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  1. monir
    2009-10-25 03:16
    The thread itself is in decent condition. He was also given a week-ban along with the message that he sounds familiar. Haven't heard from him since.
  2. Hunter
    2009-10-22 19:38
    So I was right at my first guess. Oh joy!
    Well to be fair it was a pairing event, a tragedy and a bloodbath of biblical proportion all in one but truth be told it was the pairing event that made it big.

    Ajnas is the last fanatic comer to grace the pairing thread right? I just came back and I honestly don't have the courage to take a look at this thread just yet, maybe tomorow. He style does feel familiar but I don't really see who it should be.
  3. monir
    2009-10-12 18:52
    Hey, this Ajnaas fellow reads very familiar. I can't put a finger to it who it is, but I'm certain we have banned this user several times in the past.
  4. monir
    2009-09-27 13:45
    Shipping in Code Geass has always been a problem, but it intensified during the middle of the R2 season. Myself, Manju and even Ojisan at some points tackled that section of the forum and still felt helpless against the onslaught of shipping.

    I think it's our turn to laugh at Hunter. hohoho

    No, what led to 900+ post was...
    ... A pairing event.

    I kid you not.
    So I was right at my first guess. Oh joy!
  5. NoLongerSane
    2009-09-26 01:01
    I remember that. But didn't the shipping wars for Code Geass pick up during the middle of the R2 season? I remember seeing alot of members getting bans left and right.
  6. Hunter
    2009-09-22 11:43
    Nothing surprising about that really, shipping threads are always a dreaful thing indeed.
    Frankly this one is rather tame compared to some others, did you follow the geass forum? Now those ones were funny.
    Well funny as long as you just kind of lurked on them for a quick laugh instead of passing through the last 20 pages of insanity to clean the mess...
  7. Rurik
    2009-09-21 08:29
    LMAO, I can't believe that a love pairing Thread was going to get so flamable....
  8. NoLongerSane
    2009-09-20 21:40
    In all actuallity, I try to avoid pairings in any anime or manga unless there is concrete proof of attraction to each other and other factors that follow what I have posted first in this post.
  9. Hunter
    2009-09-15 07:32
    Actually I don't think the dreaded event you imagine is soon coming produced the result I was talking about. No, what led to 900+ post was...
    ... A pairing event.

    I kid you not.
  10. monir
    2009-09-10 16:09
    Just saw episode 126. Now I understand your question why a manga thread would reach a 900+ posts. Geez, Kishimoto is one brutal mangaka. Forming attachment to any character in his shows is a bad idea.

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