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  1. TinyRedLeaf
    2010-10-26 03:02
    Isnt that the hyur homeland? or some where else.
    By the way, I realised that you were referring to Ala Mhigo, the city-state destroyed, and now occupied, by Garlemand. The highland hyur are supposed to be mainly from that city and are now left effectively homeless. The loss of their homeland is also supposed to explain the apparent absence of highland females.

    As for the missing male miqo'te, ah well, that's an ongoing mystery that'll never be satisfactorily answered.

    Also, I think I know which miqo'te and particular cassanova you are referring to, but I'm taking pains to avoid spoilers. It's getting harder as videos and fan posts are beginning to proliferate the interwebs.
  2. grylsyjaeger
    2010-10-26 01:32
    They are making one aren't they?

    I would though, I'm reading the book currently and it's a bit different to the game's interpretation but it'd still make for a good movie.
  3. kenjiharima
    2010-10-25 21:09
    nice music, but that CNN cartoon looks cool. I think the music played there also fits Kyero. That reminded me of Dragon Knight a hentai anime, where in a dragon can assume human form and make love to a human.
  4. TinyRedLeaf
    2010-10-25 10:01
    Y'shtola? Or some other catgirl? If so, don't tell yet. I'll be finding out tonight. :3

    Hands off Y'shtola though. She came to Limsa Lominsa first. She's mine! >_<
  5. TinyRedLeaf
    2010-10-25 09:56
    As far as I can tell, the hyur don't have a "homeland" in Eorzea. All hyur came from other continents and settled in Eorzea in three successive waves, bringing along new technology and innovations each time. The roegardyn also appear to be seafarers, but from northern regions, apparently. The elezen are the original inhabitants of the continent. The miqo'te arrived during the ice age. I get the impression that the lalafell are the last to arrive, coming from warmer southern regions, settling only after trade routes have been established with the Eorzean city-states.

    As for Blackburn, I guess I'll soon find out about him being a cock blocker, haha. I'm excited to be heading to Ul'Dah.
  6. TinyRedLeaf
    2010-10-24 21:36
    Hmm... She doesn't think much of the adventurer at first. He/She was just some random person she happened to save while on board the ship travelling to Limsa Lominsa. In fact, once the player sets foot in Limsa and tries to talk to her at the Adventurers' Guild, she bluntly tells him/her to buzz off as she had more important things to do.

    Be that as it may, their paths cross frequently as the story progresses, mainly because you, the player, are as curious about the sea serpent as she is. The sea serpent is supposedly the mythical creature that Llymlaen, the Navigator, had summoned to create the seas of Eorzea.

    But because it kept producing more and more water, the god was eventually forced to imprison the serpent in a mythical island called Swallowtail Roam, to prevent it from drowning the world. Now, that same island is supposed to house a powerful relic, which Y'shtola is aware that the Ascians are trying to collect. That's why she's alarmed by the sea serpent's appearance — it meant that the island had reappeared and, if it has, then so has the relic.

    As far as ordinary Lominsans are concerned, however, the island supposedly contains vast treasure, which they all naturally want to get their grubby hands on, like any self-respecting pirate would. The player is caught up in the ensuing political intrigue that would eventually lead to the murder of the Admiral and the loss of the relic to the Ascians.

    Towards the end, Y'shtola seems to trust the player more, after having once again saved his/her life during the fleet battle between the Lominsan navy and the sahagin Reavers. She is also apparently amazed to realise that the player could hear the Echo. What that could mean, the plot will no doubt go on to reveal.

    And, oh, Sharlaya, where Y'shtola comes from, is apparently on the verge of ruin, as hinted in the storyline.
  7. Crimrui
    2010-10-23 13:00
    we don't, that is why I said it's my first impression based on his design. I may change my opinion as we discover more of him.
  8. SaintessHeart
    2010-10-23 03:31
    I was thinking that it is the concept that appeals to me : I recommend the Atelier series to my friends because of the storyline, not the lolis.

    Vert (the personification of XBox) isn't a loli BTW. She is a bishoujo.
  9. SaintessHeart
    2010-10-22 22:03
    It is Chou Jigen Neptune. I went over to my friend's house and watched him play......probably one of the most interesting game concepts and storylines I have ever seen.

    And yeah, Noire is badass with sweeping revolver attacks and a custom bastard sword omnislash.

    There is a forum thread about it a few months ago. Unfortunately, the game is LE and is out of print....the only place to get it would be ebay at USD $99.

    P.S The main character (Neptune) is voiced by Rie Tanaka, aka Suginitou, Minna Wilcke and the Miquote Voice 2 from FFXIV
  10. Crimrui
    2010-10-22 17:11
    This doesn't mean that I hate him for good, it's just my first impression. Because of his appearance. Through his eyes I kinda get the feeling that he is a cocky person in annoying kind of way. His haircut doesn't help ether. Like he got out of that Twilight movie or something.

    Yeah I know that you'll tell me that old Dante is cocky as well but it's different. Old white-haired Dante is cocky in cool kind of way, kinda hard to explain...

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