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  1. synaesthetic
    2013-07-17 12:42
    Sager/Clevo builds usually have the power in raw specs, but they tend to be built like shit and have the durability of tissue paper. Honestly if I were concerned with mobile gaming, I'd be looking at something along the lines of a Razer Blade or MSI GE40... to get a decently-built laptop that doesn't way six zillion pounds and can get more than twelve minutes on battery.

    "Gaming laptops" of the 15-18" monster range just don't make any sense to me. Those are transportable rigs, not true portables, and you're better off just making a MiniITX LAN party box, which would be much cheaper (read $1000 vs $2500+) and have considerably more power and upgrade headroom than a laptop.

    I used to have a gaming laptop, an MSI GX640, which, for its time, was quite the beast with a Mobility Radeon 5850, but it was $1200 when I bought it, and I could have built a transportable MiniITX for less money and significantly more power. And that was a 15-inch with a 1680x1050 display, so it wasn't quite full HD either. If I had gone for a 17-inch with full HD and the GPU to drive it (i.e. 5870 or GTX 580M) it would have been closer to $1800-2000.

    Right now the only gaming laptops I ever raise my eyebrows up at are the super-portable ones. I get a little excited every time I read about a 13.3" machine that someone stuffed a decent mobile GPU and 1920x1080 display into.
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-07-17 00:32
    I see that you are too, sick of sexist male otaku bastards that give the fandom an even bigger bad name than it already does

    Btw, crossdressing tanuki anime is my favourite of the season. What kinda coincidence is this considering I tend to cringe at a certain writer's portrayal of crossdressing .
  3. Vexx
    2013-07-16 08:19
    In story construction terms, it lets me stretch out the T+B+G story but in terms of the H+S saga itself, most of the comedy/drama potential is after they decide they're a couple (and they're going to discover they really should have hung back on the sex until they worked out how not to kill each other -- I figure it's good for a few rawr-rawr-hiss-mate! RichardBurton+LizTaylor schticks). I should ask what you thought of the indirect handling of lovemaking in the latest chapter versus, say, the more explicit Kpau sequences or the coy language in the moment with T+B+G. I'm trying to decide which route to go for publishing. I've been scrounging the competition in bookstores to see what the standard is these days (besides some really awful writing). My wife has been showing me examples from the books her bookclub reads --- it's kind of like going to the mall and feeling positively lean and trim afterwards because everyone else looks like hell.

    Tsika is so neurotic about sex in her way and Glyc's spikes of clinical depression are colliding with the solution to her fixation on "someone knowing". That seems to be working out almost too well in delaying the climax.

    Yeah, there's nothing romantic in the Blar and Sasaki relationship line but several of the women in his life seem to follow that route - he tweaks them and they recover by grabbing some imagined high ground and pounding him over it.

    I had to scrounge around in the wardrobe for Light Sasaki. I mainly wanted Tokyo street fashion with striped stockings and as many loud garish colors as I could cram in. Yeah, the K-On! ED videos (which are likely never-will-be or what-if visions) were part of the impulse but also it seems like a lot of series with multiple EDs will give each major character a moment onstage (or at least used to).

    yeah, the dialog and humor sounds pretty hilarious in the RPG you link - like the author would make a fantastic dungeon master.

    That is a splendiferous Taiga (and the rest of her group did a pretty good job in cosplaying the characters, her Maka and Zakuro aren't bad either). I left her a compliment (I have yet to figure out how to publish there on DevArt, it rejected every way I've tried to submit a document and I haven't had a chance to go back and see what the deal is. My suspicion is that I have to be a premium member but it is doing a lousy job of telling me).
  4. Vexx
    2013-07-15 18:35
    I did these with you in mind actually - ED videos of Sasaki-chan singing, two in "light mode" and two in "dark mode". Hopefully they hit enough moe buttons.
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-07-11 00:09
    Play Co-op 5v5 against bots. You still earn IP and gain levels in which the cap is 30(IP is used to purchase champions and runes if you don't want to spend money via RP). There's also tutorials to get your friends to understand mechanics and objectives. The shop menu also highlights recommended items and there's champions that have recommended tags which make it easier. Also the free to play champion pool (they change every week, then you a new bunch is the following week. They also don't require IP or RP to purchase them).

