    2009-10-20 22:17
    Episode 2 from the anime adapts chapters 2 and 3 from the manga, yes i reccomend you the manga is a lot better =)
  5. Shiroth
    2009-10-02 11:51
    Nope i don't. The anime is my first experience with the title, though i plan to read the manga pretty soon.
  6. carmolita
    2009-09-19 21:02
    not really, to get the pairing you would have to read the manga they didn't pair in the anime, the ending left you wanting to read the manga, but becuase of the manga they could never continue the anime, without having to explain some things~ So I guess you could say it had to be a one shot wonder. Both anime and manga are really well done, but because they left out or changed one or two manga plots- it made it impossible to continue the anime.
  7. carmolita
    2009-09-19 12:10
    HI! No I haven't heard anything about a season 3 yet, but I think they have a very long way to go before they get enough material, otherwise they could run into problems if they start guessing........a good example of this would be the anime fruits basket
  8. Master Anime
    2009-09-04 01:53
    Master Anime
    you can search my post with that link

    And sorry i can't find anything about Tomoyo After Translation
    I only found manga

    How about using AGTH + ATLAS to play tomoyo after
  9. dangodaikazoku
    2009-09-03 13:15
    Are you from china?
    That depends on your political views (I have none) as I was born in Taiwan . I've only been to the Mainland once.
  10. dangodaikazoku
    2009-09-03 06:49
    Hahahahahaha, sorry to disappoint, but I'm in the same boat as you
    Chinese and English, no Japanese. Any Japanese that I happen to understand is thanks to the kanji.

    [Edit] Hmm... maybe you thought I knew Japanese because of what I posted regarding 「夜露死苦」 in the Clannad thread. Well, that makes sense in Chinese too, doesn't it? ^^;

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