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  1. Midonin
    2011-04-12 19:05
    I was responding more to your posts in general than in the Dog Days thread. I think this is a good stopping point for the conversation. Each of us has said his piece well enough. Best to stop before we go in circles.
  2. Midonin
    2011-04-12 18:56
    Oh, and furthermore, "overreacting" because you may have just insulted someone for their sexual preference (again, we can only go by the content of your posts) is usually a valid reason. You have to take responsibility for what you write.
  3. Midonin
    2011-04-12 18:55
    Reputation and reports aren't what I judge by. Those are either unimportant or private. I go by the content of your posts. And the way you post makes it near impossible to decipher if you hate yuri/yaoi because it's done badly, or if you think it's done badly because it's yuri/yaoi. Like I said, the "if it's done right" really does appear to be a weak justification for an old fashioned mindset, at least from where I stand.
  4. Midonin
    2011-04-12 18:50
    I'll take you at your word for now, even if it does seem like a flimsy excuse.
  5. Midonin
    2011-04-12 18:42
    But most of the homosexuality in anime, because of cultural mores, is mostly restricted to subtext and people reading into that subtext. Which you apparently don't like, so it really does make you come across as looking homophobic.
  6. Midonin
    2011-04-12 18:38
    You're not entirely blameless in these events. Making comments that could very easily be construed as homophobic is just as much your responsibility. It takes one to respond, but one to write too.
  7. Kyral
    2011-04-08 10:27
    "but going all girly and being scared of Ripley? wtf..."
    Well she's not going all girly so that is no problem at all, but I definitly agree with Ripley thing.
    That's actually the only thing I don't liked in the game, made me ask who fucked up the continuity like that. Taking all the games into account she fought him at least 4 times before Other M. *sigh* The other thing I didn't liked that much was a design thing so it had nothing to do with the gameplay itself... Ah well...

    Sorry didn't saw the Zero Punctuation review of Other M, the last thing I saw of that was the review of Valkyria Chronicles wich showed me that he really lives to overstate things that are actually not really that problematic.
    2011-04-06 00:29
    Well, I can only assume it's the same one I'm thinking of. From .hack yes~?

    I've never been too into the series, but enough people around me rave on about it that I can somewhat recognize character names~
    2011-04-05 22:45
    Y'know, now that I look at it... I kinda see that now~
    2011-04-05 22:16
    Oooooh, her official Super Street Fighter 4 artwork~

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