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  1. Arbitres
    2010-08-19 18:21
    ... Alkaid lost because of Skeith. If Haseo didn't have Skeith, Alkaid would have won. Haseo is badass because of Skeith, but eventually makes his own badass that isn't just because of his avatar.

    I'm bored. That wasn't entertaining in the least.
  2. Arbitres
    2010-08-19 18:17
    ... I suppose you could.
  3. Arbitres
    2010-08-17 10:16
    Yeah I did. Oh Alkaid~

    I heard they were Knightmare frame size, though they look about the size in 4 and For answer, I imagine they are going to be more accurate.

    Does this follow the story of AC4 like For Answer did? If so I can't help but wonder what route they are choosing as most canon? Personally I think the ORCA ending would make the most sense... of course, I'm biased.
  4. Arbitres
    2010-08-13 08:55
    You sent me a picture?

    >< wth?

    *sigh* never mind. xD Just show me the picture, things have been chaotic lately. I apologize, Kyero.
  5. Arbitres
    2010-08-12 23:40
    Yeah I did. and honestly, i feel stupid for jumping the gun. Should have went to the first page and read mroe up instead of immediately going into HATE mode. lol.
  6. Arbitres
    2010-08-10 12:22
    Makes you wonder why Otsdarva just didn't initiate the Closed Plan sooner and team up with Line Ark.

    Or maybe into another dimension where mechs of a similar type exist?
  7. Roloko vi Britannia
    2010-08-10 12:11
    Roloko vi Britannia
    OMG I thought you were banned for good well welcome back ^_^
  8. Halko
    2010-08-10 12:04
    Sorry for the extremely late reply. Anyways, I don't think it does but to some people it might be kind of weird... It never happened to me before so I don't know.
  9. Arbitres
    2010-08-10 12:03
    Michelle Ruff does both Rukia and Fiona. That's why.

    I know that now, after picking up Armored Core 4. xD It's too bad there isn't a Line Ark ending. Oh well, ORCA is just fine. xD
  10. Arbitres
    2010-08-10 11:59
    Kyero~ Your back.

    By the way, finally found out how badass White Glint is. Can't stop laughing at the thought "This is Rukia Kuchiki, Operator of White Glint. You are trespassing in Line Ark territory..."

    xD Anyways, really, I'm glad to see you back. Almost thought you were banned for good.

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