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Gregory House

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  1. Slice of Life
    2008-10-14 05:03
    Slice of Life
    Well. My first impressions can be found here.

    Meanwhile, I also watched Tytania which is a bit disappointing in being a blatant LOGH rehash. And Kurozuka, which I'm very sceptical about because hack'n'slash goes typically at the expense of story and doesn't appeal to me in its own right either. Thinking of it I could as well go and edit my post now to include them.

    I'm expecting to enjoy Hyakko a lot which I can't praise highly enough so far. Toradora has a great potential to become a non-standard romance comedy (where standard means: 2-10 girl archetypes bickering over who will prepare the bento for the man without qualities.)

    Maybe you want to try Shikabane Hime Aka but having a rough understanding of what you like I don't think it will beat Ga-Rei: Zero on first impressions. On the other hand, who knows where GR:Z will go from now.

    I encourage you to give Chaos; Head a chance. While it might still crash-burn it also might become the surprise of the season, having the potential to develop into a full-blown psychological thriller.
  2. Hadeel
    2008-09-29 08:33
    how nice to live in argentina

    r u japanese?
  3. Ledgem
    2008-09-19 23:36
    I'm in graduate school now, and there's way less free time than I had as an undergraduate. It's probably going to get even worse starting in about one to two weeks, once I choose a lab to do research in. I'll try to stop in every now and then, but it's hard to keep track of conversations... thanks for the message, though! Hopefully when I have some more free time you'll also still be active on the forums. A bit of hibernation from here every so often isn't terrible, though.
  4. Slice of Life
    2008-09-15 05:31
    Slice of Life
    Eva would have lived through its characters alone. And it is surrounded by a cloud of fanwank larger than Japan. So for every open question you can choose the answer out of ten you like best.
  5. Slice of Life
    2008-09-13 21:24
    Slice of Life
    I'm no friend of building up fake mysteries by simply withholding ordinary world knowledge from the viewer. Or worse, when people who should ask questions don't. (And this might go down the Darker Than Black route where we never got the important answers.) It also makes the characters feel distant reinforced by the fact that everybody seems to participate in a coolness competition.

    On the other hand there's nothing in this anime that actively drives me away. And when I drop it now I see me coming back in a year or so. I'm quite quick in romanticizing the past when it comes to anime.

    So I'm struggling a bit if I should continue or not.
  6. Slice of Life
    2008-09-13 18:56
    Slice of Life
    WK, are you watching Xam'd? Your opinion about the show?
  7. Slice of Life
    2008-08-31 19:24
    Slice of Life
    Nothing escapes my all-seeing eye. I watched the first episodes, found them quite funny, and I'll probably keep watching to the end. (It's quite short after all.) It's obviously not a typical "music anime" of the kind I can't relate to.

    In case you noticed that I'm not much around these days: I'm alive and well. But the job and the fact that I'm digging myself through a few anime milestones of the 80s leave me hardy any time to post.
  8. Kakashi
    2008-08-20 07:00
    I noticed you got a new job in the Ubuntu Linux thread. Bit of a lurker and you probably don't even know me but wanted to say congrats! Especially after reading about your previous job a while back. I'm happy you've got the chance to fulfill your potential more than anything and be happy, good luck!
  9. Ledgem
    2008-08-18 10:09
    Thanks for the welcome back. I had a trip (friend's wedding), and now I'm re-entering academia as a graduate student. Things are getting busy, but I still try to log in to check messages every now and then.

    I'm disappointed to hear that I missed some of those heated discussions - those are some of the funnest parts of the forum for me these days I hope you've been keeping people in line! I'm very backlogged on some of the "hot" threads - yesterday I caught up on the religion thread, but I'm saving the US elections thread for when I have more time. Have some new interesting threads been started up?
  10. Slice of Life
    2008-08-06 08:22
    Slice of Life
    I did catch that, I just ignored it. Just saying "get real" wouldn't have helped.

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