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Skyfall Skyfall is offline

Lost in my dreams...

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  1. Kaioshin Sama
    2008-05-30 02:58
    Kaioshin Sama
    Her head jerk is uncannily similar to the way my dog used to sneeze.
  2. White Manju Bun
    2008-05-29 16:50
    White Manju Bun
    Thanks for the cookie Sky!
  3. Aoie_Emesai
    2008-05-28 19:22
    Was it really tabasco?

    Loved the avatar too ^^
  4. Riker
    2008-05-28 06:54
    Psssst NSW~ It's tabasco, not curry.
  5. Skyfall
    2008-05-28 03:19
    I am glad to hear the avatar makes you (and apparently some other people as well *winks at KholdStare*) smile. Since i absolutely adore it myself, that just gives further drive for me to keep using it

    I am a bit puzzled by what you mean that my signature doesn't show Shiroi though, NSW-senpai. Well, it doesn't show only Shiori (seeing as the godly animated fountain is there as well, along with Yuuichi) but she definitely is a part of the composition
  6. NoSanninWa
    2008-05-28 03:13
    KholdStare: I agree. Skyfall's Shiori avatar is one of my favorites also. Everytime I see that avvy I'm hearing her say, "Curry is the enemy of all mankind!" It makes me smile.

    Though Skyfall's signature does not show Shiori, as you seem to imply.
  7. Riker
    2008-05-26 04:33
    You like the sig?
    It r mai siggu. MINE!!!

  8. KholdStare
    2008-05-26 03:11
    Hey Skyfall! I've always wanted to say this but I could never find the right way to since posting to a thread would be off-topic and it's not important enough to do it over PMs. However, this is the perfect place to do it, so here I go:

    I absolutely love your avatar!

    Whew, glad I got that off my chest. It's really cute.

    Oh, and I absolutely love your signature too. Shiori fans, unite!
  9. Aoie_Emesai
    2008-05-25 16:54
    1st post! Hello Skyfall ^^ (testing out the new message system) *cough*

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