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Bubbly and super fun

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  1. Jeffry2009
    2010-04-18 00:37
    Hi, are you a moderator? Thank god, I'd like to add you because I like to post some news about animes & other news & sort like that.
  2. Rurik
    2010-01-19 16:04
    Yo old Geizer, long time no see, How everything doing in the front?
  3. Uchiha Soul
    2009-12-04 14:37
    Uchiha Soul
    Hey Hunter .. about Naruto Ep 138 discussion thread .. i'm sorry if I wrote something will happened in the future .. I know u will not believe me but Believe it or Not, I really don’t read the Manga .. I wrote what I felt and what I analyzed from the episode .. I always depend on my self in analyzing the incidents.
    But from ur reaction toward my comments, I can say that u r the one who gave me a hint that what I said is true
    i hope u r not mad at me
  4. Hunter
    2009-11-11 14:31
    I don't really remember to be honest, a guy named Vicious and I used to joke about how much of an old geezer I was so when I eventually stumbled on a comic featuring this old guy holding a dreaded spoon I had to use it for a new avatar at least temporarily.
    But then I never bothered to change it

    edit : ah! I knew I was going to write that here instead of cat's vh!
    Oh, well.
  5. felix
    2009-11-10 17:52
    Where's your avatar from?
  6. monir
    2009-11-09 00:40
    You've got it right this time.

    And Ajnas, or whatever the heck his alias is going to be in the future, is too obvious. Guy probably won't be able to keep his damn yap shut even if his life depended on it.
  7. monir
    2009-11-01 02:49
    I keep forgetting that how bad you are at properly using VM. Which were the two that got themselves banned? What a wasted opportunity for betting. tsk tsk tsk Btw, I've registered my second post in the Naruto's Romance thead.
  8. Hunter
    2009-10-26 20:50
    Well looks like the bet's already off, the two best contenders already got themselves banned.
    That was fast.
  9. Hunter
    2009-10-26 10:34
    The thread itself is in decent condition.
    Probably not for long if what I heard is correct, it looks like we could be on the verge of a pairing catastrophe.
    Care for a bet as to whom will be banned first?

    Btw thanks for the heads-up Rising Dragon.
  10. Rising Dragon
    2009-10-25 22:10
    Rising Dragon
    Can you ban this user? Its another spam-bot from That place is getting really annoying with all the bots it keeps sending here...

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