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  1. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 01:16
    Don't go throwing around accusations, that isn't "Joking around", that's a good way to make yourself enemies right quick.

    The Reapers are going to attack the galaxy. Depending on the final choice, you may or may not be able to save it. Even if you reinforce the standing forces with Legion's Geth, as well as the Qunari and various other races, the Collector base would be invaluable to destroying the Reapers.... and if you get rid of the Collector's base, you really can't say there won't be millions of casualties. The Collector base is probably the most important prior-choice for ME3.
  2. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 01:07
    Don't be hostile towards people that haven't done anything wrong, even then liking Tali is wholly subjective. Liking Tali doesn't make you right, or wrong. I personally like Tali. But not everyone does, and I can't force my opinion.
  3. Kyero Fox
    2010-12-12 01:01
    Kyero Fox
    and I'm actually starting to think you're an ass.

    I thought you ment the opposite.
  4. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 00:20
    I'm actually really, seriously starting to question your intelligence.

    Tali =/= canon. As in, Tali has to be, or should be, the canonical romantic interest of Shepherd. It wasn't a misspelling of cannon, nor was it meant in mock. In fact, I was being very serious.
  5. Yuno
    2010-12-06 20:09
    Oh I see, so that solves that~ Just use both XD
  6. Yuno
    2010-12-06 19:02
    Hmm, Valkenhayn or Vahan~ Valkenhayn has the root word "Choose" in early norse myth (typically attached to Valkyrie). Though I am not aware of the names full meaning. Hmm, and Vahan is the sandskrit word for "vehicle of conciousness" or "shield" in Armenian. These name are available? If so I think the simple Vahan would be best. It is simplistic, but has two different meanings to different cultures.
  7. Yuno
    2010-12-06 17:48
    No unfortunatelly. Cataclysm is tomorrow too, though I don't have enough for it anyway.
  8. iwatch2muchanime
    2010-12-05 00:35
    lol indeed it is dude. She's hot though so I loves it.
  9. Kyero Fox
    2010-12-02 02:00
    Kyero Fox
    everyone falls for stuff like that. I just got to 34 and Exalted with Undercity and Reveared with Goblins. and im about to drop dead from lack of sleep XD

    I hope you get your account back, GL
  10. Yuno
    2010-12-02 01:05
    I level fast because usually it's the appointments that keep me away for days on end. So I get the levelilng done quickly so I can make up for the lost time. I can guess where I got the keylogger. I also reported the person who gave me the link too. A guy posted he had drawings he wanted to show us. I being an artist myself wished to see his skill. How foolish. I guess this is what the doctor means when they say "still child like mind."

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