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Pretentious moe scholar

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  1. Reckoner
    2013-05-17 14:15
    Oh man! That hair scene in episode 1 was literally a sex scene. I'm not joking here either.

    The show definitely wants to be a cute little romance, but love based around the idea of a hair fetish can be very off putting to me. That wasn't the deal breaker for me here though, it never reached Mysterious Girlfiend X levels of gagworthy disgusting fetish. For me it's how ridiculous the story is and in not an ironic fashion. At least something like Valvrave I can enjoy ironically, but this show has a weird sentimental and kind of dramatic feel to it that kind of kills it all for me.
  2. synaesthetic
    2013-05-11 04:22
    Mostly my brain. Not joking.

    I don't take many notes at all, but when I do I usually use and AK Notepad sync on Android because it's super simple and not weird to set up. I'll also use my cloud storage (Dropbox) to keep stuff stored and shared across my multitude of devices.
  3. Guardian Enzo
    2013-05-10 05:43
    Guardian Enzo
    I really didn't see a niche market for this - are that many fetishists among anime fans? There certainly enough who'll shell for quality for its own sake to make this a decent seller.
  4. Vexx
    2013-05-06 02:50
    Have I said I hate glide pads almost as much as the win8 UI (started using a separate mouse and life is less annoying)

    Considering 99% of the time the only thing I do from the tile start page is hit the Desktop tile ... yeah. I keep trying to "get in the groove" with win8 mentality but I just get the feeling I'm turning my machine into a dumbed-down microwave with special buttons for "popcorn", "tv dinner", and other idiotic buttons that don't actually pop the popcorn properly or cook the tv dinner <rofl>
  5. Vexx
    2013-05-03 04:19
    Have I said I hate Windows 8 UI yet? I really loathe it. It Gets In My Way. Its a mutant case of "helpfulness" that never gets it right. I'll be typing in a word processor, need to scroll and "poof" I suddenly back to the Big Buttons For Idjits. The main problem I think is the touch contextual glide pad versus win8 assumptions about mouse movement. But it would be the same problem with a touch screen or a mouse.

    Anyway, I *love* the hardware, its light, portable, the screen is big enough and I can tolerate the chiclet keyboard. I hate glide pads as a rule so I'd suggest a small mouse for it.

    I plan on looking for something that stomps the win8 UI with a mallet. I did play with it. Its stupid for the same reasons I hate the Apple sandbox world and I find it insulting enough I'm likely to avoid win8 smartphones. The whole mentality is "one thing at a time" so if I'm writing an article or story and I have a web browser up, a translator app, etc. Imagine doing that through the Big Buttons (which I tried) and you might pull out hair.

    Mutter, rawr, spit. I think the thing I like best about the ideapad is that it is powerful enough to play a fair number of games, the wifi is good, the battery isn't really bad (3hrs~) especially since there's almost no moving parts to power.

    The best part is still that if I lose/destroy it, I'm not crying for a week.
  6. Triple_R
    2013-04-30 20:43
    Nice! Sounds like a great trip.

    So which anime impressed you the most? What did you think of most of them? I've seen LWA, Aku no Hana, Gargantia, and RDG myself.
  7. Pocari_Sweat
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-04-22 03:42

    Same author as Toradora but what I found interesting is that it's set in a University setting in a Law school. I'm so sold

    Also, people are crying out for Nagai + Okada as director/writer lol.
  9. Vexx
    2013-04-20 22:24
    I'd be perfectly happy with that. Heh, I wrote a Moon Phase reference into my current story chapter the other day.
  10. Guardian Enzo
    2013-04-20 22:09
    Guardian Enzo
    As a non-moe connoisseur, I guess I can't argue with that logic!

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