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  1. Vexx
    2013-07-22 21:07
    Two interesting feedbacks from "she-who-must-be-obeyed-and-is-cute". She's halfway through Volume One now.

    1) She likes much shorter chapters - she uses them as book marks and tends to read chapter by chapter - my 30 page chapters are "too big a bite". Good advice and not hard to fix.

    2) I'm a story control freak. Heh! I plead guilty here. We had talked about how neither of us liked two or three pages of uncredited dialog but I've gone too far the other way - in her view, nothing left to the imagination. She likes to fill a few of her own blanks in, have to guess motivations, etc. #2 is harder to react to and I think I've gotten better at doing what she's talking about. I may review volume 1 and make minor adjustments towards more minimalism.
  2. Vexx
    2013-07-22 18:20
    A friend of mine came up with an interesting notion ... two published versions. One written as pg-13 and one written as R or X rated. With electronic distribution that is like cake. I have to stew on that though ... I'd rather just write one version without worrying about audience modesty or demographics. I am shooting for young adults and older after all, not young teens.
  3. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-07-20 04:37
    Pretty sure it's a marketing thing. There is no official LoL hardware gear, though there's companies like Razor that sponsor the game.
  4. synaesthetic
    2013-07-19 03:15
    The catch is mostly, as you already noticed, in the price. You don't have to compromise quite as much when you can start throwing wads of cash around; things get more limited when you've got less money to play with.

    You're still making huge sacrifices vs. desktop (even mini-itx) when going with any laptop due to the mobile GPU being so much weaker than the desktop parts.

    Basically I still don't really advise buying a gaming laptop. As a friend of mine mentioned, if you really want gaming on the go, get a PS Vita. If you're dead-set on it, just realize that you're going to be getting a lot less for your money and you're going to make a lot of sacrifices. You probably won't be able to run anything new decently at native resolution if you're running 1920x1080, even with the best mobile parts available.

    They just can't hold a candle to even midrange desktop GPUs.
  5. Vexx
    2013-07-17 15:09
    1'm looking back at Kpau's night with Blar and am trying several ways to make it less explicit while still conveying the information I want to convey. I think the way I described the way-too-drunk moment with B+T+G is about as explicit as I want, meaning trying to get the idea across without being clinical.

    I'm currently tidying up volume 2 for my aunt/mom/andafriend, so I think I'll rework the Kpau moments with that in mind. I think using your reaction as a reader model is useful because it forces me to 'write smarter' with better results.

    yeah, Blar is making a veiled reference to the tsundere archetype, though he's unfamiliar with anime and doesn't know the term. He's knows the *type* or at least that aspect of it. Hank, otoh, knows his personality types - doesn't like the tsundere type and can't believe he's fallen for one.

    I have to admit, the miko gag moment made me laugh out loud when it flashed into my head as I was writing Sasaki's little tour guide speech. Not preplanned at all, heh.

    oblivious and clueless does seem to be a comedy gold mine.

    The Taiga cosplayer does ring my "small compact women" bell. I kind of got the feeling she was Taiga height-accurate and could swap clothes with she-who-is-cute-and-I-must-obey.
  6. synaesthetic
    2013-07-17 12:47

    This interests me, though typically for non Ultrabook/Apple machines, the screen is crap.
  7. synaesthetic
    2013-07-17 12:42
    Sager/Clevo builds usually have the power in raw specs, but they tend to be built like shit and have the durability of tissue paper. Honestly if I were concerned with mobile gaming, I'd be looking at something along the lines of a Razer Blade or MSI GE40... to get a decently-built laptop that doesn't way six zillion pounds and can get more than twelve minutes on battery.

    "Gaming laptops" of the 15-18" monster range just don't make any sense to me. Those are transportable rigs, not true portables, and you're better off just making a MiniITX LAN party box, which would be much cheaper (read $1000 vs $2500+) and have considerably more power and upgrade headroom than a laptop.

    I used to have a gaming laptop, an MSI GX640, which, for its time, was quite the beast with a Mobility Radeon 5850, but it was $1200 when I bought it, and I could have built a transportable MiniITX for less money and significantly more power. And that was a 15-inch with a 1680x1050 display, so it wasn't quite full HD either. If I had gone for a 17-inch with full HD and the GPU to drive it (i.e. 5870 or GTX 580M) it would have been closer to $1800-2000.

    Right now the only gaming laptops I ever raise my eyebrows up at are the super-portable ones. I get a little excited every time I read about a 13.3" machine that someone stuffed a decent mobile GPU and 1920x1080 display into.
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-07-17 00:32
    I see that you are too, sick of sexist male otaku bastards that give the fandom an even bigger bad name than it already does

    Btw, crossdressing tanuki anime is my favourite of the season. What kinda coincidence is this considering I tend to cringe at a certain writer's portrayal of crossdressing .
  9. Vexx
    2013-07-16 08:19
    In story construction terms, it lets me stretch out the T+B+G story but in terms of the H+S saga itself, most of the comedy/drama potential is after they decide they're a couple (and they're going to discover they really should have hung back on the sex until they worked out how not to kill each other -- I figure it's good for a few rawr-rawr-hiss-mate! RichardBurton+LizTaylor schticks). I should ask what you thought of the indirect handling of lovemaking in the latest chapter versus, say, the more explicit Kpau sequences or the coy language in the moment with T+B+G. I'm trying to decide which route to go for publishing. I've been scrounging the competition in bookstores to see what the standard is these days (besides some really awful writing). My wife has been showing me examples from the books her bookclub reads --- it's kind of like going to the mall and feeling positively lean and trim afterwards because everyone else looks like hell.

    Tsika is so neurotic about sex in her way and Glyc's spikes of clinical depression are colliding with the solution to her fixation on "someone knowing". That seems to be working out almost too well in delaying the climax.

    Yeah, there's nothing romantic in the Blar and Sasaki relationship line but several of the women in his life seem to follow that route - he tweaks them and they recover by grabbing some imagined high ground and pounding him over it.

    I had to scrounge around in the wardrobe for Light Sasaki. I mainly wanted Tokyo street fashion with striped stockings and as many loud garish colors as I could cram in. Yeah, the K-On! ED videos (which are likely never-will-be or what-if visions) were part of the impulse but also it seems like a lot of series with multiple EDs will give each major character a moment onstage (or at least used to).

    yeah, the dialog and humor sounds pretty hilarious in the RPG you link - like the author would make a fantastic dungeon master.

    That is a splendiferous Taiga (and the rest of her group did a pretty good job in cosplaying the characters, her Maka and Zakuro aren't bad either). I left her a compliment (I have yet to figure out how to publish there on DevArt, it rejected every way I've tried to submit a document and I haven't had a chance to go back and see what the deal is. My suspicion is that I have to be a premium member but it is doing a lousy job of telling me).
  10. Vexx
    2013-07-15 18:35
    I did these with you in mind actually - ED videos of Sasaki-chan singing, two in "light mode" and two in "dark mode". Hopefully they hit enough moe buttons.

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