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  1. Hunter
    2009-04-19 20:46
    Let's hope so.
    He might have something against the "Uchiha fanboy alliance" but some others apparently have something against the "undercovers from the hater coalition".

    I kid you not.
  2. monir
    2009-04-18 00:58
    w00t! Phenom is being threatened by a spoon... let me know if it worked.
  3. Sinfully Naomi
    2009-03-10 22:48
    Sinfully Naomi
    You two are seriously moe now.
  4. Hunter
    2009-03-10 16:46
    A room with monir, alone? Lead the way Rurik, I shall mourn your lost innocence.

    Thanks monir, I had already seen Baccano when NSW told us about it and it was very good indeed. I didn't know they made an anime out of Kurozuka, I liked the manga so I will probably give a try to this one first
  5. Rurik
    2009-03-10 13:45
    U guys seriusly need a room... either way...ermmm, nice list monir...maybe when all this crisis settle a bit a check them out
  6. monir
    2009-03-09 08:04
    z00mz.... Kishimoto is bringing romance in Naruto? If I'm guessing right, it can only mean shounen aspect of the story has gone down the drain and he has run out of interesting ideas.

    So you are finally getting some time for yourself! 2008 hasn't been a good year for anime in general. 2007 was kind of decent. Since mushy stuff won't work for you, the choices are even more limited.... So, let's see..


    - Spice and Wolf
    - Eve no Jikan - It's still continuing, but the episode are episodic in nature.
    - Sky Crawlers - you should be able to find a sub if you need it.
    - Kannagi - You will like this one.
    - Kurozuka - I think this anime was the best of 2008 though many will vehemently disagree.

    Other mentions are Druga no Tou, Bounen no Xamdou, and () KissxSis ()


    - Afro Samurai - Spectacular animation. The bad news is the whole thing is dubbed in English.
    - 5 Centimeter Per Second - The movie features stunning background imagery and absolutely breathtaking nag for detail. One of the best visually done animated film out there. The story is sort of meh...
    - Gurren Lagann - It's another pretty good animated TV series featuring mecha. The story was actually pretty good. The question is how do you feel about mecha?
    - Darker than Black - Pretty good. Each story were featured in two episodes, so the show is kind of episodic in nature.
    - Seirei no Moribito - This is another one you will like considering you are a fan of folklore.
    - Skull Man - The name can put one off for a watch, but this one is actually had a pretty good story to go with. I think you will like this one too. May be...
    - Dennou Coil - The show sees some very good animation effort that is rarely seen in TV series. The story can put some viewers off due to the subject: cyber-net.
    - Mononoke - A lot of fans liked the art style. The story is so so.
    - Baccano - The show is made for us fans who dig our shounen series. The length is about 15 episodes long. Hence, less bullshit... more fun. Make sure you have all episodes before starting a watch.

    The only other mention will be Claymore, but I believe you've already seen a portion of the series, if not all.
  7. Hunter
    2009-03-07 12:05
    Well point of fact we hadn't seen a Kyubi transformation since about a year and a half but those tails are but the consequence of what makes people all chatty as of late.
    So the question you should ask yourself is what could make Naruto furious and his fans babbling.

    On a different matter, are there any good anime right now? I have basically not been watching anything since most of the past 2 years (I was simply drowning into work) but since I'm going to finally have some free time soon I was wondering if there was some must-see pieces of animations lately.
  8. monir
    2009-03-07 08:42
    So I was wondering why chapter 437 has 900+ posts. And the summary reads that Naruto has a Kiyubi transformation. So what, I ask. He transforms into one in every other week. And then the answer comes in tails. This time Naruto has six. The post count suddenly makes sense. We, the Naruto-fans, love tail.

    You got any tail?
  9. Sinfully Naomi
    2009-02-26 19:42
    Sinfully Naomi
    People copied off me! Get your own cool old geezer!!! D:<
  10. Crossfire
    2009-01-31 11:44
    hunter can ya plxx check my album when u have tme thanxxx

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