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  1. usspaul
    2012-08-21 04:12
    lol well right now im downloading final fantasy 7 for my ps3 since its been a long time since i played that game and also i cant find all my final fantasy 7 disk to play it on my old playstation lol. but no that is my biggest problem with accel world like i download the episode but i dont touch it for weeks and just kinda like forget about it because of that fat piece of shit. like the episode that just focus on snow black was the best episode to me cause it didnt have fat piece of shit in it. as for the other animes oh man these season has some good ones with some really nice fanservice shows XD so i cant just wait for them. and horizon man i just cant hold out on that one since i love all the girls in that series . and i like mul-luv for the scarlet sisters they are so hawt lol, but now i think i want some mother russia girl oh gawd what a hawt blonde she is
  2. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-08-21 03:22
    Merilyn Mensola
    I see..., however, you should play it when you have the opportunity...this game is awesome...the puzzles are amazing..the level up of the MC is really well done, and the game is long..with many side quests, and secret everywhere..the story is good as well.....
  3. usspaul
    2012-08-21 02:23
    yo man long time no chat lol. you know i have such a hard time following accel world like i like the show but i cant stand that fat piece of shit known as haru. i swear he annoys me to no end and the whole thing were he has a bunch of girls after him angers me even more. infact all my complaints about the show all revolve around him and how the auther is so bias its gets me so angry. i take it to heart even more because i was the fat ass when i was younger and a loser on top of that when any girl expecialy beautifuls ever approched me was to screw with me and get me to get beat up by their friends. this didnt happen to me not just once but multiple times that i have a great distrust for people specialy girls since i know for a fact they are shallow beings who just want your money and redicule you and make you feel like crap. so this whole thing were fatty has what now like 4 girls who like him oh man it angers me to no end. granted the show on a whole is alright and i like all the other charaters but i cant stand fatty
  4. Solafighter
    2012-08-20 11:32
    After four weeks of the exciting Japan adventure, i arrived last night, safe and sound, at home.

    Phew. You missed me?
  5. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-08-20 07:44
    Merilyn Mensola
    Hey Kenji...have you played Darksiders?

    I'm playing Darksider 2 just epic this game...really!!!
  6. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-08-20 07:41
    Merilyn Mensola
    Hey Kenji...have you played Darksiders?

    I'm playing Darksider 2 just epic this game...really!!!
  7. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-08-08 06:30
    Merilyn Mensola
    Sorry Kenji, i tried and tried, but i can't found the name of the anime, no one know and posted the name, if i found the name, i tell you.
  8. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-08-08 04:08
    Merilyn Mensola
    I have to check it, this afternoon i try and i tell you the name
  9. Ridwan
    2012-08-08 00:16
    In case you haven't found from which I found this picture, look at Merilyn's post, 3 posts after mine.
  10. Ryonea
    2012-08-05 06:20
    I assume that you meant the pool where the girls wear different costumes like the Mio pic you've posted

    Those pics were made by a Pixiv artist named Ikari Manatsu
    I remember that someone packed the whole collection into this torrent. But just in case if there's no seeder for the torrent, you can grab the individual images from Danbooru. Might take a while since there's no specific pool made for the K-ON! images, but I believe all of them are there.

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