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  1. Triple_R
    2013-08-26 20:41
    Well, while I do like StrikerS, it's not my favorite portion of the Nanoha anime franchise, so I tend to think of Nanoha and Fate as kids (the Nanoha movies are definitely a factor here too). In contrast, my favorite portion of Clannad is when Nagisa is an adult, so her adult self stands out in my mind as much as her teenaged version does.

    I'm glad my responses on questions 2 and 3 are similar to your own takes there. I'm not surprised we differ on Question 1, though. While I do like the idea of following a favorite character into his or her adulthood, I don't usually focus on characters that start as adults unless the show's cast is adult-dominated (i.e. Psycho-Pass, Tiger and Bunny, etc...). Some characters that get beloved as MILFs actually creep me out because they hit on characters much younger than them, in some cases close relatives like adopted sons or nephews.
  2. Triple_R
    2013-08-25 10:12
    1) Oddly enough, I honestly don't think of Matsuri as "adult", though I guess you're technically right that she is one. Anyway, some adult female characters that appeal to me - Junko Kaname, Irisviel von Einzbern, Akane Tsunemori, Sanae Furukawa, Nagisa (as an adult), Honoka and Kotori's mothers in Love Live!, Miho Amakata... I'm sure there's more, but that's 8, so a decent number. If you want my take on a specific adult female anime character, feel free to ask.

    2) Haruhi Suzumiya, Ohana (HSI), Noe Isurugi, the entire Tari Tari cast, the entire K-On cast, the four main cast members of Hyouka and Irisu as well. There's more, but this is a fair number, and the first names that really stood out to me.

    3) I largely liked the teenage male characters in ef. I found both Renji Asou and Hiro Hirono to be pretty likeable. Chihiro was my favorite character in the show, so by extension, Renji would probably be my favorite male character int he show. The adult male characters were largely fine.
  3. Triple_R
    2013-08-24 20:33
    I'll try to get back to you on your question soon. Hopefully later tonight or tomorrow.
  4. totoum
    2013-08-24 19:59
    1)Wasn't sure how much you wanted but off the top of my head: Watashi , Misaki, Hana, Nyamo, Kaya (she's in school at the start of the show but midway through she's an adult)

    I asked for the clarification because I've got a fascination with crazy action ladies and femmes fatales such as benten , Faye, Revy, Koko, Real, Michiko, Minene
    While i loved seeing them on screen I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable around some of them

    Also wanted to go with a "badass grandma" bonus: Megaba, Sui and Sakae

    As for 2) there's so many of them!But here's a short selection: you can put in the whole Tari Tari cast, Makoto, Isako, Aoba, Sora and last but most definitely not least the ladies from Gunslinger Girl, especially Triela and Claes.Though sadly I know that's impossible in canon.

    Let me get back to you on 3)
  5. totoum
    2013-08-22 17:31
    Hey just need to clear something up about one of the questions you asked, when you say "appeal to me" to you mean that as in "I like that character's personality" or " I found this character to be quite interesting" the list could be quite different depending on the one you choose.Also what do you consider adult?18+?
  6. Archon_Wing
    2013-08-22 17:25
    1.) Misato Katsuragi, Motoko Kusanagi, Shinobu, Fate (Though she's one of those rare cases where 2 eventually applied to 1. It's wonderful, really!), Nana Osaki if she counts
    2.) Kuroneko, Ririchiyo, Ohana, Wakana, Mai Kawasumi
    3.) None really... haven't seen too much of EF
  7. Reckoner
    2013-08-20 16:37
    I didn't make it. I dropped the show when Kyousuke broke up with Kuroneko. I followed enough to know the story though, but I didn't actually watch it. I might though if I review it for NHRV. This is the most abysmal high profile show (well in Otaku terms) to have come out in many years.
  8. Dextro
    2013-08-20 15:23
    Thanks for commenting on the detail regarding the subtitles for the in-character comments on the Bakemonogatari BluRay. It looks like MVM UK is releasing that set here in this side of the pond and, if the comments are in, I'm pre-ordering them right now.
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-08-08 21:57
    I'm not really a seiyuu fag. Except for maybe Takagaki Ayahi.

    OH! and Norio Wakamoto. I definitely fag over him .

    EDIT: Also NEVAH! I refuse to admit defeat!
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-08-08 09:31
    Ah shit! I just found out that Matsuri's VA is the same as Kotomi's VA. Wtf mang.

    EDIT: Also Benten from Uchouten and Tomoe from Iroha.

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