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Crush me. ~Ringo

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  1. Naive
    2009-08-02 19:02
    I always have stalkers :lmao
  2. Naive
    2009-08-01 20:48
    I see you loooooovvvvvvvvvve
  3. ShuiMei
    2009-04-11 19:31
    Thanks m'dear! I share a lot of the same sentiments.
    Ichigo has become a (more) lame shounen hero, and I think the only reasons I keep on reading Bleach is because of a select group of characters (read: Rukia) and the fact that I have already invested so much time into reading it.

    With Orihime's character, I reached a point of indifference in that I was not even irritated, I just did not care about what she did or said anymore, but with recent chapters I started to get annoyed again. Hopefully, I can go back to this indifference sometime soon in the future...
  4. Zu Ra
    2009-04-10 08:05
    Zu Ra
    Thanx a Zill

    Naah its not late I was planning to watch Tokyo Majin yday but I slept off ^__^
  5. Zu Ra
    2009-04-10 01:20
    Zu Ra
    Eury's need a favor : )

    Do you have sandy's Kubo with bewbs image ? . This chapter compliments that image perfectly
  6. Zu Ra
    2009-04-09 01:37
    Zu Ra
    Well thats KT for you the problem is he is an average manga ka leaving SS arc . People do tend to overindulge there fantasies and mix it up with his works . A bettwer word would be overanylizing his mundane writing trying to justify there fascination with bleach . Ever since HM arc started I watch/read Bleach for watching Bleach , not because its excellent .

    And man he made renji shiro koma szayel yami survive and kills of Ulqi . I am simply in shock @_@

    You should check out OP : D The only anime I am crazy about rite now is Gintama and DMC. Bleach is meh ^__^
  7. Levy
    2009-04-08 05:21
    thanks for the rep, if it was you... nice to know someone likes my Feldt fangirl's complaints XD;
  8. Zu Ra
    2009-04-06 22:57
    Zu Ra
    Kubo is now using cheap gimmicks to sell the manga either its fanservice character wise or fanservice literally (sex) . KT is unfortunately turning Bleach into a well drawn DBZ and DBZ sucked to begin with . The only thing going for him is art the plot diaglogues storyline in general has taken a toss .....

    Well yeah the last chapter had plot , but will it be consistent . Whenever there is sembalance of plot I joke around KT assistant wrote : O

    Well true dynamic between characters and growth has been null or void . The main focus s on pointless senseless fights : D
  9. Zu Ra
    2009-04-05 23:16
    Zu Ra
    Well same here I remain active in Bleach fandom purely due to the reason of habit . Bleach lost all its glory and luster during/after GJ arc .......

    Sometimes heck I have to force myself to read the manga >_< Wish KT could have lil sensibility when it came to plot like ODA .Heck the irony is ODA speech bubles ( number of words spoken in chapter ) is equal to more than the grand sum of KT+Kishi combined ....
  10. Narona
    2009-03-19 08:13
    Pour beaucoup juste car Suzaku s'est opposé à Lelouch. Je ne vais pas épiloguer, mais je considère que ce n'est pas très différent du bashing contre villetta et ougi. Plusieurs gens râlent, or quand je les lis, ce qui semblent surtout les débecter, c'est qu'ils ont osé se rebeller contre M. Parfait (Lelouch).

    Je n'ose pas lire le topic des novels, pour éviter d'être spoilée. Il y a des résumés complets des novels dans le topic novels/speculations ?

    J'en profite pour te dire que si tu aimes bien Felli/Fon-Fon, lis le Volume 1 de Regios: Missing Mail sur Onemanga, puis les résumés d'un membre dans le topic sur ce manga

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