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  1. synaesthetic
    2011-06-11 16:54
    Not at all. Most hardcore misandrists (man-haters as you put it) are irrational people and they do not hate men for rational reasons. So even if men treated women better, most misandrists would still hate men regardless of the change.

    Also, the incidence of homosexuality in female populations is about equal to that in male populations, which is to say between 10 and 15% of the total population. This has remained fairly constant over the entire existence of our species, regardless of how men treat women.

    Don't get me wrong, men treating women better would always be welcome--but honestly I don't believe that most men treat most women badly. It's that some men treat most women badly, and because humanity as a whole focuses on the negative more than the positive, it is simply more noticeable.
  2. Midonin
    2011-06-11 12:43
    Yes, I do agree that Millhi and Leo probably swing both ways.
  3. Tenshi_
    2011-06-11 12:00
    Haha, she's called Merry and she's a main heroine from "Yumekui Merry"

    Pretty good show, worth watching (it got pretty popular as well so yeah). The show released on last season so its an new anime

    And sorry, its got nothing to do with yuri XD
  4. kenjiharima
    2011-06-09 01:34
    DmC sucks....Iam just getting the new news...not liking what I see.
  5. Evil Rick
    2011-06-08 16:14
    Evil Rick
    Juts saying... Crow is gothic.
  6. Evil Rick
    2011-06-08 16:02
    Evil Rick
    It's okay, but the "emo" thing it's just a way to say, not that I think emos are like that (altough I'm not particulary pleased with the philosophy of emo people, and I say because I've know some), it's a way to say that this new Dante is totally oposite to the Dante I know, which pisses me of.
  7. synaesthetic
    2011-06-08 15:39
    Never cared for DMC or its characters.
  8. mangatron
    2011-06-08 00:21
    The latest one out now, Episode 09
  9. Echoes
    2011-06-07 18:18
    Haha alright, no reason to apologize; I truly just didn't get it. The yuri is entirely one-sided anyway, since the only lesbian character is the protagonist.
  10. synaesthetic
    2011-06-07 17:25
    Duke Nukem is played entirely for laughs, so he doesn't count. I was thinking more along the lines of the Gears of War protagonist, Master Chief, your typical bro-gamer favorites.

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