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  1. Vexx
    2013-10-06 13:24
    Yeah, I may extend the yakuza encounter, just because I found it so amusing (been waiting nearly two volumes to do that scene).

    I was shooting for a Glyc version of Gollum's decision making with a heavy splash of Hamlet's "to be". Close, still needs more meat.

    Choosing words so that Tsika's misunderstanding was easy to follow was tough. Glyc needs to basically brief Tsika on her thought process with enough ambiguity that Tsika assumes the worst.

    My mental model of the bridge is taken from my own (not entirely legal) exploration of the area under the Golden Gate Bridge in SanFran. The fencing, gates, and catwalks, along with the huge water pipe are dead on. What I still haven't conveyed properly in words well is how the ground underneath slopes away -- for that I was using the model of "improved flood control" bayous under Houston, TX bridges. I know there's Japanese versions of the civil engineering technique, but I need to do more research on the gentle slope, terracing, steep slope, drop contour to the water.

    I intended that Glyc work her way back down the pipe with Tsika to the edge of the gentle slope where there was maybe 5-8 meters of fall but it still isn't really pictorially clear to the reader. I will likely add more physical damage to all parties when I rewrite it. I can see Blar catching Tsika and the momentum forcing them into a cartwheel - then tumbling with her cradled (so he should take more damage). Basically, I think I can write it to be more believable but that's on the to-do. The mud terrace should be congratulated more for cushioning damage.

    I think if I actually sketch a drawing of the bridge that may help me write the descriptive text better.

    Weed can smell really strong. I covered that with Kpau/Glyc running from the cops and Hank's remarks about clearing the air, but I've dropped the ball somewhat elsewhere. I figured the sewer mud probably buried the smell but it may need an explanatory line or Duane saying "swamp mud with a hint of weed" or some such.

    Real Life: yeah, I'm keeping an eye on the Steambox. That's the first console concept I might actually not roll my eyes at. There's a 360, a ps3, and a Wii in the house but they're each used for 1-2 games at this point.

    We play Rockband and soccer on the 360, the ps3 is getting used for a couple of games by #1 son but it's a "freebie", the Wii gets used for bowling and that's about it now (occasional Rabbid or Bloc games when guests are over). None of the upcoming consoles really grab me. The only way I would even blink at an XBOne is if RB4 popped up (and most people are begging Harmonix to go with PS4 exclusive if they start the project).

    Agreed on Nadeko ... they've taken what was sort of a flat one-dimensional archetype and really stretched her out. That reminds me to make sure I'm up to date on pre-orders (assuming such are available).
  2. Triple_R
    2013-10-04 21:42
    I'm pretty much with you on Golden Time. The Club Recruitment scene was definitely overplayed a bit. Still, I'm liking the show so far.

    With IS2, I liked the call-back in having "Charles" dressed as a butler. It's good to see she can still pull of a trap well. I've resigned myself to "Houki or nobody" being the almost certain end of IS romance-wise. My expectations going into IS2 were pretty low, but the show at least didn't fall short of them.
  3. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-10-04 05:58
    You know, I'm actually disappointed that NagiKara wasn't terrible. On the other hand, loved Golden Time's premiere. It's like noitamina back in their prime in the mid 2000s
  4. Vexx
    2013-10-04 03:05
    Upcoming chapter is turning out quite dynamic. Still twiddling with it so it isn't hard to follow (lots of continuity checks to make sure no one says anything when they're somewhere else). A lot of it is Glycerin and Snake on their own as they debate (which for any Tolkien fan - they probably spotted some homage a long time ago).

    edit: just noticed an error where I have Sasaki say 'kudasai' and she really should say 'onegaishimasu' or something more requesting in the thread chapter. blerch.

    I had just returned from a profitable project around 1984ish and bought an actual IBM PC. Over $5000. 640kb, CGA, no hard drive at first (the 5mb hard drive came later).

    My wife got hooked on Frogger on it (made her late to work one morning, heh!). Eventually, my #1 son at about the age of two had his own DOS 5 1/4" disk with his favorite game on it. Learned how to get it going by himself after I showed him a couple of times.

    Good lord, we spent hours and hours on X-Wing and TIE Fighter in the early 90s. I suspect that's why my #1 son likes Eve (which is coming out with a space fighter component I hear).

    Golden Time is on my list -- haven't watched the episode yet. Will say something brilliant after I see it but the thread chatter looks pretty good (other than the usual whining).
  5. Vexx
    2013-10-03 15:44
    I'm hoping the utter silence on my reader back channels means everyone is waiting to see what the next chapter holds. Kind of anxious to see what people think. Editing it now. Crossposted to several peoples (and non-AS readers).
  6. Vexx
    2013-10-03 15:41
    I have a "real metal" 286 in the garage. Haven't fired it up in 10 years (guess I should see if it even boots, I don't remember the details on it). I also have an Interact computer made in 1981 (cassette drive storage, 32K of RAM). First personal computer I ever owned (outside of the one I constructed in college as the basis for a synthesizer keyboard as a senior project).
  7. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-10-03 06:04
    Well Kyoukai no Kanata episode 1 sucked ass. Kyoani couldn't move away from dumb moe and high school antics if their life depended on it.
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-10-02 05:22
    Wow, wilf posted a nagi kara pic on my wall... and god it's bloody terrible. Fall in love? Wtf is this bullshit.
  9. synaesthetic
    2013-10-01 02:59
    In the late 90s, early-2000s, I had an AMD K6-II 366MHz with a RIVA TNT 32GB graphics card. It had like 32MB of RAM and ran Windows 98 SE.

    An electrical storm destroyed it, and a little while later I built a Pentium-III 733MHz with a GeForce 2.
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-09-30 04:33
    Are you implying I'm going to like that piece of shit? I mean I will watch it (it's bloody PA Works so I'm obligated to and I'm definitely spending my limited bandwidth on anything PA related duh), but liking and watching are two different things. Unlimited rage works incoming.

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