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Pretentious moe scholar

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  1. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-06-26 03:50
    I was going to ask you if you were going to Anime Expo 2013, but then I remembered you live in Canada.

    So jealous of the people going to meet Okada in person. If I lived in the US I'll probably end up buying the Japanese True Tears Blu-ray Box outright just to get an autograph.
  2. synaesthetic
    2013-06-25 10:31
    IdeaPads are junky pieces of junk. The only good thing Lenovo makes are Thinkpads, and even those have suffered mightily under Lenovo's stupidity. I'm sticking with my four-year-old X200 because they nixed the awesome oldschool IBM keyboard from the Thinkpad line, instead replacing it with a chiclet POS.
  3. synaesthetic
    2013-06-25 01:34
    Most of the "good" gaming laptops (i.e. Clevo, Sager, etc) are constructed rather poorly, bad build quality, cheap thin plastic... and the internal components are really, really heavy. If you drop one it's probably not going to survive.

    Compare this to a unibody Macbook Pro, which is pretty much built like a tank.
  4. synaesthetic
    2013-06-25 01:07
    Mine's a TJ08-E, the Temjin line.

    Single-GPU is almost always better unless you're driving multiple displays. Most games suck at utilizing SLI/CrossFire.

    I don't like gaming laptops, honestly. I think they're a waste, not very useful for any of their intended tasks. They're heavy, fragile, run hot, cost a lot and have virtually no battery life. The only exception are "gaming ultraportables" which I think are actually a really cool idea for messing around when out and about, but they keep the good battery life and portability of a, well, portable computer.
  5. synaesthetic
    2013-06-24 16:14
    Not to mention upgrading a laptop GPU is always a crapshoot, since you can't just buy the video card on Amazon...

    For a mini-ITX rig, moving it once per week would probably be okay as long as you're careful and make sure that your video card is really well-secured in the chassis. Get a good SilverStone case and you'll be set--don't bother with cheaper cases, especially if you intend to move it around a lot. SilverStone is pretty much the best on the market and they're all built like tanks (my microATX tower is a SilverStone and it rocks).

    Check the connections on the interior every month or so... make sure the CPU cooler isn't moving around and the graphics card is good and stable, check all your wiring and everything. As long as you're careful, you should be fine.
  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-06-23 10:15
    I'm really lacking a good recent moe show right now. Life's been a bit shit and I need something to cheer me up. Haven't watched a good one since Tari Tari, if that counts.

    EDIT: Nvm forgot about Minamike S4.
  7. synaesthetic
    2013-06-20 23:05
    How often are you planning to move this rig around?
  8. synaesthetic
    2013-06-20 20:52
    Mini-ITX rigs are good for a "transportable" use case--i.e. the occasional LAN party and the like. I don't know how well the internal components would handle being lugged around in a backpack on a daily basis. The PCBs in desktop components (even mini-ITX) aren't designed for that; they're designed to be stationary.

    I'd be most worried about the hard drive--3.5" drive bays in a desktop case don't have the same kind of shock-proofing that laptop drive bays do--and the PCI-Express slot where the GPU fits in. Video cards are big and heavy and they're only secured by the bracket that attaches them to one side of the case. Frequent banging around could potentially weaken the card-edge connector slotting into the PCI-E slot.

    What you might consider doing is building or buying a "GPU dock" that connects to your laptop and then to an external display. That way at home you can have a nice, big, pretty IPS display and a beefy GPU to play your games, but you don't sacrifice portability or battery life (gaming laptops have terrible battery life) while on the go.

    These solutions looks absolutely fantastic, though you'd need a laptop with a Thunderbolt port to make use of either (and the SilverStone one is still in development).
  9. Vexx
    2013-06-20 20:15
    I keep blanching at gaming rigs mostly because of they don't modularly upgrade (though Alien did a fair job, they're owned by Dell now ... who I consider corporatist devils that make crap at this point ). But if you simply buy into the idea you might be replacing your laptop every two or three years for a couple of thousand ...

    fire away, Gridley.
  10. Vexx
    2013-06-20 19:08
    That was back in the 90s and early 2000s when we'd often build a lab "on the spot" for something a client might want to demonstrate (or to do forms of load testing). My last Shuttle is sitting in a box in the basement. It works but it's so noisy it isn't fun anymore even for linux. The new ones appear to have solved many of those kinds of problems but my they are pricey now.

    I suspect an SSD solves your impact concerns. My lenovo throwaway has an SSD in it. I treat the thing like a spiral notebook and it chirps along happily except for the win8 handicap

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