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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2009-04-05 03:43
    Long time no see National Service's been keeping my very busy, but I'm sureyou've seen my lurking around... Anyway, I'm starting off with the new season and so far...

    Hayate no Gotoku 2 - Hmmm, after animating Index, it seems that JC Staff are going continue to stick to a source material all the way HnG traded quite alot of it's insanity for a more loyal adaptation, not that I'm complainting The manga definitely picked up at that point... Oh, MOAR Hina!!! "H-I-N-A!"

    Pandora Hearts - The show that I've been looking forward to ever since I picked up the manga out of curiousity. I'm still waiting on the subs for this... Hopefully, my fears of XEBEC would be unfounded... Both OP and ED were 'okay' I guess, maybe I need to give it time...

    Asura Crying - Definitely more serious than what I've read in the manga... In fact, I thought it was just a love comedy! (Then again, it was justthe 1st chapter...>.>) I have an interest in this one, enough to see where this will lead to... Oh, and it'snice to hear from ANGELA again in both OP and ED

    K-ON! - Even if all else fail, I'm not saying that it will, but in the event that all else fails, I'll be watching this anime for the music! "Don't say Lazy" is currently my favorite ED KyonAni strikes again! Though this is the first time that I liked one of their OP/ED straight away...


    Hmm, that's it for now I guess Any other recommendation? Except FMA2, I'll be watching that for sure as well...
  2. Kyral
    2009-03-30 12:03
    Your inbox is full! xD
  3. C.A.
    2009-02-05 06:27
    I've been adding lots of SRW fans to my friends list recently, you included
  4. wanwan1203
    2009-01-07 13:33
    lowe!! *hugs!* belated merry christmas and happy birthday to you! miss na kita ^^ going back to the philippines tonight. 10 or 9pm flight california time. 16 hours yung travel time wahhh!! ingat ka palagi ha. ^^ -wan
  5. Balder8472
    2009-01-04 19:29
    hi there I just sent you a friend request I do hope you accept although if you decide not to that's okay
  6. MeisterBabylon
    2008-12-25 11:23
    Merry Xmas, Two-Geared no shounen!!! >=3

    And OC's so slow its scary <_<

    Magical Lyrical StrikerS:

    Phase 01 = 2%
    Phase XX Date Mission = 10%

    Wheeeee... It feels good to be writing again.
  7. Arabesque
    2008-12-24 12:25
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year
  8. Chaos2Frozen
    2008-12-24 06:12
    Man, I was gone for 12 days and the OC barely moved... -_-
  9. LoweGear
    2008-12-15 02:23

    Just waiting to see a response to that. Oh well...
  10. Wild Goose
    2008-12-15 02:05
    Wild Goose
    Y'know, Lowe, it's not so much that your question was ignored as is the fact that ark doesn't have a good answer. *shrug* I get the point, which is why I didn't say anything.

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