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  1. KongZilla
    2009-10-03 08:23
    Ah, I see! Its cool how different artists collaborated for this project but it was Rin Shin who drew the characters for the anime. And the best part is that she stayed true to their original designs!

    BTW, you remind me of a friend I made online... hmm...
  2. KongZilla
    2009-10-03 07:11
    We can find out the original artists for every character design on Wikipedia. Perhaps you could get an info on who is the artist who created Nix!
  3. KongZilla
    2009-10-02 22:35
    I was actually surprised to see Nix being a good character in the manga. It truly contradicts her appearance. I have yet to see her in the second season though
  4. KongZilla
    2009-10-02 18:07
    I've read the Hide & Seek manga as well!

    I have to say that its fun to read and one thing to take note is that Claudette (though as regimental as always) is somewhat more outspoken here unlike in the anime where she hardly smiled at all. And speaking of Nix... she kinda looks like a succubus doesn't she? I thought she was when I first looked at her. Hehehe...
  5. KongZilla
    2009-10-02 07:59
    Rin Shin is an amazing artist. To be honest what got me interested in Queen's Blade is that the designs for Leina and Elina are done by Hirokazu Hisayuki, the guy who did character designs for Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome. But after watching the anime, I like it for more than just that! BTW, have you read the Queen's Blade Hide & Seek manga?

    Thanks for the link! It does look interesting!
  6. KongZilla
    2009-10-02 07:41
    Hahaha! But eh, you're still taller and heavier than I am...

    I'm only 170 cm (5'06") and 60 kg (130 lbs)...

    So you have boxing training? COOL!

    So I believe you started watching the second season of Queen's Blade already? Not too sure if you heard but I made my 15-year-old sister watch the first season and she loves it so far.
  7. KongZilla
    2009-10-02 06:39
    I really love ecchi anime! Hehehe! >:]

    As for Negima... I only read the original manga by Ken Akamatsu, my favourite mangaka! That reminds me that I read Love Hina too. That was the first of his works that I read! Great times!

    Hmm... tall, fat, bald and kicks ass? Damn... you sound like someone who I wouldn't wanna mess around with!
  8. KongZilla
    2009-10-02 04:25
    Ah, so you have watched Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome! My favourite character is really obvious from my username! There are few characters in the Mai-Series who I can relate to like Akane, Mai and Shiro (Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~). I like the manga versions of HiME and Otome better though since they're an alternate universe with different storylines from their anime counterparts. Not to mention there are more ecchi, oppai and fanservice, something which I really like! >:]

    And other stuff I like watching are Elfen Lied, Girls Bravo, Kamen no Maid Guy, etc.
  9. KongZilla
    2009-10-02 04:08
    Ah, I see...

    BTW, have you watched Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome? I have a feeling you already have, if not, I recommend you to watch them! ^_^

    Queen's Blade is my current favourite series now!
  10. KongZilla
    2009-10-02 03:33
    Hahaha! I knew it! Anyways, arcade games from the 90's are awesome! I remember going to the arcade back when I was still in Primary School. Good times, good times... ^_^

    So, what's your all-time favourite anime series? By your username I'll assume its School Rumble? For me, my all-time favourite anime series would be Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome! ^_^

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