    LoL is a great game because it's very easy to learn and pick up, but an infinite skill cap particularly when you start doing ranked 5v5 ques where it's all about teamwork. It's the most popular e-sport for a season and it's rapidly growing. It's by far already exceeded Starcraft:Brood War status just in Korea alone, but unlike that game LoL is truly global. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's not like DOTA/DOTA2 where it's pretty much hell for newbies and there isn't much of a tutorial.

    As for Uchouten, it's not just crossdressing but gendershifting. I actually lold.
  6. synaesthetic
    2013-07-10 21:23
    A laptop will never be future-proof for gaming, especially not at the beginning of a console cycle, and you're going to end up spending a lot of money on one if you try to future-proof it.
  7. synaesthetic
    2013-07-09 21:14
    RAM is not VRAM. The consoles' GPUs aren't using all 8GB. They probably aren't even using 1GB.
  8. synaesthetic
    2013-07-09 15:18
    In regards to next-gen games, yes, you probably want to get as beefy a GPU as you can. It'll get easier as the console generation gets older (like now vs. the 360/PS3, it's pretty easy/cheap to get that level of graphical fidelity). Though it's important to note that the new consoles just aren't the spec beasts their predecessors were. Both the xbone and PS4 are modest hardware-wise, with the only excess coming in the RAM (which should make some developers cry tears of joy; the 256MB limitation on the PS3 was downright archaic).

    The SSD question--no, it's not going to mean a whole lot to a gaming rig that is used primarily for games. The only upside is in load times, and games are fucking huge storage-wise, so it's just not cost-effective. The read-ahead cache drives like the Momentus XT are mostly a waste of money--just get a good 7200RPM 2TB drive, like a WD Caviar Blue. SSDs will greatly boost overall OS performance, though, and extremely fast boot times, but it's primarily useful for people who do actual work with their computers (high-res image editing, graphic design, 3D modeling, H264 video encoding, DB work and anything that is I/O-bottlenecked on a hard drive).

    IPS panels have more input lag than TN panels, so it's a personal choice. Personally I wouldn't use anything else than IPS these days--I value my viewing angles and unfortunately my laptop's stuck with a crappy LCD, but at least my PC doesn't have to be. 120Hz panels are great for gaming if you can get good ones that aren't going 120Hz just for the 3D, but I'd personally go with IPS (6-bit eIPS is also very reasonable, even if it's not as good as true IPS, but hey, we're not photographers, we're gamers).
  9. Triple_R
    2013-07-09 07:42
    It's funny - Both of us have watched a lot of Summer 2013 shows, but I think there's no overlap at all between us yet.

    I've watched the first episode of the Rozen Maiden remake, Gen'ei o Kakeru Taiyo -Il sole penetra le illusioni, Fantasista Doll, Kiniro Mosaic, Love Lab, KKK, and Free!

    Out of all of those, I'd think you'd like Love Lab and Gen'ei o Kakeru Taiyo -Il sole penetra le illusioni the most, although I'm not sure if you were much into the original Rozen Maiden or not.

    And yeah, Love Live! almost seems tailor-made for me. There's very little I'd change about it if I could. It's a great show for a moe/yuri/drama-lover like myself.
  10. Vexx
    2013-07-09 04:05
    I'm curious as to what she means by "racier". I'm not sure how I would have handled the drugs bit… I'd probably have trouble with the drugs bit…
    She figured on much more sex (though she's still working through the first volume) given the musician setting. I told her to hold that thought until the second volume. I am happy most seem to be getting the idea that the personalities involved provide good reasons for the relative conservatism of the band members.

    I always had some drug activity planned but it needed a reason better than "oh, here's some grass/meth/coke let's do it". Glycerin's recent depression bouts are my ignition spark ... though I'll spoil and say it isn't Glycerin who we have to worry about drug abuse.

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