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Pretentious moe scholar

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  1. Last Sinner
    2012-04-16 09:32
    Last Sinner
    I didn't realise the purpose of why you asked Triple_R for titles. I thought you just meant for the whole season. Glad mine worked out overall, heh.

    Well, I love those three shows. Girlfriend X is really deconstructing the normally bland romance genre and giving it an intriguing twist, 90s art and a dominant female. Ep2 really ramped things up more with the scissors. Fujiko Mine is quite a romp but a classy one - I love how certain men have issues with Lupin not being the main character in this. It's got modern style but old-school art and some cool jazz. Ep2 was very well constructed despite not having as much visual bling as Ep1 - it made me respect Fujiko even more. And Space Brothers is the optimism and ambition rarely seen within Japanese society. Aka being a civil servant is normally seen as the way to go and that to have high hopes is too foolhardy. Space Bros smashes that pieces. Ep 3 was gold - the whole not-so-young versus young adults scenario and the chemistry building up between Mutta and Shizuke is quite infectuous.

    What can I say - for the first time in exactly 2 years (April 2010 was the last season I truly loved) - I'm having fun!
  2. totoum
    2012-04-15 20:02
    You make it sound as if oldschool and cute are mutually exclusive
    I havn't seen Denpa Teki na Kanojo,it's been on my watchlist for a while.
    I really like Urabe,I've always had a thing for girls with hair in front of their eyes (just check my profile pic!) but her personality is definitely entertaining.
    But most of all I like how we'll get an anime about exploring the relationship between a guy and a girl,even if it's unconventional.
    No harem or love triangle drama,we've got our couple from the start.
  3. Last Sinner
    2012-04-15 08:00
    Last Sinner
    Grats on biggest exam out of the way.

    Suggestions from this season - Mysterious Girlfriend X, Space Brothers and Lupin: Fujiko Mine.
  4. totoum
    2012-04-15 02:38
    Sorry to butt in but while I wouldn't recomend it to your whole club because the subject matter is bound to freak some people out I would definatly welcome the view of a pretentious moe scholar on nazo no kanojo X's Urabe.
    Retro chara design + non seiyuu actress is going against modern conventions yet the character is quite endearing to a lot of people,however you won't see many people use the term "moe" to describe her.
  5. Triple_R
    2012-04-14 10:00
    Well, it depends on the taste of your anime buddies.

    SHAFT-style moe, characterization, and general weirdness: Sankarea (even if it is by DEEN, lol)
    Conventional but stylish action-packed anime: Accel World
    Superhero/Gritty Action lovers: Zetman
    Shows for bros: Space Bros.
    Best Overall: Fate/Zero Season 2 (but I know you're already watching this)
    2nd Best Overall: Sakamichi no Appollon (but very unconventional, not sure if most moe lovers would like this - Many would put this Best Overall, though)

    That's my take on Spring 2012 so far. Pick the shows that fit the tastes of your friends the best, and you're good to go. It's been a very strong and diverse season, imo.
  6. synaesthetic
    2012-04-14 02:03
    The Nexus is awesome, though it's a bit hard to reach the upper-left corner in one hand. Typing in portrait mode is brilliant, though, which no smaller Android phone has been able to manage with this level of accuracy.
  7. synaesthetic
    2012-04-12 04:09
    The Note is an interesting concept, but trying to actually use it as a phone is... iffy. The device is absurdly large for a phone, though smallish for a tablet.

    However I am positive that the iPad only sells well because it's an Apple device. If you notice the top most downloaded apps on iOS, they're all games, and a lot of them are iPad-only. The top most downloaded apps on Android is a lot of productivity apps, root apps and maybe a few games.
  8. totoum
    2012-04-08 16:47
    So let me get this sraight,you've seen fate zero 14 and 15,on the big screen?
    You lucky bastard!
  9. Vexx
    2012-04-04 13:57
    If you want to utterly waste a few seconds of life, a slightly redressed few pics of the Rocket Science band are up in the album (replaced some of the lesser pictures)
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-04-01 22:15
    Nisemonogatari - Ugh. About half the episodes were good ol' Bakemonogatari style. However the other half was entirely fetish fuel (and not the good kind). Nadeko in ep 2. The whole toothbrush debacle. Araragi groping Hachikuji and Tsuhiki because he can (and ignoring the fact he already has a girlfriend in Hitagi). I donno... it just turned into a predominately fanservice/ecchi show for about half the series albeit in a "Shaft style".

    Another - Excellent for the first 10 episodes, even the beach episode which was a subversion. Then suddenly bam... turned into Battle Royale or Higurashi. Found it unintentionally funny because at how over the the top deaths (and the lolz factor in "Killer Granny") but ultimately they were bad.

    Ano Natsu - Last episode I saw was actually 10 so I need to get a move on with this before new season starts (and Chihayafuru and Natsume too)

    Never watched more than 2 episodes of Inu x Boku SS but from what I've seen, seems like a shojo supernatural series with all that sparkling lol.

    As for next season, I'm most looking forward to Sakamichi no Appollon and Uchuu Kyoudai. The former is no brainer as Watanabe (Cowboy Beboop, Samurai Champloo) is directing it with Yoko Kanno doing the music. The latter, well its a 4-cour space drama series. Since when do we ever see 4-cour+ series outside of big shonen titles! Considering the trailer is giving me strong Planetes Vibes (which is one of my most favourite animes of all time) I have high expectations of this.

    After that comes Fate/Zero, Jormungand and Tsuritsma. Don't really care about Kyoani-ka and Faffing about Box :3.

    Game of Thrones... to be honest this is just in a totally different league to anime. Even during 2011 where it is considered the best year since 2007, my enjoyment for Game of Thrones was higher than Madoka and Steins Gate put together. I know that Fate/Zero fans will disgress, but imo that has absolutely nothing on Game of Thrones. It's no brainer the second season (which started airing yesterday) is highly anticipated for me, moreso than any anime series. I've always loved Sci-fi or Fantasy epics, which are quite rare these days considering entertainment from the "West" largely composes of either sitcoms, crime dramas or superhero adaptations.

    About Renji... hmm. I guess if his voice was a little less deep and he wore a dress (DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT MARI OKADA) then I guess he could pass off as a girl :3.

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